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Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Trumpet newsmagazine. Your host is Joel Hilliker, the managing editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet and theTrumpet.comTrumpet Hour features a range of subject matter with an emphasis on the most important world news: national and international affairs, global economics, politics, society and morality. Trumpet Hour also features segments intended to inform and inspire listeners with stories of remarkable people overcoming obstacles, facing urgent world problems, and searching for solutions. 

In each edition of Trumpet Hour, Hilliker sits down with Trumpet writers to bring you up to date on the latest developments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Anglo-America and beyond. Trumpet Hour goes behind the headlines to connect current events to their true meaning and their significance in your life. The program also brings you practical advice to improve your life, your family, your marriage and your physical, mental and spiritual health. Trumpet Hour brings you the most important information about your world and your life using one unique resource: the absolute truths of the Bible.

Trumpet Hour airs Wednesdays at 8 a.m and Fridays at 4 p.m. (Central Time). Wednesday’s program features one-on-one interviews with Trumpet staff writers and featured guests, as well as answers to questions from Trumpet readers and listeners. Friday’s Week in Review edition features a panel discussion focusing on the events of the week. Trumpet Hour airs on KPCG 101.3 FM in Edmond, Oklahoma, and online at KPCG.fm.

Show Notes

  • Terror again struck New York City as a man tied to the Islamic State drove a truck through a crowd, killing eight people. What is the solution to these attacks?
  • North African leaders warn that Iran is making inroads into their countries, and say Iran wants to dominate the Arab world—which is exactly what Bible prophecy says.
  • New satellite imagery shows that China has continued militarizing the South China Sea, and analysts say that it is certain to begin asserting its power in these strategic waters.
  • Efforts to form a new government in Germany are not going well, and all Europe seems stuck as it awaits a resolution to this leadership vacuum in the Union’s strongest nation.
  • We’ll also talk about a newly declassified CIA document showing the depth of collusion between Iran and al Qaeda—a thawing of frosty relations between China and South Korea—and the annual spike in crime and violence on Halloween.


Show Notes

  • First, yesterday marked 500 years since the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. As bitter as this rivalry has been for five centuries, today Catholics and Protestants are working hard to reconcile, fulfilling an important biblical prophecy.
  • Second, tomorrow marks 100 years since the Balfour Declaration—the landmark British document that paved the way for the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. There is evidence that God had a hand in this inspiring history.
  • More and more American states are legalizing marijuana use—eight states even allow recreational use. We’ll get the facts about marijuana, weighing its health benefits against its dangers.
  • And finally, we’ll learn an inspiring lesson about how God can fulfill all the desires of your heart.


• Chinese President Xi Jinping has been enshrined into the Communist Constitution, elevating him to the status of Mao Zedong, and empowering him to shape China’s path forward for years to come.

• The Czech Republic just elected a strongman, continuing the trend of European voters seeking stronger leadership.

• Saudi Arabia’s crown prince has repudiated extremist Islam, making his nation more moderate and leaving Iran as the undisputed leader of the radical Muslim camp.

• Recent revelations about sexual harassment are bringing fresh impetus to social engineers’ efforts to purge society of what they call “toxic masculinity.”

• We also have stories about Iran extending its influence into Palestinian politics—Russia’s influence in Europe, the Philippines and America—and young Americans ditching religion for astrology and witchcraft.

  • This past weekend, America’s Secretary of State said that Iranian-led forces should leave Iraq. Iraqi and Iranian leaders strongly rebuked him—the latest evidence of the strength of Iran’s presence in Iraq, and the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy the Trumpet highlighted about 26 years ago.
  • Japan just held snap elections, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won decisively. It brings Japan closer than ever to revising its pacifist constitution and becoming an independent military powerhouse.
  • Pope Francis is overseeing some interesting political machinations that weaken the power of the bureaucracy of the Holy See—and concentrate more power in the papacy.
  • And finally, I’ll give you three practical ways that you can build more passion in your life.

• A bid for independence for Kurds in Iraq has met a forceful response from Iraqi and Iranian forces. As America stands aside, Iran eliminates yet another obstacle to its regional dominance.

• Spain responds to Catalonia’s vote for independence by stripping it of some of its autonomy, and Europe is letting it happen.

• China’s president kicked off the Chinese Communist Party’s national congress, and looks to be laying groundwork for tightening his grip on power for a new Maoist era.

• Donald Trump decertifying the Iran nuclear deal could force Europe to make a difficult choice: break with the U.S.—or confront Iran?

• We’ll also talk about how only a third of American states have a rainy day fund—how Nepal is trying to remain a bridge between China and India—and how Russia is marketing its impressive advanced missile system to some interesting customers in the Middle East.

• U.S. President Donald Trump decertified the Iran nuclear deal, to the condemnation of leaders all over the world and in America. Does this move actually put the world in greater danger?

Another stunning election in Europe: A suave 31-year-old named Sebastian Kurz is set to become the next leader of Austria, after elections this past weekend—yet another black eye for establishment politics in Europe.

California is experiencing the deadliest wildfires in its history—and this at the end of a terrible year of disasters for the state and the nation.

• And finally, I’ll give you three reasons why it is important to build more passion in your life.

  • After elections last Sunday, German politics are in trouble, as Chancellor Angela Merkel struggles to bring disagreeing political parties into a government in a process that could mire Germany for months.
  • Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico—the island is suffering, and the price tag for getting back on its feet will be huge.
  • The threat from North Korea is real, but it wouldn’t be happening if not for a great deal of help from China. New figures show how China’s efforts to punish Pyongyang are only a pretense.
  • A battle for independence in the Spanish region of Catalonia is mushrooming into a crisis that could undermine the euro.
  • We’ll also talk about Italy’s growing desperation for a solution to the crisis in Libya—how Iran is winning in Yemen despite American efforts to prevent it—and how the division in America over NFL protests is being encouraged by Russian Internet trolls.

  • On Monday, Kurds in Iraq voted to become an independent Kurdish state. How might this bold move by this large ethnic group, aiming to redraw the map of the Middle East, affect the fulfillment of biblical prophecies about this region?
  • Cyberwarfare is becoming an increasingly common weapon in today’s world, and making more and more headlines. Is it possible hackers could significantly cripple America and neutralize its military advantages?
  • Society loves the idea of living long, but hates the idea of getting old. Do we have to have more aches and pains, declining mental capacity and diminishing productivity as we age? We’ll look at some solutions to the problems of aging.
  • And finally, we’ll look at a bit of wisdom that those involved in the NFL controversy seem to have forgotten

  • Mexico suffered a devastating earthquake on Tuesday—this amid a number of recent major quakes and other disasters in several nations. It brings to mind Jesus Christ’s prophecy of a sign of the end of the age.
  • U.S. President Donald Trump gave a bold speech at the United Nations, calling out North Korea and other threats to world peace. What did other nations think?
  • Russia is undermining America’s efforts to punish North Korea economically for its nuclear activity, showing that the real threat the U.S. faces goes well beyond the regime of Kim Jong un.
  • Israel’s prime minister is feeling quite confident and says the world is ready to embrace Israel. What does biblical prophecy say?
  • We’ll also talk about France’s concern over Iran’s nuclear program—political trends in the lead-up to this Sunday’s election in Germany—violent race-related protests in St. Louis—and more—on the next: trumpet hour.

• As the threat from Islam grows, Europeans are increasingly identifying themselves as Christian, and saying Europe needs to return to its Christian cultural roots. We’re watching this trend play out throughout politics in Europe, especially in Germany.
• Pope Francis—the leader of over a billion Catholics—says that anyone who isn’t convinced that greenhouse gas emissions cause hurricanes and other weather disasters is being STUPID. And he is proposing a radical solution to the problem.
• After 10 years of political division between two separate governments, the Palestinians look like they’re making moves to RECONCILE the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas administration that governs the Gaza Strip. What might this mean for the future of Israel?
• And finally, we’ll talk about the NUMBER ONE LESSON that we can learn from family—and it’s probably not what you think.