Europe—Where’s the Savior?

Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

Europe—Where’s the Savior?

The Greek election is over. How will it impact Europe and the world? One pundit says that Europe not only seeks a savior, it needs a total restructure.

Investment analyst Sean Egan made two very interesting statements in a recent interview with Bloomberg. In relation to the festering euro crisis, Egan declared that “we’re looking for a savior, and we haven’t found one yet.”

Egan is so right. No personality and no institution has come to the fore as of this moment to pose the solution to the European Union’s deepening crisis. Yet we have no doubt that, in accordance with Bible prophecy for our time, that “savior” is already waiting in the wings for his moment.

The whole construct of the eurozone was built on the premise that Germany would profit from its implementation while other EU nations would become dependent on a wealthy Germany for the ongoing viability of their national economies.

This was pointed out by Bernard Connolly two decades ago when the monetary union was gestated by the Maastricht Treaty. It was reiterated last week by Sean Egan, who stated in relation to the increasing dependency of EU nations on financial bailouts, “All these injections effectively subordinate all the other creditors” (ibid). Subordinate them to whom? Well, obviously to Europe’s chief economy, the only one in a position to dictate terms for their survival—Germany.

Now that the monetary union has achieved the aims of the German imperialist elites who authored it, the whole crisis scenario cries out for a savior.

Well, Bible prophecy declares that Europe will get its “savior,” at least the type of “savior” that the German imperial elites had in mind from the beginning of their postwar drive for a return to Holy Roman dominance of Europe. Daniel 8 and Daniel 11 prophesy of this counterfeit “savior” and even describe the method by which he gains dictatorial office.

But there’s another piece to this equation that observers of the European scene have tumbled to. As investment giant Pimco’s ceo, Mohamed El-Erian, declared also during a recent Bloomberg interview, the EU in “its current form doesn’t work.” That statement jives with Sean Egan’s declaration that “there has to be a restructuring of Europe” (op. cit.).

For 70 years—over five decades under the administration of Herbert Armstrong, and for over two decades under Gerald Flurry—we have been declaring that the final configuration of Europe would comprise 10 dominant leaders, all giving their power over to Berlin and Rome. A virtual resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire in its seventh and final form as a 10-power combine (Revelation 17:12-13).

What you are seeing occurring in an increasingly dislocated Europe right now—accelerated by the results of the Greek election—is just such a restructuring of the EU taking place before your very eyes!

The outcome of the Greek elections will now catalyze discourse at this week’s vital G-20 summit, where its effect on the global economy will be deeply considered. The outcome of the G-20 meeting will then heavily impact discussions at the EU summit at month’s end.

The future of the global economy turns on decisions taken by these bodies this month. One nation holds all the aces in the grand game of global economics—Germany. Whichever way Germany elects to play its cards in this latest round of the grand game of global economic strategy, two things will ultimately eventuate—a “savior” will arise to lead Europe out of its economic woes and instigate a final restructure of the EU into that prophesied 10-nation combine.

That this “savior” will have strong connections with Rome and Berlin you may take as read. We have no real idea of the timing of these prophesied events for Europe. But this we know. The Greek elections on Sunday accelerated the fulfillment of these phenomena dramatically. You will only have to watch the volatility of global financial, economic and political events through the remainder of this month to prove that.

Ultimately, as students of Bible prophecy are aware, these very events are actually leading to the coming of the true Savior of mankind to restructure the whole global system to His pattern of peace among all nations under world government based on the law of God. Thus, that which is happening in Europe in particular this month should excite us beyond all imagination.

But does it?

Current world events are the most tangible evidence of the reality of the fulfillment of Bible prophecies for our day!

To feel that excitement of the imminence of your Savior’s return to rule this Earth, you need to be aware of just how real are the prophecies of your Bible that forecast this major world event in great detail. Read our booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow for true insight into this greatest of all coming world events. It really does put events such as the great global economic crisis that is playing out on the world scene today into true perspective.

And it will show you that the greatest event of all, the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth, is much closer than you think!