Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June 2005  •  Volume 16, No. 5
  • Special Issue
    A Pope and a Prophecy
  • Karol Wojtyla: How He Set the Stage
    Credited with being a consummate actor by virtue of his early amateur stage career, Pope John Paul II has set the stage for one of the greatest acts of history this planet will ever know.
  • Herbert Armstrong: He Was Right
    A look back at the prescient warnings of a lesser-known spiritual leader
  • From the Editor
    The Dark Side of the Pope’s Funeral
  • Rome: Once and Future Capital of Europe
    The ancient city prepares for its final fling.
  • Joseph Ratzinger: The Perfect Man for the Job
    Put together what the Trumpet has reported on Joseph Ratzinger and what we have warned about the next pope, and in Benedict XVI you have just the man to fulfill some of the most Earth-shaking prophecies of all time.
  • Returning to the Fold
    The death of Pope John Paul II prompted some of the most powerful voices from Protestant denominations to sing praises for the mother church. It’s time we understood what lies behind the historic division between Catholics and Protestants—why the two are now moving toward unity—and where it will ultimately lead.
  • Commentary
    A Headache for Benedict
    One unresolved issue Pope John Paul II left for his successor is no small job.
  • Religion
    Answering Bible Critics
    Just what is Bible criticism? How does it affect you?
  • Why Most Do Not Understand Prophecy
    One cannot unlock the mystery in Bible prophecy without this indispensable key.