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The Prophet Ezekiel devoted nine chapters of his message to describing the millennial temple. To enhance our vision of a peaceful future under God’s rule, we must understand more about this special structure.
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God mentions Jesus Christ’s capital city numerous times in the Bible. He even describes the capitol building itself.
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America’s banking crisis will reshape Europe financially—and politically.
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The late Herbert W. Armstrong compared most people’s understanding of the Bible to walking in on a movie partway through. It is very confusing to start watching a movie an hour in, without knowing the context and the events that led up to that particular scene. The same principle applies to the Bible. To comprehend its true story, we must go back to the real beginning—which is not found in Genesis 1:1.

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The Apostle John dealt with many Church crises, but he taught a formula for spiritual success. It is one of the most profound lessons in all the Bible.
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America’s society is crumbling under the weight of domestic problems such as family breakdown, race riots and drug addiction. Why all these troubles?
September 20, 2015  •  # $
God foretold America’s startling reluctance to use its power for good in this end time. As a result, Gentile powers will launch this world into the war that will end all wars.
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The book of Revelation is a time frame of all Bible prophecy. The Father Himself revealed it to Christ, who gave it to John, who passed it on to us. This message comes from the highest level! You will receive incredible blessings if you hear and keep the truth contained in the book of Revelation (Revelation 1:3).

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