The Shunammite: How to Be Great

From the book The Former Prophets
By Gerald Flurry

Chapter 4 of 2 Kings contains the example of someone God called “a great woman” (verse 8). Why great? She wasn’t heading a corporation or joining the army. The Bible doesn’t talk about her doing anything—except that she discerned by the fruits and by the Holy Spirit that Elisha was God’s representative. She was great because she perceived that Elisha was a man of God!

Do you perceive a man of God when you see one? Do you recognize God’s ministers? Do you know there is a man of God who has the mantle of Elijah? For those who don’t know that, extreme suffering will be the result. We must know! And God says, if you perceive that, you are great. That should be encouraging to every single person in God’s Church.

This woman wanted to do all she could to help God’s man (verse 10). She prayed for Elisha, probably every day. There is no telling how many of those prayers God answered for her.

This Shunammite woman wanted a child, and God gave her one because she was great (verse 17). When the child was in his late teens, he died (verse 20). That could have devastated this woman, but instead she went straight to Elisha and asked for his help. She wouldn’t leave him until he helped her (verse 30). Because of her faithful attitude, God raised her child from the dead! (verses 34-35). All because this great woman perceived Elisha was a man of God!

Is this example just ancient history? No—it is for today! It is about understanding where the mantle of Elijah is. The miracles we receive are often different, but this story shows you how to be great.

Do you know deeply where the Elijah work is today? Those who perceive that and support it will be rewarded with a headquarters job with God for eternity! If we support God and His Work, we cannot lose. What a glorious opportunity God has given us!

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