Josué Michels

Advancing Blockchain Technologies and the World’s New Banking System

Will technological advancements once again change the course of the world?

Another first in German history: The deportations show that Germany is toughening its stance on immigration.

‘Ties between Bavaria and Russia are the nucleus of a good relationship between Germany and Russia.’

Is this the return of a prodigal son or a long-planned comeback?

Bundeswehr officials expect a more active and a more lethal role for Germany in the Middle East.

The seemingly impossible is suddenly reality: The German people have found an alternative to Merkel! What now?

If America unleashes a trade war starting with BMW, Germany is prepared to fight back.

Terrorist attacks on Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve celebrations once again raise the question: Where is God as humanity suffers?

With the euro crisis, the Russian threat, the refugee crisis and Brexit, many leading European politicians are expressing doubt in the continuity of the EU. Did the dream of the United States of Europe fail?

Faced with the unfathomable, Europe unites in fear.

Europe’s identity crisis as seen from its diary

Are you concerned about the present state of the world?

Bitcoin, fintech, blockchain—will it affect me?

German bishops remind politicians of their Christian obligation.

Remembering millions who lost their lives in World War I

The Vatican stretches forth its hand to rescue a tumbling Latin American nation.

Fintech, Blockchain, Start-ups, Banking Revolution … but what about me?

It might sound paradoxical, but there is good news despite today’s horrific headlines.

Once there was a great fear of a nuclear-armed Germany …

Striking Bavaria means striking the Catholic heart of a sleeping lion.

A new white paper for the German Army and a new interpretation of the Basic Law

Political shifts in the southern hemisphere are offering a major economic opportunity for Germany.

Many blame the huge influx of refugees for increased violence in Germany—but there is more to it.

Germany’s reluctance to take on more leadership has ended.