Frequently Asked Questions

How is my Trumpet subscription paid?

You might wonder how this magazine is funded. After all, there is no subscription price—no advertising revenue—no commercial corporation sponsorship. Yet, obviously, it does cost money to produce a publication of such quality. The Trumpet—as well as all literature offered to you free on this site—is paid for by the tithes and offerings of members of the Philadelphia Church of God and their co-workers.

How do I subscribe to the Trumpet?

You can subscribe to the Trumpet free of charge online. Alternatively you may contact us by mail or phone.

I live outside the United States. How do I subscribe?

For some locations outside of the United States we require that you write us by mail to request a subscription to the Trumpet magazine, but for most locations you may sign up online free of charge.

What is the Trumpet online account? How does it differ from my Trumpet print subscription?

The Trumpet online account is a free service which provides users access to read and download digital versions of the Trumpet magazine and our extensive library of literature. In addition, we plan to add many account-only features and benefits in the future. Signing up is simple and completely free. You can sign up for your account here.

I already receive the Trumpet by mail. How do I get an online account? Do I need one?

The Trumpet online account is a free service providing additional benefits to our online users and is independent of the print subscription. You can sign up for your online account here. If you already receive the Trumpet by mail, simply decline any offer to subscribe to the print edition once you are signed up.

I read my Trumpet online. Do I need to get a printed copy in the mail?

While all the content of our printed magazine is made accessible online, we freely provide this magazine to you because we want you to have it with the convenience and quality of a printed copy. If, however, you feel that you prefer to simply read it online you may cancel your subscription and freely continue to use your online access.

What is the Trumpet Weekly? How does it differ from the Trumpet?

The Trumpet Weekly is a news brief e-published every weekend by, and contains all the reporting, insight, analysis and commentary you've come to expect from the Trumpet newsmagazine and The Trumpet Weekly summarizes the previous week's top stories, compacting them into an information-rich yet easy-to-read format. The Trumpet Weekly also features condensed versions of the week's columns by's lead authors, as well as retrospectives recalling accurate predictions by the Trumpet and its predecessor, the Plain Truth. The Trumpet Weekly is available for download each Saturday, as well as Sunday, in PDF format. You can also receive the Trumpet Weekly in your inbox by signing up as a subscriber. Subscribing is simple and completely free.

I just subscribed to the print edition. When will I receive my first issue?

We fulfill our Trumpet subscriptions monthly. Please allow up to six weeks to receive your first issue, although you may receive it much sooner than that.

How do I renew my subscription?

Please contact us by mail or phone.

How do I change the mailing address for delivery of my copies?

Please contact us by mail or phone.

How can I find out when my subscription expires?

Please contact us by mail or phone.

What should I do if my copy has torn pages or is otherwise damaged?

Back issues of the Trumpet are available for free (if in stock) and may be requested by contacting us by mail or phone.

What should I do if my issue arrives late or if it’s missing?

If you are certain your issue of the Trumpet is missing you may want to check that your subscription has not expired. Remember, renewing your subscription is absolutely free. Please contact us by mail, e-mail or phone. If you have missed any issues you can also request back orders.

How may I cancel my print subscription?

You may cancel your print subscription by contacting us by mail or phone.

If my subscription expires, or I cancel it, will I still be able to view each new issue in Adobe PDF and browse back issues in the virtual library?

Yes. Your online access is free and will continue even if you choose to cancel your subscription to our printed magazine.

How may I contact you?

You are welcome to contact us by mail, e-mail or phone.