EU Think Tank Touts Grand Imperial Vision

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EU Think Tank Touts Grand Imperial Vision

A European think tank promotes the idea of an empire extending from Europe across Central Asia to the Middle East and Africa.

We produce the following extract from without edit (July 26; translation ours):

A European think tank with connections to Germany is asking for the construction of an EU-controlled “Grand Area” from the Polar Sea over Central Asia and Middle East to North Africa. The “Group on Grand Strategy” (GoGS) wants to create this “Großraum” (“Grand Area”) on which, according to their opinion, the European Federal State should be built. This would provide a power base to serve European raw material interests and protect against encroachment by powers external to Europe.The concept, which in many ways conforms directly to German interests, also perceives the “Grand Area” with a network of military bases which would be solely “European,” devoid of any specific national control.The advisory board of GoGS belongs to an affiliate of the Bertelsmann Foundation, one of the most influential German think tanks; the political scientific sector is working on the topic “Europe’s Future” for the Foundation.

Note that the Bertelsmann Foundation was the most significant producer of propaganda for Hitler’s Nazi war machine.

To legitimize its postwar revival it deliberately lied in an attempt to cover up its insidious wartime connection with the Nazi regime and the support its ceo at the time gave to the vicious Nazi SS and to Jewish slave labor.

The Bertelsmann trail weaves its way through from its Nazi past to the postwar German elites who were quickly returned to influential positions within postwar Germany under Chancellor Adenauer. The fact of its current involvement, be it directly or indirectly, supporting the old Nazi idea of an empire extending from the Arctic to North Africa via Central Asia and the Middle East—the old German imperial vision—is deeply concerning indeed. Yet it is so consistent with the goals that its World War ii predecessors promoted as to leave no doubt that they have a common source—the old Teutonic dream of a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire!

You need to read our publication He Was Right, which details just how highly accurate were Herbert Armstrong’s prophecies of the rise in our day of the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. The GoGS imperial vision is but the latest evidence that certain European elites are intent on bringing such an empire to pass!