Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June 2001  •  Volume 12, No. 5
  • Cover Story
    What Is True Freedom?
    The most precious gift we could have is that of freedom. But what is freedom? We are more deceived about this subject than perhaps any other today, and you can never be free until you know what freedom truly is!
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    From the Editor
    Murders in Tekoa
  • Articles
    Declaring the Mystery
    Why fighting for Mystery of the Ages is so important to us
  • Risky Business
    The lure of quick, easy money is seducing millions. But is it worth the gamble?
  • Is Russia Finished?
    For 40 years Russia stood as a behemoth astride a vast Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, its sole intention apparently to break Western resistance to the imposition of communism on the world. Then, ten years ago, the Soviet vision collapsed with the failure of its godless dream.
  • The Food on Your Plate
    Ninety percent of American food is processed. Do you really know what’s in your next meal?
  • America’s War With Obesity
    Obesity in America is now epidemic. Here is what can be done about this national health crisis.
  • Departments
    An Army of None
    Signs of the times: The military’s telling manpower shortage.