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Isaiah’s End-Time Vision

Isaiah had a prophecy for the end time that was twofold. He delivered his message to the temple priests and to the people of Israel. Did you know that most of Isaiah’s temple prophecies are also addressed to God’s own Laodicean Church in the end time? The Laodiceans’ rebellion revolves around God’s government. They don’t want God to rule them.Isaiah has a powerful vision for the Laodiceans, the nations of Israel—and even the whole world. You won’t find a more inspiring, far-reaching vision in all the Bible. It pictures a beautiful and peaceful Earth. The vision reaches out into the universe.This prophet also reveals how Satan successfully destroys that vision for many of God’s own people. Those who overcome Satan’s deception will be the most honored people ever on this Earth. They will become the Bride of Christ!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: God’s Government Read »
Chapter 2: God Looks to This Man Read »
Chapter 3: Why Family? Read »
Chapter 4: The Universe Vision Read »
Chapter 5: Satan Cast Down Read »
Chapter 6: End-Time Eliakim Read »
Chapter 7: Building Toward a World Catastrophe Read »
Chapter 8: The Most Important Question in Education Read »
Chapter 9: God Punishes With Earthquakes Read »
Chapter 10: How to Recognize God’s Only Work Read »
Chapter 11: Laodiceans Asleep Read »
Chapter 12: Hezekiah Is Tested Read »
Chapter 13: Voice in the Wilderness Read »
Chapter 14: The Bride of Christ Read »