September 24, 2016  •  27 minutes
Learn about the spiritual warfare that began before mankind was created and continues to this day.
September 17, 2016  •  # $
Jesus Christ said that He would send a man in the end time to prepare the way for His Second Coming. This man has already come and gone. Do you know who he was?
September 10, 2016  •  # $
Iran is focused on America and the Jewish nation of Israel, unaware that a rising German-led superpower already has it surrounded.
September 1, 2016  •  # $
America’s worst foreign-policy debacle ever just paved the way to a nuclear World War III.
September 3, 2016  •  # $
A British newspaper has exposed a secret plot to consolidate European power under a political dictator. Is this the reemergence of the Holy Roman Empire?
August 1, 2016  •  # $
Assassinations of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge mark a dangerous escalation of race hatred. America’s highest-ranking leaders are fueling the problem.
August 27, 2016  •  # $
Revelation 10 discusses two end-time messages. The first is the most important book since the Bible. The second describes how God’s people rejected that book.
August 20, 2016  •  # $
The book of Zechariah pinpoints two leaders God uses in this end time. To receive God’s precious golden oil and truth, you need to understand who these men are.