Trumpet Bookshelf

Trumpet Bookshelf

Hosted by Grant Turgeon, Trumpet Bookshelf is a series of compact summaries of books and booklets from the literature library of Each episode is meant as a teaser to get listeners interested in studying a particular book or booklet again—or for the very first time. Find answers to life’s most important questions. Unlock the vision of your marvelous future. Explore the vital titles in literature library—every Friday at 10 a.m. Central time.

Liberals in America are outraged over recent bills restricting abortion. But amid the emotional screaming, mindless chants, and irrational demands, seemingly no one is asking the most important question. Listen as host Grant Turgeon covers the late educator and theologian Herbert W. Armstrong’s article “What Is a Liberal?” Learn how to abandon lawless thinking and take on the mind of Jesus Christ.

Complaints, gossip, sarcasm, cynicism—there are many ways to speak negatively. Listen as host Grant Turgeon explains how to counteract these natural, negative tendencies.

Traditional Christianity teaches that Christ’s sacrifice is the end of God’s plan of salvation. In reality, it is only the beginning. Learn what God expects from true Christians after they observe the solemn occasion of the Passover. Understand how to live the way of the Passover year-round by copying the way Christ thought, spoke, and behaved.

Philadelphia Church of God pioneer (and author) Dennis Leap joins the program to discuss his booklet, The Ten Commandments.

Members of the Philadelphia Church of God are now cleaning out their homes and other possessions in preparation for the Days of Unleavened Bread. During this seven-day festival from April 20-26, leaven is a type of sin. Listen as host Grant Turgeon covers the late theologian and educator Herbert W. Armstrong’s article “How to Prevent Sin.” Learn where sin begins, and the decisive steps you can take to drive it out.

In the final episode about the Ten Commandments booklet, host Grant Turgeon discusses God’s laws against lying and coveting. Most people commit these sins every day, as evidenced by the mainstream media and by celebrities who flaunt their riches. Learn the fundamental cause of lying, and expose the hideous inventor of all lies. Discover the remedy for the society-killing disease of materialism.

Rebellious mankind frequently tramples on the Ten Commandments, but perhaps none more blatantly and perversely than the seventh and eighth. Most people on Earth regularly break God’s laws against the wrong uses of sex and against stealing in all its forms. The root cause of these broken laws is selfishness—a ceaseless lust for gratification, both sexual and material. Follow along as host Grant Turgeon summarizes chapters 7-8 of The Ten Commandments, a life-changing booklet available for free at Learn the benefits of applying the give way in all facets of life. Becoming a giver means becoming God.

Children who don’t grow up in a happy home with a God-fearing father and a nurturing mother are at a tremendous disadvantage. Far too often, the breakdown of God’s family structure leads to tragedies throughout society. Follow along as host Grant Turgeon covers the vital fifth commandment—the bridge commandment connecting the laws regarding man’s relationship with God to the laws governing man’s conduct toward his fellow man. Learn how keeping this commandment directly relates to observing the sixth commandment against murder.

Does God care about the words we speak and the day we keep? Probably more than we know! Follow along as host Grant Turgeon explains the letter and the spirit of the third and fourth commandments. God delivered the Ten Commandments to ancient Israel in the perfect order. The third and fourth commandments build upon the first two and complete the subset of laws governing mankind’s relationship with God. Apply these laws to revolutionize your life for the better.

God’s spiritual laws for a happy life are just as real as the law of gravity. Follow along as host Grant Turgeon covers the first two commandments about whom and how to worship. You need the power of the everlasting God in your life. To get it, start by keeping these first two commandments.