About Herbert Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong was recognized and respected by leaders in government, industry and education around the world. Until the time of his death in January 1986, he was pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God and editor in chief of the Plain Truth magazine, which he began publishing in 1934.

He was a pioneer in religious broadcasting in the 20th century. Millions around the world heard his voice on the World Tomorrow radio and television program for over 50 years.

In 1947, Mr. Armstrong founded Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. He was also founder and chairman of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, known for its cultural, charitable and humanitarian activities. Herbert W. Armstrong visited more than 70 countries proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom of God, and was highly honored by heads of state in such critical areas as Japan and China, Africa, Israel and Egypt. Even in his 90s, Mr. Armstrong continued to write, broadcast and preach the good news that God will intervene to save mankind in this generation! Among his many books are The United States and Britain in Prophecy and his final work, completed in 1985 just months before his death, Mystery of the Ages.