2012 U.S. Gun Sales Shatter Records

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2012 U.S. Gun Sales Shatter Records

Background checks for gun sales are smashing records again. Data issued by the fbi last Wednesday shows that the month of December recorded far more background checks than any other since the agency’s National Instant Check System was established in 1998. In 2012, gun checks shot up by 19 percent from the previous record in 2011 to 19.6 million. The figures for December 2012 rose by 39 percent from November’s record to 2.8 million. For December, this means that there were an astounding 776,846 more background checks conducted than in November.

The statistics do not indicate the number of firearms sold—the government does not keep track of that. They only show the number of background check transactions on legal purchases from licensed vendors. Since 1998, over 160 million background checks have been made. Approximately 0.006 percent of attempted purchases were turned down.

The level of interest in guns is phenomenally high. Gun retailers are finding it hard to keep up with the demand. “It has been absolutely unbelievable,” said Steve Naatjes of Gary’s Gun Shop. “More people in the door than I’ve ever seen. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Buying fever. Big time. Ammo, guns, accessories. You name it.” Naatjes said he noticed the spike in the interest in guns back in September during the presidential campaigns. His gun classes are now fully booked through April.

This gun-buying frenzy has been attributed to President Obama’s commitment to push through legislation that might ban certain firearms. Also, as Reuters reported, “interest in guns tends to increase after a mass shooting, as customers fear for personal safety.” Personal protection seems to be the main reason why people want to own firearms. It appears people believe, as the vice president of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, said, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.”

History and Bible prophecy show that proliferation of guns and weapons will not protect us—it will only exacerbate the violence in our midst. The December 2012 Trumpet print edition asked, “As Gun Sales Rise, What Is Your Source of Protection?” After noting the nightmarish conditions prophesied to come upon us in the near future, Joel Hilliker wrote:

[T]he scale of violence about to engulf our society will simply be too overwhelming. No one is going to escape the coming tribulation—which is descending on America and other nations because of God’s wrath—through survivalist skills. Those who plan to weather the coming storms through their own foresight and marksmanship are underestimating the savageness of the time ahead.There is, however, another, far more effective form of protection available. …God does promise in many scriptural passages that in the coming tribulation, He will provide a special place of protection for His people. You can read about this by requesting our free booklet Jordan and God’s Church in Prophecy.There is no limit on God’s ability to intervene on your behalf.

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