What Is Ahead for Europe

What Is Ahead for Europe

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While news analysts are largely absorbed by events in the Middle East, the “king of the north” is not sleeping.

Many of the headlines from Europe these days focus on its economic problems and supposed imminent collapse as a unified entity.

Trumpet readers should keep such reports in the broader perspective.

Two major powers are prophesied in your Bible to be dominant in end-time world events. One is identified as the king of the south, the other as the king of the north (Daniel 11:40). The king of the north is prophesied to overwhelm the king of the south in a whirlwind military attack, thus leaving it—in the wake of the collapse of the Anglo-Saxon nations—the predominant power in the world (Daniel 12:4, 9).

No single Bible prophecy is identified as closely with Herbert Armstrong as that relating to the king of the north. He identified the geographic location of this power, its historic alliance with Rome, and its economic, political and military dominance of the globe for a future brief moment in time.

Herbert Armstrong’s 57-year ministry coincided directly with the progressive resurrection of the king of the north, which he correctly identified as the seventh and final resurrection of the old, ever rebounding Holy Roman Empire, under German-Vatican leadership.

This is really where tumultuous events in Europe are heading.

Long before certain pundits began reporting the facts of how Nazi elites went underground in the closing stages of World War ii to continue their efforts to revive an imperialist European power, Herbert Armstrong had exposed this phenomenon to the world via the power of radio and the printing press, through the World Tomorrow radio program and the Plain Truth magazine.

By the time of his death on January 16, 1986, Herbert Armstrong had strongly identified a politically resurgent Vatican as working in tandem with European elites to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire, most especially during the pontificate of the Polish Pope John Paul ii.

Perhaps the most significant proof of the divine inspiration of Herbert Armstrong’s prophecies was that relating to the reunification of Germany.

From the time of the division of Germany into east and west at the commencement of the Cold War, and contrary to all news commentary at the time, Herbert Armstrong prophesied of the coming reunification of Germany and its subsequent revival as a world power.

He did not live to see that event of German unification occur in 1990-91. But occur it did, commencing on November 9, 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and consummating the following year with Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s announcement of the political union of East and West Germany.

It took another 20 years for Germany to emerge as a true global power, but emerge it has.

Ever since Germany’s unification, the nation’s elites have stepped up their efforts to revive that old Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation to the point of Germany today being the most dominant political and economic power in Europe. Not only this, the whole world now dances to Germany’s tune in dealing with the ongoing financial crisis. The fate of whole nations now is vested in the hands of Germany—witness Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain et al.

There could be no more powerful endorsement of Herbert Armstrong’s uniqueness in declaring these events so far in advance of their coming to fruition.

The great distraction to commentators on the European scene at the moment is the publicity being given to a prospective break-up of the European Union, concomitant with a possible fracturing of the eurozone.

In reality, the restructuring of the EU was always going to happen.

Bible prophecy confirms that the final makeup of the prophesied northern power will comprise 10 kings, or power blocs, each yielding up their power, in turn, to the overarching leadership of the king of the north (Revelation 17:12-14).

With great prescience, Herbert Armstrong mused of the Polish nation at the time of John Paul’s pontificate, “Right now the situation is tense in Poland. … They might, under the Polish pope, start the long-prophesied revival of the medieval ‘Holy Roman Empire.’ For some time now I have foreseen the possibility of this revived ‘Beast’ power being almost half from Russian satellite nations, such as Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary—instead of the Israelitish northern European nations such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium. They were not in the old Roman Empire—but these Balkan nations were!” (April 3, 1981).

Those same Balkan nation’s now are either member nations of the EU, or, concerning the remaining rump of former Yugoslav nations, significantly brought under its jurisdiction.

Now we watch for the fulfillment of the Bible prophecy that predicts the Israelitish nations will, as in World War ii, fall into the enslaving maw of the rising beast (Ezekiel 6:1-10).

Under the cloak of false publicity maintaining that the EU is falling apart, EU elites are frantically busy cobbling together their final blueprint for the 10-power EU combine under the rule of Berlin and Rome.

Here’s what to watch for over the next 12 months or so. These predictions have been deduced from deep analysis of sources to which we have access:

  • Chancellor Merkel has run her course of usefulness to the EU imperialists’ cause. These leaders will bleed her political capital dry and ensure that she is dumped by November 2013, or as a result of the German federal elections in that month.
  • The EU imperialists will strongly support Pope Benedict’s “Year of Faith,” which crusade for returning Catholics and new converts kicks off this northern fall.
  • The Rome/Berlin Axis will strengthen even as the eurocrisis reaches its peak soon. The result will be economic and financial control of the EU by this axis.
  • France will be led by Rome/Berlin to the economic slaughterhouse, Paris becoming even more of a lackey to Berlin under President Hollande than under his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy.
  • Germany will continue to buy up the capital industries and infrastructure of indebted EU nations at fire sale prices, powerfully strengthening its economic and industrial power base.
  • Rome/Berlin will strengthen their drive for closer political and military union between the EU’s most significant member nations.
  • Britain will be further isolated from effective political participation in EU imperialist initiatives.
  • The year ahead will be a year of real change in the EU. Your Bible prophesies that those changes are going to have drastic effect on the global economy and on the whole global balance of power.

    Because of the drastic effect this whole scenario is going to ultimately have on you and your loved ones, you do need to keep in touch with these developments as they unfold. Your awareness of these realities may lead you to make some drastic changes of your own, to ensure the future safety and protection of you and your family. In fact, Almighty God who inspired these prophecies declares that He will provide a place of safety for those obedient to Him in the trying times ahead.

    Read our booklet The Rising Beast for deeper insight into this phenomenon of rapidly fulfilling prophecy in Europe. It will point you to the time of great hope in a coming world of unsurpassable peace that will follow this rapidly emerging global disaster.

    Sparks Fly in High-Level Meeting Between U.S. and Israel

    Sparks Fly in High-Level Meeting Between U.S. and Israel

    Getty Images

    On Friday, the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot ran a front-page story reporting on a recent meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Dan Shapiro, America’s ambassador to Israel, and Mike Rogers, a Republican congressman and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

    Here are a few snippets from the article, translated by The Blaze and printed under the telling headline, “The Confrontation.”

    Netanyahu, according to a source who participated in the meeting, was particularly surly and stressed. At the start of the meeting, he opened with a sharp attack on the Obama administration which according to him has not done enough on the Iranian issue. “Instead of effectively pressuring Iran, Obama and his people are pressuring us not to attack the nuclear facilities,” he said, and then moved on to a harsh criticism of the administration’s pronouncements indicating there is still room for diplomacy. “The time has run out,” he said resolutely.

    Who can blame Bibi for being “surly and stressed”?

    Being prime minister of Israel, a tiny nation lacking friends and encompassed by well-armed enemies, has always been an incredibly stressful and taxing responsibility. But in recent weeks the burden on Mr. Netanyau has reached an almost unprecedented level.

    When he wakes in the morning and looks north, he sees Syria, a nation laden with chemical weapons, crumbling amid a violent civil war. When he looks south, at Egypt, he sees a radical Islamist government crushing dissenters, militarizing the Sinai, and trashing its three decade peace agreement with Israel. And when he looks east, at Iran, he sees a Jew-hating, holocaust-inducing regime that is quickly advancing a nuclear weapons program chiefly designed to annihilate the Jewish state.

    Not sure about you, but it’s not hard for me to empathize with Mr. Netanyahu, and forgive him for being a little “surly and stressed.”

    But there are some, it appears, who cannot. The Yediot Ahronot article continued:

    At one point, an anomalous thing occurred in the office, which is very unacceptable in diplomatic code. Ambassador Shapiro, who was appointed by President Obama and for years was among his closest advisers, decided he’d had enough. Enough is enough. He spoke and answered Netanyahu politely but in a manner that left no room for doubt. The ambassador in fact accused Netanyahu of distorting Obama’s position. He quoted the president, who promised he would not allow a nuclear Iran and said that all options—including a military strike—are on the table. …Diplomatic sources who were privy to the incident say that “lightning and sparks flew” in the room, and that the exchange of words became more harsh.

    For many years now, Gerald Flurry and the Trumpet have been warning about an inevitable split in the formerly rock-solid U.S.-Israel relationship. Bible prophecy says that in the end time this historic brotherhood would be severed. In Zechariah 11:14, among other prophecies, God said He would “break the brotherhood between Judah [modern-day Israel] and Israel [primarily the United States and Britain].”

    It’s clear that this prophecy is even now being fulfilled. Keep watching the Israel-U.S. partnership; the “lightning and sparks” that reportedly flew in last week’s meeting are merely the beginning stages of the full-scale combustion of America’s historic brotherhood with Israel.

    Pogroms in Greece: Racist Violence Sweeps the Nation

    Pogroms in Greece: Racist Violence Sweeps the Nation

    Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images

    What happens to society when the economy collapses

    Masked men on motorbikes patrol the streets of Greece, attacking immigrants and then driving off. Mobs armed with improvised weapons beat them in public squares. Neo-Nazis have been elected to Greece’s parliament, with slogans like “Foreigners out!” and “The garbage should leave the country!”

    People coming from war zones are scared to go out at night in Athens for fear of being attacked.
    Judith Sunderland, Human Rights Watch
    In the wake of Greece’s financial crisis, the country has a racism crisis.

    Just a few years ago, Greece was like any other country. Immigrants were broadly tolerated, in the same way as the rest of the Western world. In Greece, we’re seeing a preview of what will happen when the economy tanks in the rest of the world.

    There have been over 200 attacks with racist overtones in the last two months, according to human rights organizations. In 2009 there were roughly 12,000 incidents of violent crime in total. Assuming this level has stayed roughly constant, that would mean one in 10 violent crimes in Greece are attacks on immigrants.

    “People coming from war zones are scared to go out at night in Athens for fear of being attacked,” warned a senior Western Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch, Judith Sunderland.

    “Once, right-wing thugs only came out to attack immigrants at night,” writes Laurie Penny in The Independent. “Now they do so in daylight, unafraid of the consequences because there rarely are any.”

    “There’s a huge pogrom underway now that has been organized by Golden Dawn gangs, with fascist and racist attacks in neighborhoods and in subway and bus stations,” warned Petros Constantinou, from the United Against Racism and Fascist Violence Movement. “Right now we have dozens of injured, stabbing victims.”

    But accurate statistics on racism are hard to find. The crimes don’t get recorded because the police are part of the problem.

    The Racist Violence Recording Network, set up by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, held a pilot program on recording the violence in Greece during the last three months of 2011. They found 63 incidents, though they noted that these “are not even the tip of the iceberg.”

    Out of these 63 acts of violence, 18 were carried out by on-duty police officers.

    Penny reports that “in some urban districts up to 50 percent of Greek police” voted for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

    Human Rights Watch reported that victims told them the police discouraged them from filing official complaints about the attacks. They threatened to arrest and deport illegal immigrants that wanted to push for police action. Others were told they would have to pay €100 to file a complaint. “These gangs are operating with virtual immunity,” said Sunderland.

    So far, the government’s main response has been to try and keep more immigrants out. It increased the number of police patrolling its Turkish border from 500 to 2,500 this August as it cracks down on illegal immigration.

    Greece shows how quickly a nation can turn to violence once the economy tanks. It had its share of problems before the economic crash—Greece is, after all, the main gateway of illegal immigrants trying to get into the EU—but nothing on this scale.

    When unemployment is low and public services are well funded, many people tolerate illegal immigrants. But when youth unemployment is over 50 percent, public services are collapsing and the police are struggling to do their job, people look at immigrants differently.

    I was never a racist but I’ve become one. Why can’t we send them all home
    A Greek in Athens
    “I was never a racist but I’ve become one,” one Athenian told Human Rights Watch. “Why can’t we send them all home?”

    The surge in violence follows a terribly familiar pattern. “Some political commentators have drawn comparisons between Greece and the Weimar Republic in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century,” wrote Deutsche Welle.

    This is what happens when you reach 50 percent youth unemployment. Society begins to unravel. The destitute masses search for someone to blame. Racial minorities are the easiest scapegoat to attack.

    But another powerful force is at work: self-love—the most fundamental component of human nature. We naturally love self—our own lives, our families and extended families, even our nation.

    When things are going well, human nature is usually happy to tolerate immigrants. We feel good about ourselves and appear tolerant and sophisticated to others.

    But when things go bad, we resort to defending our lives, our family and our nation, against others. Immigrants are others and so become enemies. Fear of poverty, sickness and starvation becomes more important than appearing tolerant.

    This pattern is about to be repeated around the world. The West may seem tolerant now. But our nations aren’t morally superior to Greece. They will follow the same path as the economy collapses.

    Watch for this change, especially in Europe. Already, old scapegoats are being blamed again. Anti-Semitism is rising.

    Greece is a preview of all of Europe. The economic crisis will revolutionize Europe. Its foreign policy will take a radically new direction, mirroring the surge in anti-immigrant violence that will sweep through countries.

    Greece is teaching us once again that as jobs and money vanish, so does tolerance.

    Spend Your Time Wisely

    Spend Your Time Wisely


    How to coax a much higher yield from your most precious commodity.
    From the October 2012 Trumpet Print Edition

    Each day, you start with a full bank account—an account filled with time. And each day, you spend all 24 hours of it. One of the smartest investments you can make is to stop and take stock: You’re paying out a lot of hours. What are you gaining in exchange?

    Paul understood the value of time—and how to spend it. In Romans 13, he admonishes us to awake out of sleep—because we know the time! As urgently as he lived his life, Paul’s words are even more poignant today, when time is so short before the return of Jesus Christ! The key to redeeming our time for something of real value is to live as Christ lived in these urgent days (verses 12-14).

    Yet there is a reason why that simple principle is so hard to live by. Satan is doing everything he can to tempt you to nickel-and- dime your life away—or worse. He knows that you cannot serve both God and mammon (Matthew 6:24), and that a friend of the world cannot be a friend of God (James 4:4). So he wants to make you spend your time on anything but God.

    So how should we spend our precious time? On the one thing that lasts: God’s character!

    Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” To spend your time wisely, God must come first in your life! You must give God your very best time! Then He’ll be involved in how the rest of your time is spent.

    To keep this law, you must organize your time investment strategy around God. Every day, you need to carefully budget how much of your valuable time you spend on various activities. An hour is a precious thing. Don’t fritter it away!

    In a recent study, a group of participants were asked to complete just 20 minutes of exercise at any time within the following week. Only 29 percent of the people took the time to do so. A second group was told how exercise reduces the risk of heart disease. In that group, 39 percent found the time to exercise. A third group was asked to exercise on a specific day, at a specific time and at a specific location. In that group, 91 percent completed the assignment (Tony Schwartz, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working).

    “By defining precisely when we’re going to undertake a behavior, we reduce the amount of energy we have to expend to get it done,” Schwartz wrote. “Often, when we make a commitment to a new behavior such as exercising, we fail to recognize that unless we set aside a specific time to do it, it’s unlikely we will. In part, that’s because there is another behavior we’re more accustomed to doing, out of habit, or because there is something easier and more pleasurable we could do. Each time we have to think about whether or not to do an activity—in the face of other temptations and potential distractions—we deplete our limited reservoir of will and discipline. If you have to consciously think for very long about doing something, it’s unlikely you’ll end up doing it for very long. …

    “The more challenging the ritual—physically, mentally, or emotionally—the greater the need to be precise in implementing it.”

    This same principle holds true for our spiritual rituals. The more challenging it is to carve out time for our daily spiritual needs, the more precise we must be in locking it into our schedules.

    The Apostle Paul charged us to use this life to “present our bodies a living sacrifice” unto God (Romans 12:1). In the Old Testament, there were no living sacrifices. They were all dead. To be a living sacrifice, we must first put to death the lusts of the flesh and, by sacrificing the self, keep them dead (Romans 6). Secondly, we must lay down our lives—our energy, our effort, our time—to support God’s purpose.

    Just like us, Jesus only had 24 hours to work with every day. It was His practice to rise up a “great while before day” to allow plenty of time for His prayer (Mark 1:35). He studied God’s Word, He trained His disciples, He fulfilled God’s will. He spent all His time doing those things that pleased the Father.

    Now God says to us, You follow those steps—you organize your lives the way Jesus Christ did (1 Peter 2:21). And if you overcome like He did, you’ll rule with Him on His throne (Revelation 2:26).

    When Christ returns to restore His government on Earth, He will need qualified leaders to assist Him in ruling the nations. (See also Daniel 7 and Luke 19.) How we use—or misuse—our time will determine how God can use us in His Kingdom (Luke 16:10-11).

    Christ is about to return. God is about to give human beings power and authority and eternity—an unlimited amount of time. That’s a yield that is well worth learning to discipline ourselves and budget our time around Him today!

    A New Pharaoh

    A New Pharaoh

    PT/gmnicholas/iStockphoto/Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty

    Egypt has transformed into a radical Islamist state. What will be the consequences?
    From the October 2012 Trumpet Print Edition

    Give Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi credit. In August, as the world fretted over Syria, debated U.S. presidential candidates and watched the London Olympics, Morsi smoothly orchestrated the most significant development in Egypt since the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981.

    Watching Morsi work was a sight to behold. In a matter of mere weeks, he: 1) severed Cairo’s three-decade allegiance to the U.S.; 2) wrested control of the government away from Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces; 3) appropriated for himself the power to influence the country’s new constitution; 4) established Egypt as Iran’s most powerful regional ally, literally embracing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; 5) delivered the Suez Canal and the Red Sea into the hands of Iran and radical Islam; 6) began courting China to replace the U.S. as his bankroller; and 7) trashed Egypt’s historic and pivotal peace treaty with Israel, the 1978 Camp David Accords. He did it all before his presidency was two months old—and he’s still on a roll.

    In geopolitical terms, Morsi shifted the entire balance of power in the Middle East. In prophetic terms, he thrust the region and the world one giant step closer to World War iii.

    Ousting the Military

    The new president’s first major move occurred on August 12, when he announced that he had “retired” a handful of key leaders within Egypt’s military establishment, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (scaf). The men included the defense minister, the army chief of staff, and the commanders of the navy, air defense and air force. Virtually all these heavyweights were holdovers from the previous administration under President Hosni Mubarak. They were relatively pro-Israel and pro-Western, key intermediaries between Egypt and America. More importantly, they were political and ideological counterweights to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Ever since Mubarak’s ouster in February 2011, Western experts insisted that as long as thescaf held key government positions, there was no reason to fear Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood groundswell he rode into the presidency. “For decades, Egypt’s military served as America’s prime channel of engagement with Cairo,” Nathan Guttman wrote in Forward, an American Jewish newspaper. “When the Mubarak regime came to its end, the administration was reassured by the fact that the nation’s transition was overseen by the military through thescaf. [Former Egyptian Defense Minister Mohamed] Tantawi’s long-standing relations with American generals and civilian officials made him Washington’s go-to man even after the Muslim Brotherhood won the country’s first democratic elections and Morsi became president” (August 18).

    Today, these bulwarks are gone.

    Information on their successors is sparse, but the fact that Morsi handpicked them suggests they have been vetted by the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt’s new defense minister, Gen. Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, is reported to be either a member of the Brotherhood or have close ties to it. One thing is sure: Morsi has radically limited the influence of his opponents.

    “This is a big moment of transformation in the history of Egypt,” said Zeinab Abul-Magd, history professor at the American University in Cairo. “Now, officially, [Egypt] is a Brotherhood state. Now it is official they are in full control of state institutions.”

    A New Pharaoh

    Following Mubarak’s ouster and the election of a new parliament (December/January 2011), the scaf created new laws to limit the ability of either the president or Islamists in parliament to dictate Egypt’s new constitution.

    Morsi nullified this new constitutional declaration on the very same day he fired Egypt’s military leadership, and replaced it with a declaration of his own. Unsurprisingly, it equips Egypt’s president with wide-ranging legislative and executive powers, as well as a leading role in drafting the new constitution. The job of writing Egypt’s new constitution will undoubtedly be led by an individual faithful to Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamist ideology.

    The message from Morsi August 12 was clear: The one who decides how much power Morsi has—is Morsi.

    “Morsi has become Egypt’s absolute ruler, enjoying dictatorial powers that surpass those of his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak,” Gamal Essam El-Din proclaimed in Cairo’s Al-Ahram Weekly (emphasis added throughout).

    “The decisions of August 12 make Morsi the new pharaoh of Egypt,” warned Salah Eissa, editor in chief of Egyptian newspaper Al-Qahira. “After ridding Egypt of a military dictatorship, we are about to see it replaced by an Islamist one.”

    Where are those who condemned Mubarak for being dictatorial and supported his overthrow? Why aren’t they calling for Morsi’s head?

    Embracing Iran

    After he sacked his political opponents and augmented his presidential powers, Morsi wasted no time in laying out what he plans to do with his power as he revealed Egypt’s new foreign-policy objectives.

    On August 14, the president visited Saudi Arabia for an emergency summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to discuss the crisis in Syria. The Al-Ahram Weeklyrevealed ahead of the summit that Morsi and Ahmadinejad were scheduled to talk on the sidelines of the meeting.

    Official footage of Morsi’s arrival showed him greeting the summit’s host, Saudi King Abdullah. The camera cut away to show the arrival of other dignitaries. When it cut back, Morsi and Ahmadinejad were hugging and air-kissing each other.

    This is not insignificant. This is the first time in more than 30 years that the leaders of Egypt and Iran have embraced like this!

    President Mubarak refused to even speak with Iran’s leaders. After Egypt signed the peace treaty with Israel in 1979, Iran cut off relations with Cairo. At the time, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was a resolute enemy of Iran’s Islamist regime. He called Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini “a lunatic” and “a disgrace to Islam,” and he welcomed Iran’s exiled shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, to live in Egypt. Soon after, Sadat was assassinated. Khomeini proclaimed his killer a martyr, and Iran named a street in Tehran after him. The two states were archenemies.

    Now Iran and Egypt are warmly embracing each other!

    But Morsi wasn’t done cozying up to Iran. The next week, he traveled to Tehran to participate in a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement. nam was created in 1955 during the Cold War to give support to the causes of the developing world. Today, the organization has 120 member nations claiming to not be aligned with any major world (Western) powers. Its purpose, as stated in the 1979 Havana Declaration, is to ensure “the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries.”

    Before Morsi flew to Iran, Sabri Amer, a former leading Egyptian parliamentarian, told Iran’s Fars News Agency, “Morsi’s presence in Tehran conveys this message to the U.S. and Israel, that the era of Egypt’s political obedience to Washington and Tel Aviv has ended.” In the interview, Amer lamented that while Mubarak was in power between 1981 and 2011, “all the decisions and policies in both areas of domestic and foreign policy were made through coordination with the U.S. and the Zionist regime.” But now the conditions have changed, he proudly stated, “and the era of the ruling of the Egyptian regimes which were allies and loyal to the West has ended.”

    Just before Morsi’s visit, Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy, Egypt’s assistant foreign minister for economic affairs, stated, “Egypt in its new conditions wants establishment of the best relations with all the world countries, including Iran ….

    Egypt’s gravitation toward Iran is a game-changing development for Iran and radical Islam. Egypt is the largest Arab state in the Middle East. It possesses enormous stockpiles of advanced U.S.-manufactured weapons. It controls one of the most important sea lanes in the world. And it controls the southern border of the Jewish state.

    And now, thanks to Mohammed Morsi, Iran can count Egypt as a friend and ally.

    Trashing Egypt-Israel Peace

    One of Morsi’s most significant moves occurred two days after he fired the military leaders and set himself up to rewrite the constitution. On August 14, Mohamed Gadallah, Morsi’s chief legal adviser, told an Egyptian newspaper—no doubt at the president’s behest—that Morsi was currently “studying” the possibility of revising the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty. Morsi wants Egypt to “implement its full sovereignty over the Sinai Peninsula,” he said. Yes, this contradicted Morsi’s many promises that he would respect all international treaties signed by Egypt.

    That statement is a big step toward World War iii!

    Israel’s survival as a sovereign country depends heavily on Egypt’s willingness to uphold the Camp David Accords. As Stratfor ceo George Friedman observed a few years ago, “The only thing that could threaten the survival of Israel, apart from a nuclear barrage, would be a shift in position of neighboring states. [And] the single most important neighbor Israel has is Egypt (June 19, 2007).

    On August 22, Ahmad Sabi, key adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party—an Islamist party connected to the MB—stated: “I support amending the Camp David Accords, which is a mark of shame upon the Egyptian people. This agreement has been a heavy burden … undermining Egypt’s sovereignty” (memri, September 3).

    It was not a coincidence that this news leaked just after several Islamist terrorist attacks occurred in the Sinai Peninsula. Under the Camp David Accords, Israel agreed to withdraw troops from the Sinai in exchange for a peaceful relationship with Egypt. The agreement also limited the number of Egyptian troops in the region. But Morsi used the Sinai terrorist attacks as a pretext for marching back into the Sinai. The military began operations against the militants on August 8, and in the weeks that followed sent hundreds of troops into the Sinai, together with tanks and heavy equipment.

    Obviously, this alarmed some in Israel. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called for Cairo to remove the tanks and aircraft it had deployed in the region. “Many Israel government officials are concerned that Egypt may be exploiting the anarchy in the Sinai to convince Israel and the United States it must maintain an armed presence with weapons and manpower beyond the limits stated in the 1979 peace treaty,” Arutz Sheva reported (August 19).

    Remarkably, the U.S. seems unconcerned about this development—and virtually everything else Morsi has done. In fact, the New York Times reported that Washington is working with Morsi’s government to beef up security in the Sinai. America, it seems, is oblivious to the dangers of exposing Israel’s southern border to a hostile Islamic regime.

    The influx of Egyptian troops and weaponry into the Sinai is already reality. Next will likely come the revision of the Camp David Accords, then a complete occupation of the Sinai Peninsula by a radical Islamist who is forming a partnership with the king of radical Islam.

    Israel’s enemies are gaining critical territory—and fast!

    Pay close attention to events in the Sinai. The call for full sovereignty over a demilitarized region like the Sinai is startlingly reminiscent of another anti-Jewish radical. On March 7, 1936, Adolf Hitler delivered a speech in the Reichstag in which he announced that “Germany no longer feels bound by the Locarno Treaty.” Established in 1925, Locarno delineated postwar territorial boundaries in Europe. After he renounced Locarno, Hitler dispatched troops to retake the Rhineland—then Austria—then the Sudetenland—then Poland. We all know what happened next.

    Watch Egypt closely. Mohammed Morsi has shed his moderate cloak and revealed himself for what he really is: a devoted Muslim Brotherhood member and an anti-democratic, anti-Israel, anti-Western, radical Islamist determined to oversee an Islamist renaissance in Egypt and the consolidation of Egypt as a radical Islamist state. That is, a man with the skill and power to help set off world war!

    Egypt Unites With Iran and Fulfills a Bible Prophecy

    The first part of our prophecy about Egypt has now been fulfilled!
    From the October 2012 Trumpet Print Edition

    In August, a dramatic, far-reaching change occurred in the Middle East. And it was prophesied.Yet, despite the magnitude of this development, leaders in America and in the Western world in general seemed mostly unaware of it. Those few who did notice didn’t talk about it much, or had little worthwhile to say.

    But the truth is, this event is going to change the course of history.

    Egypt has been at peace with Israel for more than 30 years—since 1978, when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin formalized the 1978 Camp David Accords. Over the last 20 years, I have been explaining the prophecy in Daniel 11 which says that Egypt would fall to radical Islam, ally itself with Iran, trash its peace treaty with Israel, and become a violent enemy of Israel and the United States.

    In August, that prophecy was fully and totally fulfilled! It is now reality!

    Egypt and Iran are now allies. Egypt, the largest Arab nation in the Middle East—a nation with billions of dollars’ worth of military assets—is now allied with the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

    What does this mean for the Middle East and for the entire world? This is the new reality, whether we like it or not.

    But that’s not all. There is another problem that is going to make the situation much worse. Egypt is only part of a huge, devastating prophecy unfolding in the Middle East.

    Iran and Egypt are going to have a great deal to do with sweeping Libya and Ethiopia into that radical Islamic camp!

    This too is prophesied right there in Daniel 11. In this pivotal prophecy, God is showing us exactly what is happening in the Middle East—but few are willing to listen to God.

    We should be paying attention, because the Western world’s Middle East policy is going to have some serious consequences. To start with, the fulfillment of that Daniel 11 prophecy will certainly cause gas prices to skyrocket. But we are also going to see events in that region spark World War iii!

    Libya and Ethiopia Are Next

    Daniel 11:40 reads, “And at the time of the end [that is, just before Jesus Christ returns] shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.” Several other biblical prophecies show that the “king of the north” is going to be a German-led European power—a modern resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. This European empire will throw mighty power—“strong ships”—at the king of the south. The king of the south, as we explain in our free booklet by that title, is Iran and radical Islam. This verse describes that European power conquering Iran!

    This event could happen in a very short time. So there is about to be another big change in the course of history in the Middle East, in Europe and in the world. These are awesomeprophecies that we all need to be aware of, and they are going to affect the lives of every single person on Earth in a very short time.

    But notice verses 42 and 43. These dramatic verses tell us what to expect next in the Middle East: “He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt ….” Notice how the emphasis is on Egypt.

    The next part of the scripture is almost like an afterthought: “… and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.” Libya and Ethiopia (including Eritrea) will be at the steps of that king of the north, the German-led European power.

    The emphasis here in verses 42 and 43 is on Egypt—then we have Libya and Ethiopia. This shows that Egypt is the big conquest! It is the REAL power behind Libya and Ethiopia, which suggests that it is going to have a heavy hand in swinging those two nations into the Iranian camp.

    We need to understand the enormousimpact that Egypt working with Iran will have in the Middle East and even globally. This Iran-Egypt axis is going to change the game in the Middle East—particularly in Libya and Ethiopia.

    Put simply, this means that we can expect Egypt—with Iran’s help—to lead Libya and Ethiopia into the Iranian camp!

    This is very alarming because of the power Egypt has. For years, America has given Egyptbillions and billions of dollars’ worth of military aid. The Egyptians are certain to use their formidable military power to swing much of the Middle East toward Iran.

    Here’s what Barnes’ Notes says about this passage: “A conquest of Egypt was almost, in itself, a conquest of Libya and the Ethiopians.” That’s exactly right! The real powerhouse here is Egypt. Iran and Egypt are going to work together to swing Ethiopia and Libya into that Iranian-led “king of the south” camp—and they’re going to do it with a lot of violence! They’re very good at creating violence.

    Even this commentary understands this—yet America’s leaders do not. In fact, while Egypt and Iran continue to align, and as they draw Ethiopia and Libya into their camp—even as they openly threaten Israel and commit some of the most atrocious acts that have ever been done in Egypt—the U.S. continues to support Egypt. Washington acts like it doesn’t even know those terrible things are happening. It even keeps supplying Egypt with military aid (money it essentially has to borrow from China first!). Egypt is about to really begin throwing its weight around, and it has the military to do so—a military that Americans have paid for!

    America helped greatly in removing Hosni Mubarak from power. The U.S. should have been supporting Hosni Mubarak. I tell you that removing him was a gravemistake that leaders from both political parties in the U.S. do not really understand. They simply don’t grasp how things work in the Middle East.

    Egypt’s Transformation Complete

    Watching events in Egypt during August, Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick wrote one of the most alarming articles you could ever read. “On Sunday [August 12], new president Mohammed Morsi completedEgypt’s transformation into an Islamist state,” she wrote (August 16; emphasis added throughout).

    Glick was referring to President Morsi firing the commanders of the Egyptian military, which was his only real opposition in the country, and replacing them with Muslim Brotherhood loyalists—then doing the same with all the editors of the state-owned media.

    The radical terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is now in control of Egypt! And to think, members of both of America’s political parties helped bring this about!

    “Morsi gave himself full control over the writing of Egypt’s new constitution,” Glick continued. She quoted Israel’s former ambassador to Egypt as explaining that, with these moves, Morsi “now holds dictatorial powers surpassing by far those of erstwhile president Hosni Mubarak.”

    If you thought Mubarak was evil, wait till you see Morsi in action.

    In the early months of 2011, when Egyptians were protesting and the Western world was self-righteously demanding that Mubarak resign, the Trumpet was warning—based on Daniel’s prophecy—that this was the worst mistake the United States could make. But no one listened. Who today listens to God and what He prophesies—the God of the Bible who wants to save us from all this suffering?

    “This is a coup,” lamented Middle East expert Barry Rubin. “Morsi is bound by no constitution. He can do as he pleases unless someone is going to stop him, and the only candidate, the military, is fading fast, far faster than even we pessimists would have predicted” (PJmedia.com, August 11).

    Have you seen some of the atrocities being committed under Mohammed Morsi? Egypt’s new leaders are destroying the freedom of the press, and even going so far as to crucify some of their opponents! (“Shockingly Rapid Radicalization,” below). This is a black, bleak nightmare! This is so ghoulish that you wouldn’t even expect it to happen in this age. But it’s happening in Egypt today!

    America helped bring it about—but we don’t like to talk about that, for obvious reasons.

    The rest of the Middle East is shaken by what is happening. Saudi Arabia also gave millions of dollars of aid to Egypt, but very much wanted Hosni Mubarak to remain in office. Peoples and nations greatly fear events in Egypt now that that nation is backed by a powerful Iran. There is a lot of deadly peril there that America simply refuses to see, and we continue to act as though nothing happened in the Middle East. This level of ignorance is almost beyond belief!

    “Egypt will certainly seek to export its Islamic revolution to other countries,” Glick warned.Exactly right. That is just what will happen—and it is exactly what is prophesied: Egypt is going to export its revolution to Libya and Ethiopia. This is already well underway in Libya. But the radicals in Egypt will ensure it is shaped and molded to fit their plan.

    All of this is taking place along the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which is one of the most important trade routes in the world. If you think your gas prices won’t go up, you’d better take a close look at what’s going on in the Middle East.

    “The U.S.’s astounding sanguinity in the face of Morsi’s completion of the Islamization of Egypt is an illustration of everything that is wrong and dangerous about U.S. Middle East policy today,” Glick wrote. Can anybody logically disagree?

    Ms. Glick lives in Israel, and she knows how dangerous it is now.

    A Treaty in Jeopardy

    As all these events were happening, Egypt was simultaneously moving its military into the Sinai Peninsula, which adjoins Israel. This was no small gesture.

    In the late 1970s, America strongly prodded Israel to give the Sinai back to Egypt. Israel agreed, but only on the condition that Egypt agree to a formal peace treaty. Egypt did. Ratified in 1978 at Camp David, the Egypt-Israel peace treaty has been the foundation of the peace that has existed between Israel and Egypt ever since—for more than 30 years.

    Now, that peace treaty is being broken. Egypt deploying tanks in the demilitarized zone of the Sinai Desert—and right next to the Israeli border—directly violates the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

    We knew that promise would be brokenbecause prophecy says so.

    The Jewish state, America’s most important ally in the Middle East, is in deep trouble. It is very unhappy with America, and justifiably so. The U.S. felt it had to hurry in there and help thrust “dictator” Hosni Mubarak out of office. The sad truth is, we made the same mistake that we made in 1979 with Iran, pushing out Shah Pahlavi and empowering the Islamic Revolution. Now, here come the Egyptians—and America helped it all to transpire!

    Egypt’s transformation into a radical Islamist state will also have enormous consequences for America. “The U.S. is far more vulnerable to interruptions in the shipping lanes in the Suez Canal than Israel is,” Glick explained. Yes, Egypt controls the Suez Canal, and it can impost a high tax on the oil or do just about anything it wants to. That bodes very badly for the United States.

    Considering the power Egypt has—and the fact that all its resources will now be at the disposal of the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world—what do you think that will do to Israel and to America? Egypt and Iran can easily export their terrorism. They already have chemical weapons and biological weapons—and soon Iran will have a nuclear bomb. This world is in a terrible predicament!

    In America it is election season. Many people speak as though they believe that getting a certain candidate or political party into office will save America. But the reality is, no political party can save us from a nuclear disaster that we have no control over, or from many otherproblems facing America. Only God can do that!

    A Fulfilled Prophecy

    In a January 2006 letter to co-workers, I wrote: “We have said for years that Egypt has been a friend to the West, but because of this prophecy [Daniel 11:42], we also said that could change. … As the MB grows more popular it will strengthen its ties with Islamic powers throughout the region—especially Iran. … [W]atch for Cairo to distance itself from America. Should the MB ever take control, there is no doubt that a strong alliance between Iran and Egypt will be built.”

    That is a fulfilled prophecy.

    Can you begin to see how the events described in Daniel 11 are now coming to fruition? This prophecy is pivotal to your life. It’s about the king of the north and the king of the south confronting each other in war, and the king of the north winning and subduing Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia. Verse 44 shows how this war is going to spill into other nations: The king of the north will grow nervous about news out of the north and the east—because of what the Russians and the Chinese are doing. He will then move to confront this Asian horde.

    Can you see? Events in Egypt are thrusting us into a great world war!

    Daniel 12:1 prophesies that this conflict will produce the worst time of suffering ever on Earth!

    But there is hope and beauty in this prophecy, too. The passage from Daniel 11:40 to the end of the book in Daniel 12:13 is all one vision. These events take place right before the coming of the Messiah. And it all ends with the coming of the Messiah! That’s the best news this world has ever heard or ever will hear. Above all, we need to deeply understand that!

    This prophecy also says that those who help publish this message to the world are going to shine like the stars forever and ever! (Daniel 12:3).

    That could be you—if you submit to God and support His end-time work.

    What a vision! If we believe God and help Him do His work of turning many to righteousness, God is going to reward us in a way that is hard to even imagine!