Chapter 4

Sorry for What?

From the booklet Australia—Where to Now?
By Ron Fraser

The organization that publishes this booklet has no axe to grind on the subject of race. Our objective is to present the plain and simple, provable truth on current events and provide predictive analysis as to their future outcome. Inevitably that often involves taking situations back to their source to trace the origins—the cause—of any given event’s outcome at any point in time. Very often this involves tracing the roots of a given race and airing its history so that predictable national behavior patterns can then be clearly and demonstrably seen to be influencing the outcome of events of the day.

In our analyses of world events, we strive to stick to the very best of sources, reinforce our argument with clear logic underpinned by that which the foundational chief apostle of the original Church of God, Peter, declared is the “more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19).

To this end, we do not subscribe to any politically correct doctoring of the facts. We simply stand on our record, which can be thoroughly verified by a search of our archive (visit

So it is with the case of the Australian Aboriginal people and their influence on present-day society in Australia. We are interested only in the pure unvarnished truth on the subject.

That situation has been so politicized over the years, so spoiled by do-gooders and demonizers on both sides—black and white—so removed from the reality of basic cause and effect by the politically correct movement, that it is hard for any person with the will to see some logic in it all so as to even begin to understand why a reversion to tribalism was enacted on the floor of the nation’s parliament at Parliament’s opening under the newly installed federal government on February 12, 2008.

Associated Press reported that “Aborigines in white body paint danced and sang traditional songs in Australia’s national Parliament … in a historic ceremony many hoped would mark a new era of race relations in the country” (Feb. 12, 2008). The report went on to describe the acceptance by Australia’s new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, of an Aboriginal welcome stick from local Aboriginal activist Matilda House: “‘A welcome to country acknowledges our people and pays respect to our ancestors, the spirits who created the lands,’ said House, who crossed the hall’s marble floor barefoot and draped in a kangaroo pelt cloak to give her speech.”

This is rank pagan nonsense.

What an insult to our founding fathers and to the God that parliamentarians ostensibly acknowledge at the opening of every parliamentary session with a repetition of the “Lord’s Prayer.” But this all mirrors what occurred in the U.S. Congress in 2007 when a Hindu was invited to open Congress in prayer to a foreign god—this within an institution founded upon a constitution underpinned by the law of God, the Ten Commandments. Equally mind-numbing, across the Atlantic the head of the Anglican Church invited the British to embrace the laws of a foreign religion in lieu of the ancient system underpinned by British common law, itself in principle an outgrowth of the Ten Commandments.

What is happening to civilized societies when a highly developed First World nation openly permits half-naked tribal romps, based on pagan tribal rites attached to snake worship, to be performed in the very heart of its national seat of government?

An Apology

This pagan pantomime was all followed the next day by a nationally televised apology from Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd “to thousands of Aborigines who were taken from their families as children under now discredited assimilation policies abolished in 1970—an act that many people view as a vital step toward reconciling black and white Australians” (ibid.).

The problem is that this whole “sorry” business is all akin to the great global warming hoax. It’s based on fiction, with no provable data to back up the false claims coming from the foremost voices from the Aboriginal and leftist white enclaves within Australian society.

One of the most sensible voices within Australia observing this phenomenon of the anti-white, racist, left-wing apologists is that of Australian conservative commentator Andrew Bolt. In 2006 he published a book, Still Not Sorry, refuting the fiction of Australia’s “Stolen Generation” of Aboriginal children. In a downright practical approach to research that seems anathema to the left, Bolt actually interviewed many of the most vocal of the proponents for the big “sorry” vote in Australia.

So, what did he find?

At best, the poorly constructed framework of a myth, with no real foundation in reality.

Bolt publicized that research in a column in the Herald Sun newspaper: “In Victoria, for instance, the state Stolen Generations Taskforce concluded there had been ‘no formal policy for removing children.’ Ever.

“In the Northern Territory, the Federal Court found no sign of ‘any policy of removal of part-Aboriginal children such as that alleged.’

“In Tasmania, the Stolen Generations Alliance admitted ‘there were no removal policies as such.’

“In South Australia, the Supreme Court last year found no government policy to steal Aboriginal children there, either. Rather, stealing black children had been ‘without legal authority, beyond power and contrary to authoritative legal advice’” (Feb. 8, 2008).

Bolt reiterated the amazing fact that the left has hoodwinked much of the Australian population into swallowing the myth that previous Australian governments had literally stolen Aboriginal children from their parents in what the leftist academic Prof. Robert Manne, of La Trobe University, terms an effort to “keep white Australia pure.”

As Bolt rightly claims, Australia’s prime minister has now apologized to the minority Aboriginal community in Australia for this fiction despite the fact that “no one has yet named even 10 of these 100,000 children we are told were stolen” (ibid.).

One of the disparities that arises when two foreign cultures meet is the clash between law, custom and tradition. This phenomenon was given wide publicity with the publishing of Samuel Huntingdon’s well-known book The Clash of Civilizations in the mid-1990s. In this context, if we are to take the debate surrounding the so-called “Stolen Generation” back to the source, and then compare the historical evidence of the treatment of whites by blacks and blacks by whites within the context of the times, it yields a far different picture to that being portrayed by the leftist elements within Australian society today. These are those who would rewrite history in their own terms, based on their own peculiar ideology.

Poetic Justice

In essence, the effect on Australian society of the tribal antics allowed on the floor of Australia’s national House of Parliament, added to the public apology by Prime Minister Rudd to an Australian minority for what is at base a leftist myth, will have results no different to those feared by commentator Melanie Phillips following the archbishop of Canterbury’s declaration on deferring similarly to a minority culture within Britain.

In her daily blog for the Spectator, Phillips incisively declared that “without a strong religious core providing the moral, ethical and cultural ballast, the society it has been instrumental in forming becomes intensely vulnerable to collapse and colonization. The defense mounted by politicians becomes an empty shell …” (Feb. 8, 2008).

The argument fits perfectly the unbelievable scenes witnessed in Canberra in February 2008. The “moral, ethical and cultural ballast” upon which the Federation of Australia was established is, under Australia’s leftist government, made to play second fiddle to the tribal rites of a peoples that it has sought over the past 200 years to civilize away from the ignorance of rank paganism.

But all chickens come home to roost.

As Andrew Bolt reported, an incident that flew right in the face of the government’s apology to the Australian Aboriginal community occurred right under its nose, in the national capital, just two days prior to the sorry apology. “Kevin Rudd will this morning say his sorry just two days after the latest baby was ‘stolen’—from the Aboriginal tent embassy 300 meters away.

“Nothing better symbolises the absurdity of the prime minister’s apology to the ‘stolen generations.’

“The 6-week-old baby was taken on Monday by two Department of Community Services officers who judged it was in danger in that squalid camp, now filled with Aborigines in Canberra to celebrate Rudd’s sorry. …

“[T]his latest baby was in fact ‘stolen’ for the same kind of reasons that had us ‘steal’ Aboriginal children before.

“The child’s mother is reportedly in jail, and the Daily Telegraph said the father had lived in the tent embassy for six months. If you’ve seen that ‘embassy,’ you’ll know it is no fit place for such a terribly young child” (Herald Sun, Feb. 13, 2008).

Poetic justice.

Mr. Rudd was simply hoist by his own petard.

But did this dent the impervious exterior of the leftist, anti-white socialist element in Australia? No more than it would have a similar merry band of ignoramuses if such an incident occurred in Washington, London, Toronto or Wellington.

From the time of the Spanish Armada, through Trafalgar, Waterloo, World War I and World War II there was a freedom-loving people that fought and defeated tyranny to guarantee those very freedoms that we in the Anglo-Saxon nations enjoy today and have so generously extended to the minority groups that exist—indeed, still flee tyranny so as to enjoy life—within the main bastions of those freedoms today, the Anglo-Saxon nations.

But the sad fact is the fifth column of resistance to the ongoing enjoyment of those freedoms too often works actively among, and within, our own free societies. Too often they hail from our very own kith and kin. These are those who, ideologically, have so willingly and ignorantly been taken advantage of by those influences that are intent on actually destroying the very freedoms that enable them to practice treason and sedition within the very societies that guarantee the open, unfettered practice of their hedonistic lifestyles.

There’s clearly something very wrong here.

In the real universe, there is cause and there is effect. To quote Herbert W. Armstrong, “God is letting the law of cause and effect take full toll” (Mystery of the Ages). There is a cause for racial tension. There is a cause for the basic self-hate of the average liberal socialist in our midst, and for their hatred of those institutions and solid virtues upon which a sound society is based. A thorough study of the chapter titled “Mystery of Civilization” contained in Herbert W. Armstrong’s book Mystery of the Ages will enlighten the reader to both cause and effect of—and also to the solution for—the division among the races and within society so prevalent today.

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