Rewind, Repeat

Rewind, Repeat

The past shapes our present and frames our future. Rewind, Repeat, hosted by David Vejil, focuses on history as it relates to the biblical record and its prophetic themes.

The revived Roman Empire gets an emperor. Uniting Europe with Catholic support, Charlemagne brings order to Europe. But was it worth the cost?

Desperate for allies and beset by enemies, the Pope looks to the north for a defender. The Franks are his only option, but will they play the part?

Constantine is the new sole emperor of the Roman Empire and uses the Catholic Church to bring unity to his realm. Unknowingly, he supports the institution that will keep the legacy and heritage of the Roman Empire living long after the empire falls.

Emperor Diocletian’s reorganization of the Roman Empire leads to a violent and bitter struggle for control of the Empire. Who will win in this battle arena of emperors?

European Union leaders are calling for a new Charlemagne to unify Europe. But is Charlemagne a worthy hero?