The White House in Washington D.C.(trumpet/justin in sd/flickr)
The White House in Washington D.C.
(trumpet/justin in sd/flickr)
From the Editor

Why All These Scandals?

The reports of wrongdoing piling up around the Obama administration are a far bigger issue than most people realize.

The White House is neck-deep in scandals. Virtually all of them have to do with the government trying to control people and to take more power for itself.

Look at the growing list of just the recent scandals: President Obama deciding to ignore laws he does not like, choosing not to deport illegal immigrants who would have been allowed to stay in the country if Congress had passed the “Dream Act.” The fbi admitting it uses surveillance drones over U.S. soil. The powerful Internal Revenue Service targeting the president’s enemies, mostly conservative and pro-Israel groups, to suppress their political involvement before the election. The Justice Department secretly seizing the records of more than 20 Associated Press phone lines in what was called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion”—while the attorney general claimed to know nothing about it. The Justice Department illegally monitoring the phone lines and e-mails of Fox News reporter James Rosen. The National Security Agency conducting illegal, covert surveillance programs in violation of the Fourth Amendment, keeping phone and Internet records of millions of Americans with the full cooperation of nine major Internet companies. The revelations just keep coming.

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