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In each edition of Trumpet Hour, Hilliker sits down with Trumpet writers to bring you up to date on the latest developments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Anglo-America and beyond. Trumpet Hour goes behind the headlines to connect current events to their true meaning and their significance in your life. The program also brings you practical advice to improve your life, your family, your marriage and your physical, mental and spiritual health. Trumpet Hour brings you the most important information about your world and your life using one unique resource: the absolute truths of the Bible.

Trumpet Hour airs Wednesdays at 8 a.m and Fridays at 4 p.m. (Central Time). Wednesday’s program features one-on-one interviews with Trumpet staff writers and featured guests, as well as answers to questions from Trumpet readers and listeners. Friday’s Week in Review edition features a panel discussion focusing on the events of the week. Trumpet Hour airs on KPCG 101.3 FM in Edmond, Oklahoma, and online at

#178: Week in Review: Iran Wants Jerusalem, Russia’s Plot Against Montenegro, Germany’s Military Increase, and Much More

Aired Friday, February 24, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   55 minutes

• At a conference in Tehran this week, Iran’s supreme leader reiterated his nation’s intent on pushing for a violent overthrow of Jerusalem

• A foiled plot to assassinate the prime minister of Montenegro in the Balkans shows Russia’s continuing brutality.

• Germany is increasing the strength of its armed forces and is set to be a stronger military than Russia.

• American demand for illegal drugs is financing a war in Mexico that rivals the crisis in Syria.

• We’ll also talk about evidence that another euro crisis is brewing—Germany looking for ways to retaliate economically against President Trump—an explosive rift between Iran and Turkey—China punishing its client state in North Korea—Chinese people becoming more religious—and Canada’s making itself the opposite of Donald Trump in its immigration policy.

#177: Trumpet Hour: Showdown in America Over Immigration Law, Troubling Russian Alliance, Counting Calories, and More

Aired Wednesday, February 22, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CST   ·   58 minutes

• In America we have a showdown between the Trump administration and people who want open borders. Protesters in the streets—states suing over executive orders—judges nullifying the president’s decisions—sanctuary cities. It’s a dangerous trend toward lawlessness.

• People have criticized President Trump for his ties with Russia—but that’s not the alliance you need to be concerned about. Several factors are working against an American-Russian alignment—and are actually driving another nation toward Russia—and this is an indicator of war being on the horizon.

• If you want to lose weight, is counting calories the best way to go? A nutritionist tells us why the answer is no—and gives a much better way to go.

• And I’ll conclude the program with a word of advice from one of history’s wisest men on how to handle haters.

#176: Week in Review: German Army Swallowing its Neighbors, Russia Testing Mr. Trump, U.S. Economic Freedom Evaporating, and more

Aired Friday, February 17, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   58 minutes

More and more European military forces are being integrated into the army of Germany. For students of history this is an alarming development, but it is rapidly happening.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia had a busy week of pushing and provoking the Trump Administration. It’s happening in a way that presents a serious challenge and test to Mr. Trump.

Israel and Palestine: For the last few decades, American policy has favored finding a two-state solution to this long simmering issue. But suddenly, Mr. Trump has said a one-state solution may be best after all.

Reports this week show that America’s economic freedom is precipitously plummeting! We used to rank among the freest economies on the planet, but those days are over.  

We also discuss how America is pushing Germany to consolidate and control Europe’s military power, a worrying political decision in Iran, some “game changing” weapons developments in China, and the rising Murder Rate in American cities.   

#175: Trumpet Hour: North Korea’s Missile Test, Hamas’s New Leader, California’s Deadly Flooding, and More

Aired Wednesday, February 15, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CST   ·   52 minutes

• Last Sunday, North Korea test-launched a high-tech missile into the Sea of Japan—just as Japan’s prime minister was visiting President Trump in the U.S. North Korea is showing its displeasure over the Japan-U.S. relationship, and its determination to test America’s resolve.

• The terrorist group Hamas has just selected a new leader for the Gaza Strip. He’s a charismatic, popular man with radical views and a murderous past. Some observers say this is a real blow to the possibility of peace.

• Serious weather disasters are hitting the U.S.—tornados in Louisiana—flooding in California. Why is this happening? We’ll view these events in the bigger picture, and ask WHY natural disasters.

• And I’ll conclude the program with a word about how to handle adversity—and why it’s important sometimes to KEEP WRESTLING, even when you’re in pain.

#174: Week in Review: Russia on the Move in Syria and Libya, Putting Pressure on Germany, European Nuclear Superpower?, and Much More

Aired Friday, February 10, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   56 minutes

• A lot is happening that shows how rapidly a new global order is emerging—and on today’s Week in Review we’re going to try to catch you up to speed on as much of it as we can.

• Russia is on the move. It is stepping up its involvement in several nations—we’re going to focus specifically on Syria, Afghanistan and Libya. Russia is using its resources very cannily in these areas to secure its interests and increase its leverage over other nations, particularly those in Europe.

• There are also reports of some notable developments of Russia, and China, developing some quite advanced weapons and arms systems that increase the likelihood of global conflict.

• Meanwhile, one analyst has put the pieces together to show how Germany is responding to the increasing threats in the world. It has quietly transformed its foreign policy to become far stronger militarily!

• And one prominent Polish leader says it’s time for the European Union to become a nuclear superpower!

#173: Trumpet Hour: Are America and Iran on Path to War?, Trump Trade Helping China?, Berkeley Free-Speech Riot, and More

Aired Wednesday, February 8, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CST   ·   55 minutes

• Are America and Iran on a path to war? Iran is testing missiles and threatening to strike Israel, Donald Trump is tweeting threats and starting sanctions—how serious is this going to get?

• When President Trump pulled America out of the TPP trade deal—U.S. ally Australia responded by saying maybe they’d have to offer America’s vacated place at the table TO CHINA. Are the Trump administration’s trade policies going to end up giving China more economic power?

• A destructive riot at the University of California-Berkeley last week in protest over a scheduled lecture is the latest sign of the violence dividing America and besmirching our political life.

• I’ll also give you some pretty simple advice about the last thing you do at night—that will really make your day.

#172: Week in Review: Russia’s Ukraine Assault, Iran’s Illegal Missile Test, America’s Lawless Protests, and Much More

Aired Friday, February 3, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   58 minutes

• We’re only two weeks into the presidency of Donald Trump, and the pace of prophetically significant events has increased dramatically.

• This past week, Russia launched a ground assault in Ukraine that has many nations, especially in Eastern Europe, deeply alarmed.

• Russia is also increasing its activities in the Arctic in order to cement its control over that strategic and resource-rich area.

• Iran defied the UN and the Trump administration by launching a medium-range ballistic missile.

• Hysteria came over American cities after President Trump issued an executive order on immigration.

• We’ll also talk about the White House making some nasty, but basically TRUE accusations against Germany—the latest on West Bank settlement activity in Israel—Pope Francis vanquishing the Knights of Malta—and an alarming kidnapping on the streets of Hong Kong.

#171: Trumpet Hour: Guttenberg Vs. Trump, Tocqueville on ‘Righteous’ Americans, the Word of the Year, and More

Aired Wednesday, February 1, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CST   ·   56 minutes

• What is Donald Trump thinking? This is a question on the minds of leaders worldwide, especially Europe—since President Trump seems to want the European Union to fall apart. Germany cannot let that happen. We’ll talk about a politician who may have the answers Germans are seeking right now.

• In his classic book Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville made some fascinating observations about the United States. We’ll use that book to analyze some comments from Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, and discuss some current trends that make Tocqueville’s critique very relevant.

• Want to know how unusual and unpredictable the world is today? Just look at what various dictionaries have chosen as their “Word of the year” for 2016.

• And I’ll conclude the program with some words about why at times it’s important to deprive your children.

#170: Week in Review: Trump Hosts Britain, Peace Process Shakeup, Australia Courts China, Russia Bunkers Down in Syria, and More

Aired Friday, January 27, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   58 minutes

• American President Donald Trump hosted his first visit from a foreign leader today—British Prime Minister Theresa May. By renewing their special relationship, will American and Britain lead the world again?

• Palestinians are upset that Israel has approved more construction in the West Bank—and they are pinning the blame on … the United States

• President Trump canceled America’s involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Australia says it may try to salvage the agreement by offering America’s place at the table to China.

• After committing its military to helping the Assad regime, Vladimir Putin has just signed a deal making Russia’s military presence in Syria permanent.

• We’ll also talk about voices in Germany and France saying that Donald Trump’s rise mean the end of the world as we know it—the alarming rise in America’s murder rate—protesters in Australia saying Australia Day should be renamed Invasion Day—and an interesting message from a man who just defected from being an ambassador in North Korea.

#169: Trumpet Hour: Germany in the Age of Trump, Israel in Construction Mode, Music for Life, and More

Aired Wednesday, January 25, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CST   ·   56 minutes

• President Donald Trump says that Europe needs to look after its own interests. This puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on Germany in particular to step up and lead. We’ll see why this is a critically important story to keep our eyes on.

• After meeting with President Trump this past Sunday, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu started making announcements that demonstrate considerable confidence that he has a real friend and ally in America now that Barack Obama is out of office.

• How can you enjoy music more? Another program on Trumpet Radio, Music for Life, answers that question. We’ll talk with host Ryan Malone about how we can get a richer, fuller experience from the music we listen to.

• And I’ll conclude the program with a message to men on the number one thing that will make you a better husband and father.