Trumpet Bookshelf

Trumpet Bookshelf

A Christian’s bookshelf is filled with a number of vital titles—first and foremost the Bible. By exploring the Bible with the help of Philadelphia Church of God literature (available for free at, you will find answers to life’s most important questions and unlock the vision of your marvelous future.

This world is insane. Here is why.

The cause of all world problems is inside of you—and me, and every other human. Learn what it is and how to confront it.

The Prophet Hosea warned of the severe lack of depth in our religion and society today. What is real religious depth?

God warns us against covetousness, but so often we must learn the hard way how deadly it truly is.

It comes around every week.

The unfathomable depth of God’s mind is on display each year during seven special observances.

The book of Deuteronomy holds Moses’s last warning to the ancient nation of Israel. Somehow, he knew the Israelites would establish a monarchy hundreds of years later—and he warned their future kings to KEEP GOD’S LAW.

This is the prevailing sentiment in the world today. It saturates the field of archaeology in the land called Israel, leading many to reject God and the Bible even as discoveries proving the Bible true are unearthed just about every week. Do you see hatred of truth and lying as a major cause of all world problems?

Not long ago, one man often visited the city of peace to promote the way of peace. This history is electrifying.

There is a lot of talk about America splitting into two separate nations. This has happened before in history—to our own ancestors—thousands of years ago.