India’s Prime Minister Visits China to Boost Relations

Kim Kyung-Hoon-Pool/Getty Images

India’s Prime Minister Visits China to Boost Relations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for China on May 14 for a three-day visit to boost ties between the two nations. This is Modi’s first visit to China since he was elected into office in May of last year. Modi has worked hard over the past year to ease tensions with China. His recent visit shows he is succeeding.

The 21st century is the century of Asia,” Modi told cctv interviewers before he left for China. “China and India should join hands and cooperate closely to promote world peace and stability, which is what the times demand of us,” he continued. If the next century belongs to Asia, expect to see Modi make every effort to ensure India is on the winning side.

On the second day of the trip, Modi met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. The two officials presided at the signing of 24 agreements potentially worth over $10 billion. Cooperation between the two nations ranges from projects like constructing “a high speed rail to establishing a yoga college in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunmig,” reports the Associated Press.

“The acceleration of the modernization of China and India will produce a double-engine for Asia,” Keqiang said in a speech alongside Modi. “The coming of a real century of Asia has to depend on whether China and India, the two most populous nations in the world, can overcome our difficulties and realize our targets of modernization and improve the lives of our peoples,” Keqiang continued.

Tensions between India and China are mainly over a disputed section of border. Modi expressed, however, that the two nations need to look beyond the issues holding them back from realizing the “full potential” of the partnership, suggesting that China take a “long-term” view of their relations.

The “full potential” of China-India cooperation would be dramatic. The two nations have a combined population of 2.6 billion people—well over one third of the world’s population. Continue to watch the friendship between these two nations develop in the coming months.

After Modi won the election last year, Trumpet writer Jeremiah Jacques wrote that India would begin to turn its focus eastward, hoping for stronger relations with Russia and China. Modi’s eagerness and enthusiasm to develop those closer ties are evident in his China visit. For more information about this subject read “Russia, China and Japan—Not U.S.—Are Priorities for New Indian Leader.”