Philadelphia Trumpet  •  March/April 2003  •  Volume 14, No. 3
  • Cover Story
    Arming for Armageddon
    How fear is fueling a new global arms race
  • Articles
    German-Led EU Conquers Yugoslavia
    A giant world power is rising out of Europe! And it is going to shock the world as perhaps no power ever has!
  • World War Déjà Vu
    An eerie similarity is developing between the emerging world order and that of the interval between the two great world wars of the 20th century. Between 1918 and 1939, the seeds were sown for a second, more horrifying round of world war. Are conditions ripening for World War iii?
  • Economy in Turmoil
    It looks bad in Germany right now. But it won’t remain that way. Here’s how economic weakness will give rise to greater strength.
  • Dragging Its Feet Over Europe
    Despite having joined the European Community 30 years ago, Britain remains divided its role within modern Europe.
  • Failed Promises
  • Does God Exist?
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Secretary Powell’s UN Report: The Big Lesson We Failed to Learn
  • Commentary
    Diplomatic Hypocrisy
    Why America encourages Israel to tolerate terrorism