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The God Family Vision

Christ came to Earth to declare the Father—the God family. He didn’t come here to declare Himself, as this world believes. That deception is why this world doesn’t understand God’s plan for mankind. They are in the dark. And so are most of God’s own people!Here is the only message that will fill us with hope. It is about bringing God’s government and peace to the whole uni­verse. It is the true gospel that man­kind has never understood.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: God Family Spokesman Read »
Chapter 2: Hannah’s Family Vision Read »
Chapter 3: High Priest’s Rebellious Sons Read »
Chapter 4: Declaring the Father Read »
Chapter 5: Where Is the God of Judgment? Read »
Chapter 6: God’s Covenant With Levi Read »
Chapter 7: A Message Not Delivered Read »
Chapter 8: Reviving the Elijah Work Read »
Chapter 9: The Hope of the Gospel Read »