Expert: EU Strengthens Germany’s Global Power

A German think tank exposes the real purpose of the European Union.

This magazine has long maintained that the European Union is but a cloak for the promotion of Germany’s drive for world power. That claim is underwritten by an expert on the process, as revealed in a recent release from

We reproduce here our own translation of a summary of these findings published August 15 under the heading “Requisites for German World Power”:

BERLIN (own report)—The stabilization of the crisis-shaken EU is an “indispensable condition” for German world political power, an expert has judged in a present analysis on the long-term tendency of Berlin’s foreign policy.Accordingly the Bundesrepublik has been able to strengthen its global position since 1990, in a far different fashion from the times of historic confrontation, since it is now independent from the United States military-politically and can count on a close cooperation with Russia.Finally, with its new “Shaping Power Concept,” it has even opened up an option to an independent worldwide power politic.Even so, Germany’s position depends “essentially” on the success of the EU. Actually this is already happening through the by-far-greater power methods over which the EU, by comparison with Germany, is in charge. The author of the analysis observes that the benefits of the EU for Germany are all the greater since Berlin has succeeded via the euro crisis to soar—contrary to France and Great Britain—to an undisputed hegemonic power within the EU.

We will publish a more detailed analysis of this latest report from German Foreign Policy as soon as a full translation is to hand.

In the meantime, our publication He Was Right! would make a timely read in relation to this latest revelation from Berlin.