Angela Merkel—All Roads Lead to Rome

Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

Angela Merkel—All Roads Lead to Rome

Angela Merkel and Mario Monti strengthen Rome/Berlin axis.

For the second time in the past two weeks, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has beaten a path to Rome in the process of contending with Europe’s ongoing crisis.

German news source Deutsche Welle reported that during a press conference following a meeting between Merkel and Monti in Rome last Wednesday, the Italian prime minister declared that “it was always a great joy to meet with the German chancellor” (July 4).

Exuding confidence in Italy’s economic future, despite its current debt woes, Monti was reported by DW as declaring, “Italy does not need assistance. Italy’s budget deficit in 2012 will be 2 percent of gross domestic product—half of the European average—and next year the country will have a surplus in structural terms.”

The same source observed that Chancellor Merkel “described the structural reforms being implemented by Monti’s government in Rome as ‘excellent,’ saying both countries were ‘determined to overcome [Europe’s debt problems] together.’”

Now, that’s more to the prophetic point that we have been making recently.

It’s important to note the symbolism here. Despite reports of German “dominance” in Europe, it is Berlin suddenly reaching out to Rome that is worthy of recognition at this particular moment in the unfolding euro crisis.

Until recently it appeared that all roads led to Berlin and the German chancellery when EU leaders wished to have input on the crisis. France toddled along as a willing lapdog wagging its tail to Berlin. Yet, twice in as many weeks, Germany’s chancellor has hightailed it to Rome to shore up the newly developing alliance between Rome and Berlin. This is most symbolic, especially when one has a mind to the prophecies of Revelation 13 and 17 relating to today’s unfolding developments in Europe.

Why is Mario Monti so confident that Italy will not “need assistance” handling its debt load? What does he know that the rest of the eurozone leaders don’t? Has it anything to do with his fellow Jesuit-educated cohort, Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank chief, recently reported to be the most powerful of all global technocrats?

Whatever it is that gives Mario Monti such confidence amid such great crisis, it does seem that Berlin wants in, and Frau Merkel is even prepared to trek to Monti’s doorstep in Rome to find out.

We say again, watch the strengthening Rome/Berlin axis. It is key to the “final solution” to the current euro crisis.

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