Josué Michels

NATO Joins the Anti-Islamic State Coalition

It is more than just a symbolic act as critics claim.

Der Spiegel sees two options: either an America without President Trump or a world without America.

The Trump presidency has seen a drastic decline in America’s popularity, especially in Germany.

Berlin has created a new military branch to take the lead in high-tech hybrid war.

Upcoming elections could further shake Europe’s political landscape.

There have always been Nazis in the German Army.

These two nations need to get along, but they don’t.

The European Central Bank’s negative interest rate policy is a symptom of a bigger crisis.

Totalitarian systems in Europe were a thing of the past—until now.

Turkey’s constitutional referendum was about much more than just the constitution.

Germany seeks to align civil war-torn Syria with Europe.

‘There are better places in the world to live according to sharia than Europe.’

Tuesday’s attempted bombing of a soccer team hits a nerve with Germans and all Europeans.

‘Anti-Semitism is once again socially acceptable; inhibitions have fallen.’

Terrorism continues to spread throughout Europe.

‘Wars are no longer decided on the ground, in the air and on the water alone ….’ —Lt. Gen. Ludwig Leinhos

Edmund Stoiber: ‘If Germany doesn’t take the lead, Europe won’t get far!’

Is this the seed of a growing rebellion against America’s NATO leadership?

Although the influx of refugees significantly declined, the number of attacks on them did not.

Will technological advancements once again change the course of the world?

Another first in German history: The deportations show that Germany is toughening its stance on immigration.