How We Use Television

From the August 2002 Trumpet Print Edition

Television was first introduced to the general public at the World Fair in 1938. This new marvel of technology mesmerized people as they peered through storefront windows at it. As the years passed, many programmers migrated from their radio networks to tv, and millions of television sets were purchased. The early 1950s saw the advent of nationwide networks distributing entertainment and news programs throughout the United States.

It was at this same time that the Church of God began using television as a means of spreading the gospel. Herbert Armstrong was a pioneer of religious broadcasting. He used a vast network of domestic and international stations to carry his program, The World Tomorrow. According to a report in the Ambassador Portfolio, Mr. Armstrong realized the impact tv would have on the world. He understood the power of reaching millions of viewers with the truth of God using television (April 25, 1955). He wrote in the Plain Truth magazine at that time, “God Almighty has allowed television to come. Like radio, God foresaw, long before we did, that television could become the very power to finish His work through His servants.”

History has proven Mr. Armstrong correct. Today, I use our program, The Key of David, to deliver the same message you read in this magazine to millions of viewers around the world. That is no exaggeration! Our program is broadcast in over 70 different nations on such prominent stations as Network 10 in Australia, Global Network in Canada, tv3 in New Zealand and Starworld out of Asia. Here in the United States, we contract with some of the most prominent stations in the country. The number of stations we use continues to grow. We recently contracted with wfld (fox television in Chicago) and ktla (Warner Brothers television, based in Los Angeles, with coverage in 28 other states). These stations come in addition to other powerful stations such as wgn (nationwide cable), wwor (New York City) and wttg (Washington, d.c.). We have significant coverage in most of the top U.S. markets. The television and radio listings on the back cover of this issue show our worldwide coverage.

Why do we spend so much time, effort and money on broadcasting? Because God has commissioned us to proclaim His warning, as well as His message of hope.

We are entering our ninth season of new programming this year. I have delivered programs from our Edmond studio and many prophetically significant locations around the world. We have a powerful message that is not always the most popular—but it is always accurate, truthful and based on the Bible.

The entertainment industry has made impressive advancements in realism since the early days of television. Today, producers and artists are able to “bring to life” images previously left only to the realm of imagination. These graphics can make almost anything seem real. Used properly, technology can magnify the impact of a story.

From the time the prophecies of the Bible were written, people have used their imagination to picture the surreal images described in its pages. Have you ever tried to imagine some of the visions detailed in the book of Revelation or Daniel? Artists have created their renditions through paintings, but today we have the power to animate those same visions.

We are capitalizing on the descriptive language used by biblical writers to bring these images to life in our program. For example, the Apostle John wrote about four symbolic horsemen depicting major prophetic events leading to the return of Christ. We have reproduced John’s vision for our series of programs about the book of Revelation that will launch our new season in October.

From its meager beginning, television has brought news and entertainment to billions of people. While tv has been used for many evil purposes, God has also used it to great effect. This powerful medium has been and continues to be used to spread the gospel worldwide. We understand the power of communicating not only the story, but also images to broaden viewers’ understanding of God’s Word. With world events spiraling out of control, I have much to share with our television audience. Our news bureau is collecting a wealth of supporting documentation to complement God’s message. As our use of graphics, animations and news sources advances, God’s understanding can be presented more powerfully.

The Trumpet and The Key of David will continue to provide advanced understanding about what is happening in your world today.