Trumpet Bookshelf

Trumpet Bookshelf

A Christian’s bookshelf is filled with a number of vital titles—first and foremost the Bible. By exploring the Bible with the help of Philadelphia Church of God literature (available for free at, you will find answers to life’s most important questions and unlock the vision of your marvelous future.

There is a lot of talk about America splitting into two separate nations. This has happened before in history—to our own ancestors—thousands of years ago.

God has issued a command that is sure to test your obedience. Everyone around you will know whether you keep it.

Society tells us that privilege is evil. But is it?

Mankind is confined to one kind of knowledge. We desperately need the other kind too.

There is a way that leads to happiness. No need to experiment with any other way!

The open mind can comprehend vast oceans of spiritual truth. But God must reveal it. It requires a miracle.

Learn the source of all confusion—why so many people end up with absurd beliefs.

God promises to make you an expert in His instruction manual to mankind, the Holy Bible. He offers you the master key that unlocks all Bible prophecy for your understanding. You can know the major world events soon to occur—just before the return of Jesus Christ!

What is God’s stance on military service for true Christians, and why?

It is a deadly trap that has cost humanity dearly.