Philadelphia Trumpet  •  November 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 9
  • Cover Story
    Our Christian Duty
    Why we risked litigation to distribute Mystery of the Ages—and how this court battle affects you
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    How Mideast Violence Will Affect YOU!
  • Articles
    A Spanking From the Mother Church
    The Christian community has been working hard for religious unity. A provocative new Catholic document forcefully slaps down those efforts.
  • Israel’s Dead End
    Jerusalem’s problems are intensifying, and the need for a solution is becoming both more urgent and out of reach. Where is this rocky road leading?
  • A Cautious Relationship Builds
    Initially cooled throughout the Chechen war, relations between Russia’s president and Germany’s chancellor seem set to warm into a genuine partners
  • Taking Stock of Globalization
    The trend in politics, in economics, even in international security, is to unify, consolidate, globalize. Will this trend really move the world toward peace? Or is it merely setting the stage for a new totalitarianism?
  • Big Business and the Battle of the Peace
    The chilling, undeniable facts of how U.S. and German companies supported the Nazis and paved the way for Germany’s third attempt at world domination
  • The EU’s Dangerous New Security Policy
    The European Union recently introduced new secrecy rules that restrict the public from knowing what EU officials are doing on a number of military and civilian matters. Here is what is behind this dangerous turn of events!
  • Departments
    Problems Still UNresolved
    The UN is revealing its ineptitude at making this world a better place. Any other options?