The Profound Secret of an Ancient Prophecy

The Profound Secret of an Ancient Prophecy

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A 3,000-year-old message reveals the stunning link between the United States, Britain and Israel—and where the Middle East peace process will end.
From the February 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

Hosea 5:13 is one of the most revealing prophecies in the Bible. The whole book of Hosea is for the end time, and this verse contains a prophecy for today—a stunning secret that even most religious people do not understand.

This secret is about three nations: America, Britain and Israel. These are the modern descendants of three ancient Israelite tribes: Manasseh, Ephraim and Judah. If you want to understand the foreign policy of these three countries, you have to understand this verse. It shows us why our policy is failing.

What is happening today in the Middle East reveals a lot about this verse and this prophecy. The Palestinians are out to conquer the entire Jewish nation. They have stated their goal officially and repeatedly: Eliminate the Jews. But modern-day Judah keeps trying to negotiate some kind of peace pact with them and with its other enemy nations in the Middle East.

Why is this important to the rest of us? Because soon, the whole world will be dragged into the crisis in Jerusalem. This amazing verse gives us an incredible insight, and it includes more than just modern-day Judah.

What Is ‘Judah’s Wound’?

“When Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound, then went Ephraim to the Assyrian, and sent to king Jareb: yet could he not heal you, nor cure you of your wound” (Hosea 5:13). Judah is the modern Jewish nation: Israel.

This is a serious wound—like an open, running sore. In fact, it is deadly; it will kill if some kind of correction isn’t made. Yet men simply try to put a Band-Aid on it. Strong’s Concordance says the word wound has the sense of binding up, a bandage or a remedy. Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon defines it as the pressing together or the binding up of a wound, used figuratively of a remedy applied to the wound of the state.

What is the wound of the Jewish state?

Seven years ago, the Jews pulled out of Gaza—every settlement, every soldier, every Jew—about 8,000 of them. The world incessantly demands that Israel give land for peace. So Israel made a peace pact. It gave up Gaza—and it got no peace. Palestinians in Gaza voted in Hamas terrorists, and soon they began shooting rockets at Israeli citizens by the hundreds. The Israelis gave up the land, and they have had war ever since!

The Palestinians in Gaza have broken every peace pact. They have no intention of having peace with the Jews—that is obvious by now. You’d think the world would be praising Israel for its peace efforts, including giving up chunks of its own country! But it is not. Turkey’s prime minister labeled Israel a “terrorist” nation in this most recent conflict when the Jews tried to defend themselves from terrorists in Gaza. And on November 29, the United Nations voted 138 to 9 to elevate the Palestinians’ status within that body.

Israel is under attack by terrorists. Other nations are putting pressure on it. The Jewish state sacrifices parts of itself—yet terrorists continue to attack, and other nations hate Israel all the more.

The “peace” process is Israel’s wound!

Although they don’t see its connection to the prophecy in Hosea 5, some people are beginning to see what a wound the land-for-peace process is. Here is what journalist Caroline Glick wrote on Nov. 23, 2012 (emphasis mine throughout):

All commentators who warned of the strategic calamity that would befall Israel in the aftermath of a withdrawal from Gaza were marginalized and demonized as extremists. In a noble gesture, [the Wall Street Journal’s Bret] Stephens along with Commentary’s Max Boot acknowledged their error in supporting the withdrawal from Gaza. Their recantations are noteworthy because most of their colleagues who joined them in pushing Israel down the garden path and cheered Sharon’s “democracy” as 8,500 Israelis were thrown out of their homes and off their land in order to free it up for a terrorist takeover, continue to deny that they were wrong to do so. But Stephens’s and Boot’s belated intellectual integrity on Gaza is not enough to make a difference for Israel today. …

Israel is in a strategic trap. And it is one of its own making. Starting with the Rabin-Peres government’s decision to embrace the plo terrorist organization as a peace partner in 1993, Israel has been in strategic retreat. Each incremental retreat by Israel has empowered its worst enemies both militarily and diplomatically, and weakened the Jewish state militarily and diplomatically.

Though she probably doesn’t realize it, Glick is talking about what the Bible calls Judah’s “wound.”


Eight years ago I warned that the Gaza withdrawal would lead to greater trouble—more war, not less. I said it was a deadly mistake for the Jews to give up Gaza. For some Israeli civilians and soldiers, it already has been. But this situation is far from over.

Obadiah 1:7 contains a prophecy that helps us better understand Hosea 5:13: “All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee even to the border: the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee; they that eat thy bread have laid a wound under thee: there is none understanding in him.” This “wound” is similar to the one in Hosea; both are from the same root word. Gesenius’ Lexicon defines it as “falsehood, hence fraud, insidious dealing.”

This scripture is talking about a falsehood or fraud involving a peace pact. Caroline Glick calls it a “fake peace process.” God calls it “a wound under thee.” Glick calls it a “strategic trap.” God calls it a snare. It looks good, yet it is a deception.

The Israelis have given territory and cities to the Palestinians: Gaza, Jericho, Bethlehem. They gave the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt. The agreement was that they would get something in return: The Palestinians and Egyptians would not try to kill them. All that land given for peace—and now those areas are being used to attack them! Peace doesn’t work that way. It’s a wound when you try to give land in return for peace to people who hate you.

The United States, Britain and the Jews—the West, overall—cherish the delusion that everything can be solved by negotiation and compromise. It simply is not true. The Palestinian terrorists don’t want peace. They have never wanted peace! They want all of Palestine, as they call it. They have blatantly stated that they want to annihilate the Jews! The Muslim Brotherhood, which now controls Egypt, has also said that. Iran has said it repeatedly. Both of these countries are stirring up trouble by using the Palestinians. Yet astonishingly, Israel keeps making peace pacts with these people! IT’S A TRAP!

Do you recognize how precisely this prophecy is being fulfilled? Glick’s words are almost biblical! She is saying the same thing that the Bible prophesied in precise detail and that is now coming to pass.

That should build our faith in the inspired prophecies of the Bible! The greatest single proof that God exists is fulfilled prophecy! God lives! And He tells us precisely what is coming upon us because of our sins.

Why do so many people ignore God’s Word when it is so plain to anybody who is willing to look into it? Human nature is just that way. People usually refuse to accept the truth until they are in deep trouble. Only then will people cry out to God.

Three Nations

How are the U.S. and Britain involved in this? Shamefully, in many cases America and Britain have used their strength to push the Jews into these negotiations.

Britain and America have quite a history with the Jewish state. Britain, supported by the U.S., gave Israel its freedom in 1947. The United States has given billions and billions of dollars to Israel since its inception as a nation. As a result, Washington has a lot of leverage over the Jews, and it oftentimes forces them into certain peace pacts. Both political parties in the U.S. have done that.

Caroline Glick observed, “Obama and [Hillary] Clinton compelled Israel to accept wording in the ceasefire that arguably makes Egypt the arbiter of Israeli and Palestinian compliance with the agreement.” That is a disaster! U.S. leaders gave power in this process to Egypt, which is now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother of Hamas terrorists!

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi boldly said that his government stands with the Hamas terrorists. This is a major change from what the previous president, Hosni Mubarak, said for decades. The Muslim Brotherhood threatened to get involved, and it has the support of many Egyptians. And Morsi recently declared himself essentially a pharaoh—with far more power than Mubarak had before him! (article, page 12). America called Mubarak a dictator and helped remove him from power. But Mubarak was nothing compared to President Morsi. Just look at what this man is saying.

Yet this is whom America just made the arbiter of Israeli compliance with this latest agreement!

If the Middle East peace process is a terminal wound, that means that American foreign policy is also a wound!

The link between these nations points directly to a profound secret in this prophecy.

Who Is Israel?

A number of people understand that the modern descendants of biblical Judah are the Jews. Far fewer would recognize that the Bible’s end-time prophecies concerning Judah apply to the Jewish state of Israel!

And what about the other nations listed in this passage, and in other biblical prophecies? Most people in Christianity don’t even know who Ephraim, Manasseh and Assyria are in prophecy—what their modern identities are. Do you know? You can’t understand these prophecies unless you do! We can’t guess about something that God says “shall surely be” (Hosea 5:9).

Notice this in verse 5: “And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face: therefore shall Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; Judah also shall fall with them.”

Three nations are mentioned here—and all will fall together! Both “Israel” and “Ephraim” will “fall in their iniquity”—or their lawlessness—right along with Judah, the Jewish state.

As Herbert W. Armstrong proved in The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Ephraim is modern-day Britain. And Israel in this case is specifically talking about Manasseh, which is the United States. You can see that because Britain is also part of Israel but is listed separately as Ephraim, along with “Israel.” God put the name “Israel” on Ephraim and Manasseh in particular (Genesis 48:14-16), and the prophecies about end-time Israel apply most specifically to the modern descendants of these two. Many scriptures show that Ephraim and Manasseh, the two birthright nations, are going to be corrected by God together. I believe God refers to America as Israel here, and “the pride of Israel,” because the U.S. is the superpower of modern Israel, though it is now failing to fulfill that role.

Verse 3 also refers to Ephraim and Manasseh—Britain and the United States—as “Ephraim, and Israel.” Ephraim is also mentioned right alongside Judah in verse 13. Again, all three of these nations are prophesied to fall together.

When you prove the modern identity of these three nations and realize that Hosea is giving you a detailed end-time picture—and describing exactly what we see happening to them right before our eyes—it just about knocks you over!

The Secret

“Blow ye the cornet in Gibeah, and the trumpet in Ramah: cry aloud at Bethaven, after thee, O Benjamin. Ephraim shall be desolate in the day of rebuke: among the tribes of Israel have I made known that which shall surely be” (Hosea 5:8-9).

Notice: There are “tribes of Israel”—not just Judah, but 12 tribes, three of which are mentioned in particular in these prophecies. And God says, I made known what shall surely be! God says He is going to trumpet this message in this end time about these prophecies! So where is that message today? God uses men, but it is His doing! And nobody is going to stop what God has prophesied!

The key to understanding this prophecy is to realize that it is fulfilled at the same time that people are blowing the trumpet and warning these nations.

That warning is going out! It has been going out for 70 years. Herbert W. Armstrong and now the Trumpet have been telling America, Britain and the Jewish nation exactly what is going to come to pass. Many of these prophecies have already been fulfilled. These world events are detailed in Bible prophecy, and anybody can see that if they will quit trusting their enemies and heed God’s message!

This is a profound secret that we all should know and understand! Still, no one is talking about this crucial prophecy. That is because God has to reveal this secret. He reveals it only to people who earnestly seek Him.

Spiritual Rottenness

“Therefore will I be unto Ephraim as a moth, and to the house of Judah as rottenness” (Hosea 5:12). The word rottenness should read “like a worm” or “like maggots infesting open wounds.” There’s something very rotten spiritually about these three nations that they need to see, and it goes right to the bones—it’s that deep. Americans, Britons and Jews have rejected God and His law and lived their own way. Our nations are sick!

In the Jewish nation of Israel, that rottenness shows up in its determination to try to make peace with men who seek to destroy it. Hamas terrorists have been bombarding Israel with rockets for years, yet Israel has done nothing to permanently end the terrorism. As a result, the rocket attacks have only increased! Israel’s inaction shows that it is faint and fearful!

Do you think King David would have allowed Israel’s enemies to do that? He never would have stood for such terrible attacks! And he wouldn’t have looked to any other nation or any people or coalition—but to God. He destroyed Goliath in the name of the living God.

Where are our Davids today? Where are they in Israel? Where are they in America and in Britain?

What we are seeing on the news is a faint heart and a lack of faith. That attitude is going to cause far more problems. The Jews finally did react, but before they did, they let a million of their people live in fear of those rockets.

The Jews have lost their will to fight, and the terrorists know it. A U.S. intelligence document states that the Arabs now believe the Jews have lost their will to fight. They’re right! They’ve lost their will to win and their will to survive! That is an absolutely deadly mistake. You cannot survive in this dangerous world with a faint heart.

Modern-day Judah has a deadly wound—and frankly, America and Britain have it as well. The foreign policy of all three nations has gone askew because of their spiritual and moral problems. Overall, our foreign policy is a failure, and we are in a desperate situation.

In America and Britain, deep spiritual rottenness appears in news headlines every day. Yet these peoples don’t see the problems, or won’t admit them!

The United States is fatigued with all of its conflicts. Supposedly, the United States supports Israel. Yet it was the U.S. that helped push Mubarak out of office after 30 years of peace with Israel and ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood. Look at Benghazi, Libya. America was attacked there on Sept. 11, 2012—almost a sacred day, the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil. Yet how much do Americans care?

God said in Leviticus 26:19 that “I will break the pride of your power.” All three of these nations have nuclear bombs and awesome power, but they are afraid to use it! They are afraid because God has broken their will because of their sins. “I will set my face against you,” He said in verse 17.

In Hosea 5:12, God compares Himself as a “moth” to them. If you have a nice suit in the closet and you leave it there for a long time and don’t check it, sometimes moths will eat away its lining and fabric. The suit will still look good—until you take it out of the closet and put it on—then it falls apart.

God is saying that we had better look beyond the surface or else we won’t see our deadly serious problems for what they are!

For example: America has $16 trillion in debt that it cannot pay back. Our leaders won’t even really discuss what a serious problem it is, much less deal with it. No one has a solution for that erosive dilemma.

But even if America were debt-free, the even more important threads of our society are already eaten away—perhaps worse than our economy. Our minds are hollowed out by drugs and pornography. Our character is disintegrating because of our foul entertainment and debased music. Our families have been destroyed.

Verse 4 says that these nations do not know God. They are going to be corrected very severely because they have turned away from the God who gave them their nations in the first place! Their problem isn’t ineffective foreign policy; the problem is that they don’t know God! That is what God is upset about and what He is going to correct.

Hosea 7:7 says about the British people, “[T]here is none among them that calleth unto me.” None! God says “Ephraim is a cake not turned” (verse 8). This is another good metaphor for what is wrong with Britain—and all three of these nations. If you put a cake in the oven for too long, the heat burns it out inside. It looks great from the outside, but when you slice it with a knife, it crumbles.

American, British and Israeli societies still look good on the surface, but they are burned out inside.

We are entering a dangerous and deadly time. What we need is not shrewd foreign policy or ever greater technology. What we need is to be honest to see our sickness and our rottenness. We must see it now! It is clear in God’s Word. But most people don’t want to see it, so they won’t see it until they suffer horrendously as these prophecies come to pass.

But you can choose to prove it for yourself, personally. If you believe your Bible, you know that Hosea’s prophecy for modern-day Manasseh, Ephraim and Judah is beginning to come to pass. That is the terrible truth that we have brought on ourselves. We are not going to negotiate or fight our way out of it this time. Our rottenness and sickness will finally destroy our three nations.

Do you believe your Bible? Do you believe these end-time prophecies?

King Jareb

Let’s return to Hosea 5:13 to see where this explosive situation is leading.

“When Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound, then went Ephraim to the Assyrian, and sent to king Jareb: yet could he not heal you, nor cure you of your wound.” Who is “the Assyrian”? This too is proven in The United States and Britain in Prophecy, and in our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire, to be Germany. And King Jareb means “King Contentious” or “warlike monarch.”

Modern Ephraim and Judah are prophesied to go to a nation known for its history of starting wars—including wars against Britons and Jews!

Recently, an Israeli official said the Jews have started making overtures toward Berlin in case America fails to help them when they really need it. So this process of going to King Jareb has already begun.

The Jews are under life-threatening pressure. They are being threatened by Iran, Egypt and other Arab nations. Jews are being killed by rockets launched from Gaza, supplied by Iran, abetted by Egypt. Their position is deteriorating rapidly. Since the Arab Spring debacle, it has only gotten worse. We said from the beginning that it would be anything but a “spring,” and proved that from the Bible—yet who believes God and His prophecies?

Meanwhile, the United States has started backing away from helping Israel. The Jews are running out of options and beginning to look elsewhere for help. It seems they will trust almost anybody—the U.S., Britain, India, Turkey—even their worst enemies from World War ii who slaughtered 6 million of them—rather than trust God!

The Jews looked to God in 1948 and beyond—and God worked miracles for them! Even Israel’s recent history has seen this little nation trust God much more than it is doing today. It has since turned away from that kind of faith and trust, just like America and Britain.

Judah’s wound was caused by trusting in men. Yet when it sees its wound, when it sees that this process is rotten, what does it do? It turns to men again! The Jews go to Germany for peace! They see the effect, but they still don’t see the cause of the problem. If they did, they wouldn’t attempt to make a pact with Germany—they would cry out to God!

The people of Judah simply will not trust in God. That’s the problem with all three of these nations! We would rather make peace pacts with our enemies and put our national lives in peril than submit to God.

These nations want the Germans to protect them from their enemies. What can they give Germany in return? Israel and Britain both have nuclear weapons. Do you think they might make a pact with Germany where Berlin gets access to and control over their nuclear bombs? The United States already has about 20 nuclear bombs deployed in the Rhineland, presumably to protect the Germans from Russia and China. Do you suppose Germany might get control of those?

Daniel 11:40-41 show that Assyria is going to lead Europe to the “glorious land”—Jerusalem—and will “enter into” it. Nothing indicates that it will have to fight its way in. It will be invited in, apparently to protect Judah. Certainly it is going to get control of Israel’s nuclear bombs, regardless of what happens with the British and American nukes.

We look to men—but men can’t help us! King Jareb can’t help us! That’s what this prophecy says—kings and presidents can’t help us because this is a spiritual problem.

The only healing of our national sickness, the only cure for our national wounds, is to seek God. God wants us to heed His Word and be healed! His saying that King Jareb can’t heal you implies, I can heal you of that wound if you will look to me! Those who heed that warning will receive God’s protection! But most people don’t listen to God’s words—they will have to go through a terrifying experience to learn this lesson.

‘They Will Seek Me Early’

But there is hope! Think about it: Why is God allowing and even bringing about such terrible suffering for America, Britain and Israel? Because it is the one and only way that we can be cured of our spiritual sickness! After we are crushed and see what our sin produces, we will finally—finally—seek God!

It is going to be painful. The destruction and death will be unimaginable. But for those who survive, it will cause them to finally seek God and know Him! And those who do not survive, God will resurrect and teach, and they too will come to know Him!

Look where Hosea’s prophecy leads: “I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face,” God says: “in their affliction they will seek me early” (Hosea 5:15). These nations have committed an offense against God. He doesn’t want to see people suffer—He wants the opposite! But they won’t listen to Him today. God says, however, that when He starts correcting them, then in that intense affliction and suffering, the Jews and the people of the U.S. and Britain are going to seek Him—and they are going to find Him.

Here is a powerful lesson from God: If we will seek Him, we will find Him, and everything will be fine. If we don’t repent and turn to God, we cannot escape the affliction coming on these nations. It is already too late for these nations to repent, but you can individually. Throughout these troubling times we’re entering into more deeply every week, you can have God’s protection.

The wound of Hosea 5:13 is directly tied to the coming of the Messiah! He is coming immediately after the wound is experienced in its fullness. That is inspiring beyond words to describe. Immediately after these problems in the Middle East, the Messiah returns. Those problems will get a lot worse first, but He is coming so soon—within just a few years!

At that time, the end-time nations of Israel will say, “Come, and let us return unto the Lord: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight” (Hosea 6:1-2). A “day for a year” in fulfilled prophecy means that there will be 2½ years of tribulation, then God will punish the Gentiles who punished the nations of Israel. As He tore us apart, God will heal us.

Here is a prophecy of these three nations seeking God! What a beautiful, repentant attitude! That is good news that we have never seen in our nations, but it is about to come to pass. All of these events are leading directly to that point. This is better than a Hollywood ending!

Just as God’s prophecies have already happened, are happening and will happen, you can take infinite hope in where these dark days are leading. Our nations are going to suffer, but then they will repent! Along with the whole world, they will know the great God! And their loving Father is about to bring them and this whole world peace for all eternity!

Russia and India Sign $3 Billion Weapons Agreement

Russia and India Sign $3 Billion Weapons Agreement


India agreed Monday of last week to buy $2.9 billion worth of Russian military equipment, as Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to the longtime Kremlin ally. The quantities at play here mean these transactions are, literally, a big deal—It’s the equivalent of one fifth of Russia’s total defense sales in 2011.

The agreement says India will buy kits to assemble 42 Sukhoi-30 fighter jets for $1.6 billion, and 71 Mi-17 military helicopters for $1.3 billion. Russia has custom designed the jets specifically for India, and they are engineered to become the very backbone of the nation’s air force. Russia and India have also recently collaborated on a supersonic missile for the Sukhoi-30s, and India is rumored to be equipping this jet to deliver its nuclear weapons.

Civilian trade between Russia and India is also thriving. Since 2000, it has increased by 600 percent, and though growth has slowed some in recent years, Mr. Putin aims to accelerate it once again. Total annual trade for 2012, for example, is expected to be around $10 billion, and Putin wants this figure to rise to $20 billion by 2015.

As these last weeks’ deals —and the broader trends—show, the military ties between Moscow and New Delhi run deep. At last Monday’s meeting, Mr. Putin and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh praised the accelerating military cooperation between the two nations, which marks a stark contrast from the pattern of earlier years when India sought to Westernize its military assets following several setbacks with Russian arms deals. New Delhi’s return to Moscow for weapons represents a significant economic loss for the Western nations that had previously enjoyed India’s business. And the indications are that Russia-India ties will continue to strengthen in the years ahead.

China and Russia are the regional behemoths driving the biblically prophesied cooperation of Eastern powers, which the Trumpet has been monitoring and reporting on for decades. India could play a role in this Oriental group, as well. To understand the significance of this Asian cooperation, and how it is connected to the most inspiring and hope-filled event that Earth has ever seen, read Russia and China in Prophecy.

The Trumpet Daily Compilation: Israel 2012

Earlier this year, Stephen Flurry, his family and five Herbert W. Armstrong College students and alumni established a regional office for the Philadelphia Church of God in Jerusalem, Israel. Over the next six months, The Trumpet Daily produced 80 episodes and updates, filming from various locations throughout Jerusalem and the country. This episode sums up The Trumpet Daily’s Israel 2012 experience.

Does Violent Popular Culture Lead to Violence?

Does Violent Popular Culture Lead to Violence?

Getty Images

There is a way to prevent more school shootings.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, authorities are divided about the influence of violent popular culture on aggressive behavior.

On December 19, West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller introduced a bill encouraging the National Academy of Sciences to investigate the effects violent video games can have on children. Referring to the Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association ruling of 2011, he exhorted, “Recent court decisions demonstrate that some people still do not get it. They believe that violent video games are no more dangerous to young minds than classic literature or Saturday morning cartoons. Parents, pediatricians and psychologists know better. These court decisions show we need to do more and explore ways Congress can lay additional groundwork on this issue. This report will be a critical resource in this process.”

Senator Rockefeller, together with other lawmakers and pressure groups, is also concerned about violent online and tv programing, and would like the active participation of the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission.

Writing for the Associated Press, David Bauder noted a host of violence-filled tv dramas like Homeland and Dexter; prime-time series like NCIS, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds and The Following; and blockbuster movies like The Avengers, The Dark Night Rises, The Hunger Games and Django Unchained. He also noted top-selling violent video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3. In Assassins Creed, points are earned by how quickly and creatively a gamer kills pursuers. Counter-Strike, purportedly a favored video game of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza, is a shooting game in which players compete against each other as either terrorists or counterterrorists.

David Bauder uses studies by behavior expert Prof. Brad Bushman of Ohio State University to make the connection between such violent entertainment and aggressive behavior. The studies showed not just the already-proven short-term aggression effects of violent video games, but also the longer-term effects as well.

With popular culture so focused on violent entertainment, it isn’t shocking that people are becoming more violent. It is common sense.

Yet there is also a much more fundamental reason for the increase in youth violence. Read “A Lesson From Virginia Tech” and “The Experts Are Wrong” to find out the cause and solution that would prevent any other Sandy Hook massacre from happening.

On the Road to Sharia Law

On the Road to Sharia Law

-/AFP/Getty Images

A look back at Egypt’s shockingly rapid transformation into a radical Islamist state
From the February 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

When President Mohamed Morsi appointed himself a virtual pharaoh of Egypt on November 22, demonstrations broke out across the nation. Thousands of secularists and liberals stormed the neighborhood outside Morsi’s palace, protesting the audacious power grab. They were met by thousands of Islamists who fought back in support of Morsi’s absolute rule. Cries of “no to dictatorship” clashed with chants from the Islamists: “Defending Morsi is defending Islam.”

Then, after 2½ weeks of political turmoil and riots on the streets, Morsi rescinded his controversial decree. Under heavy pressure from the Arab street, we were told, Morsi backed down.

But this was hardly an act of conciliation or compromise from Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood. As columnist Andrew McCarthy wrote, “Morsi grabbed the reins with a shrewd caveat: His dictatorship would end once the draft constitution was approved by Egyptians in a national referendum—which is to say, once the dictatorship had served its purpose” (National Review, Dec. 1, 2012; emphasis added throughout).

As it turns out, Morsi rescinded his decree a few days before Egyptians voted in a referendum on the new draft constitution. Thanks to his 17-day dictatorship, that draft was a sharia-based constitution—exactly what he wanted, and without any interference from the Egyptian courts.

The dictatorship had served its purpose.

“In the end, Morsi got everything he wanted,” author and activist Bassem Sabry told the Times of Israel. “He protected the constituent assembly, the draft constitution and rammed into a referendum when people will have no time to study it against what he had promised before, which is that the document won’t be put into a referendum without sufficient national consensus.”

McCarthy wrote, “In effect, Morsi has used the West’s democracy fetish to put a gun to his population’s head: Either democratically approve anti-democratic sharia or accept the sharia-compliant rule of your democratically elected Islamist despot.”

The Strategy for Sharia

From the beginning, the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy has always been to impose sharia law. That’s the real dictatorship here—not Mohamed Morsi. Installing Islamic law as the new constitution has always been the Brotherhood’s top prize. It knew that if it could just force a sharia-based draft through the assembly and past the courts and subject it to a vote, a majority of Egyptians would most likely approve it. It didn’t matter how many freedom-lovers took the streets in protest—what mattered was sidestepping the rest of the government and getting to the national vote.

This has been the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy from the beginning. As soon as Mubarak was run out of town, it was the Brotherhood—and the White House, by the way—that pushed for free elections sooner rather than later. That’s because the Brotherhood had the best-organized, most popular party in Egypt.

McCarthy wrote, “The Brothers are no fools. They realized that rapidly held elections would favor them, and if they won big, they’d have a hammerlock on the constituent assembly that would write the constitution. They also grasped the disdain in which the West, under progressive regimes, holds military governments. … The Brotherhood knew the U.S. and the EU would be similarly—and self-destructively—supportive of a call for quick elections that would pressure Egypt’s reigning military junta to cede authority to a ‘democratic’ civilian government.

“Consequently, the Brothers insisted that parliamentary and presidential elections could proceed promptly if the public just approved a handful of amendments to the current constitution, with a new constitution to be drafted afterwards.”

That’s exactly what happened. In the country’s historic first free elections, the Muslim Brotherhood’s amendments were adopted by a landslide. The amendments referendum in early 2011 perfectly foreshadowed what happened in parliamentary elections soon after—with supporters of the Brotherhood and its radical allies thumping secular democrats by almost a four-to-one margin.

The courts later declared the results of the parliamentary elections unlawful. But the Brotherhood would not be deterred from executing its Islamist agenda. After promising not to field an Islamist candidate for president, it reversed course and put Morsi on the ballot. And he won!

Prior to the presidential election in June, Egypt’s military court thrust the political process into chaos when it dissolved the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated parliament. At the time, we said this power struggle between the Brotherhood and the military might continue for a few months, but that it was only a matter of time before Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood gained enough strength to transform Egypt into a radical Islamist state.

The power struggle with the military barely lasted two months. In August, Morsi fired his top military chiefs and replaced them with Brotherhood loyalists, a move that locked in Egypt’s transformation into an Islamist state.

The Brotherhood already controlled the assembly responsible for drafting the constitution. The only remaining roadblock to applying Islamic law in Egypt was the judicial branch. And so, with his November 22 decree, Morsi put himself above the law just long enough for the assembly to hurriedly finalize the constitution.

Morsi had no incentive to back down, McCarthy wrote, “because he is doing what he was put there to do, and he has little to fear. He has already faced down the remnants of Mubarak’s armed forces and replaced them with Brotherhood loyalists—a ragtag collection of Facebook malcontents does not faze him. He also knows the national referendum on the new constitution will go the same way as the original referendum on constitutional amendments: Sharia will win going away.”

Of course, the Western media will try to put a positive spin on these earthshaking developments. They’ve done that from the start. Since the revolution began in February 2011, reporters have tried to make it look like the Egyptian population is teeming with secular democrats. The reality, though, is that radical Islam is the predominant ideology in Egypt. Most Egyptians want strict Islamic rule.

And they’re about to get it. You can expect Western commentators to continue their defense of Morsi by saying things like the principles of sharia are not the same thing as sharia.

But that’s just willful blindness. It’s McCarthy who’s right: Sharia will win going away.

What the Bible Prophesied

Now let’s go back to something my father wrote almost 20 years ago: “Islamic extremism is gaining power at a frightening pace in Egypt …. There is a prophecy that indicates Egypt will probably fall to Islam—or be strongly influenced by Islam” (Trumpet, July 1993).

That prophecy he spoke of is in Daniel 11, beginning in verse 40: “And at the time of the end [that is, just before Jesus Christ returns] shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.”

The king of the north is the German-led European superpower—the final resurrection of the prophesied “Holy” Roman Empire. The king of the south is radical Islam, headed by Iran.

But there is another critical player in this end-time clash. Notice verse 42: “[The king of the north] shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.”

Egypt won’t escape this whirlwind attack from the north. That means it has to be allied with Iran in these latter days. That’s what God prophesied 2,500 years ago. And that’s why, for as long as the Trumpet has been around, we’ve been telling you that Egypt would transform into an Islamist state!

“I believe this prophecy in Daniel 11:42 indicates you are about to see a radical change in Egyptian politics,” my father continued in that 1993 article. In 2006, he told readers to watch for Cairo to distance itself from Washington. He spotlighted the Muslim Brotherhood and said that if it got control, it would form a strong alliance with Iran.

Here is what he wrote on June 22, 2009: “Egypt is about to experience a radical change! No doubt the Muslim Brotherhood is going to gain control of Egypt.”

This prophesied event has now been fulfilled.

An Assist From America

Verse 43 continues, “But he [the king of the north] shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt [notice again the emphasis on Egypt]: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.” When the king of the north overtakes his enemy to the south, he takes the spoils of Egypt, as well as Libya and Ethiopia. This indicates that those three countries must have been his enemies, part of that “king of the south” power bloc.

This shows that Egypt is the top prize, as far as Iranian-led radical Islam is concerned. It also means that Egypt will play a critical role in radicalizing all of northeast Africa.

“We need to understand the enormous impact that Egypt working with Iran will have in the Middle East and even globally,” my father wrote in the October-November 2012 Trumpet. “This Iran-Egypt axis is going to change the game in the Middle East—particularly in Libya and Ethiopia.”

The game has certainly changed. And probably the most stunning aspect of this radical transformation throughout the region is the help provided by the United States.

Consider the November war between Hamas and Israel. Hamas, of course, is the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is why Morsi repeatedly blamed the war on Israel, even though Egypt had provided a helping hand in supplying Hamas with the rockets that started the war in the first place. After Israel finally retaliated in Operation Pillar of Defense in November, Morsi immediately recalled Egypt’s ambassador in Tel Aviv and sent his prime minister to visit Gaza City in support of Hamas. A Muslim Brotherhood official even threatened to get involved in the conflict in support of Hamas.

And yet, in the end, it was the United States that helped turn the ceasefire agreement into a political boon for Mohamed Morsi. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton abruptly left her tour of Asia with President Obama to fly to Egypt and attempt to help pressure Israel into a ceasefire. And when the ceasefire was agreed to on November 21, Egypt got the credit for brokering it.

“I want to thank President Morsi for his personal leadership to de-escalate the situation in Gaza and end the violence,” Secretary Clinton said the day the ceasefire was agreed to. She went on to call Egypt a “cornerstone of regional stability and peace.”

That same day, the New York Times reported that President Obama had been impressed with President Morsi’s “pragmatic confidence” throughout the Israel-Hamas crisis. According to White House aides, Mr. Obama was pleasantly surprised by how little ideology there was in Morsi’s politics.

The very next day—you can’t make this up—was the day that Mohamed Morsi awarded himself unchallenged control over Egypt. In a matter of months, Morsi had grabbed dictatorial powers greater than Hosni Mubarak ever had! And when the secular democrats returned to the streets in protest, the Muslim Brotherhood rounded many of them up and beat them into submission inside torture chambers, according to a front-page story in the New York Times, December 10.

America’s response to Morsi’s abusive power grab? It raised “concerns” for many Egyptians and for the international community, the State Department said. The New York Times said the widespread reports of Egyptian citizens writhing in torture chambers were hurting Morsi’s “credibility”!

What a drastic difference from the leave now or else ultimatum the United States gave to Hosni Mubarak back in February 2011. “You don’t understand the Egyptian culture and what would happen if I step down now,” Mubarak told abc shortly before he was run out of town. He had already agreed not to seek reelection eight months down the road. But he warned that an abrupt transition would result in a chaotic scene that would enable the Muslim Brotherhood to turn Egypt into a radical Islamist state.

Today, some are finally waking up to the frightening truth about Egypt, but it’s already too late. The Muslim Brotherhood is now firmly in control. Mohamed Morsi grabbed absolute power just long enough to put Egypt on the road to sharia law. And all along the way, the United States has been helping to make sure the Islamists have a smooth and comfortable ride.

German Elites Discuss Final Shape of United Europe

German Elites Discuss Final Shape of United Europe


The eurozone crisis is allowing German leaders to reshape Europe into a superstate dominated by 10 nations!

The grandson of one of the primary architects of the European Union warned this week that Europe will fail if debt-stricken nations like Greece are not allowed to leave the eurozone.

Shortly before issuing this warning, Stephan Werhahn quit the Christian Democratic Union, which was founded by his grandfather Konrad Adenauer, in protest against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pro-bailout policies. Werhahn now plans to stand as the chancellor candidate of Bavaria’s Free Voters party in next year’s federal elections. His primary platform is that the euro should be limited to a handful of homogeneous, northern European states.

This platform is similar to ideas espoused by other German elites, such as EU anti-bureaucracy czar Edmund Stoiber. During an interview in 2011, Stoiber reminisced that he had wanted a smaller, more unified eurozone. In other interviews Stoiber has further admitted that it should be possible for member states to be excluded from the eurozone if they refuse to get their financial house in order.

Unlike Werhahn, however, Stoiber still supports the Christian Democratic Union and espouses a belief that Germany should give bailout money to ailing eurozone states, but only in cases where the recipient country is willing to submit to German-imposed conditions. “A bailout only makes sense if the indebted countries, such as Greece, may be prescribed a relativization of sovereignty,” said Stoiber in an August 2011 interview. “The wages in these countries cannot increase; taxes will have to be increased.”

In an interview conducted last summer at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg also outlined a similar plan to reshape the European Union. During this interview, Guttenberg stated that European leaders need to hold a discussion on continental unity similar to the discussions held in the United States between 1776 and 1789.

Guttenberg admitted that it would be “lovely” to have 28 European states (including Croatia) living “in a glorious equilibrium,” but said he didn’t think such an arrangement could ever be reality. Instead, he advocated a multispeed Europe wherein some member states had more influence than others:

So, my plea in this regard is to accept that we have had a Europe of different speeds from the beginning, from the very beginning when we were talking about a European Economic Community of six. Already, we had different phases of development in the countries we are talking about and that has, I think, [become] even more dramatized within the years and within the decades leading up until now. So, having not only a dual-speed, but a multiple-speed Europe would actually need a vision or an idea of a different shape of the European Union, also a different shape of the monetary union ….

Like Werhahn and Stoiber, Guttenberg stated that he does not exclude scenarios involving certain member states stepping outside of the eurozone:

I would not exclude, for instance, a scenario where we have member states stepping out of the euro, well knowing that that cause is more than just numbers and technological questions of how to deal with the banking system…. You also have to deal with the emotional aspects that are connected to that, and that’s the inequality you have in that very equation…. I can imagine such a step if you take that idea seriously to somehow cope with a Europe and a eurozone of different speeds ….

He also stated, however, that it may be necessary to set up certain “focused projects” that delegate a high level of influence to financially stable non-eurozone members like Poland and Sweden:

[I]f I see how incredibly well Poland has developed during the last couple of years, I think if you talk about major economic changes within Europe you cannot just silently overturn your neighbor to the right in Germany, but you have to take them into a rather shaky boat as well. The same is true of Sweden; the same is true of partners which are not part of the monetary union right now, but which could be part of very focused projects that should be made possible within the European Union. I am the strongest imaginable advocate for the European Union to survive, to sustain, to prevail ….

According to the tenants of this vision outlined by Baron Guttenberg, it would be easy for the European Union to emerge as a superstate composed of a small number of dominant, tier-one nations and a larger number of submissive, tier-two nations. Many German elites may find such a system to be an appealing way to maximize their influence over the entire European continent without giving undue amounts of power to nations possessing objectives contrary to their own.

The biblical image of Daniel 2 shows that an end-time resurrection of the Roman Empire will be composed of 10 kings. Baron Guttenberg’s comments on European nations like Poland show how the European Union could be “reshaped” to include additional Eastern European powers. Regardless of exactly how the details play out, it is certain that a German-led European empire will soon rise, bound together by the tenants of Roman Catholicism and involving 10 kings.

For more details about how this end-time empire is currently forming on the world scene, please reference editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s article “A Monumental Moment in European History!