Rewind, Repeat

Rewind, Repeat

The past shapes our present and frames our future. Rewind, Repeat, hosted by David Vejil, focuses on history as it relates to the biblical record and its prophetic themes.

A prophet arrives and institutes a cultural revolution in Ireland.

The Kingdom of Judah is destroyed, yet the royal line endures—just not in the way anyone expected.

The fate of Jerusalem and the Jews rests on King Zedekiah’s choice—trust in God or trust in man?

The countdown to destruction reaches zero and Judah gets a new master. Will the survivors in Judah submit?

The Kingdom of Judah faces critical decisions as Egypt and Babylon vie for control of Mesopotamia.

Hezekiah’s actions set a countdown for the kingdom of Judah as Babylon rises in Mesopotamia.

The kingdom of Judah faces off the West’s superpower of the time—Assyria.

Mattathias stands up for God’s law, provoking Antiochus. How can the Maccabees triumph against overwhelming odds?

A mad king takes the throne and Jerusalem’s autonomy is threatened. The Jews seek assimilation, but get desolation.

A new empire brings new challenges to the Jews. Will they keep the light of God’s way burning bright?