Economy—All Eyes on Merkel

Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Economy—All Eyes on Merkel

As the global economy teeters on the brink, all eyes are on Chancellor Merkel. Will she blink?

Speaking of the power that Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel currently holds over the direction of the global economy, cnbc anchor Melissa Lee stated Thursday, her co-anchors nodding in agreement, that “Merkel is the key to any U.S. rally.”

As another cnbc anchor commented, before the markets move, “Merkel has to blink.”

What these commentators were alluding to was Chancellor Merkel’s present intransigence on the question of European Union fiscal policy. It is to Germany that all eyes are turned, including those at the Fed, seeking to anticipate Berlin’s next move. Will it be for greater fiscal and political union, or not? Will the euro survive or not? Whatever move Germany makes, when it comes, will trigger either positive or negative reaction from global stock markets. Meanwhile, investors hold their breath.

This is a tremendously powerful position for any single nation—let alone any one particular national leader—to possess at this time of great global disorder. It is especially so, given that it is Germany, the very power that disrupted the whole world order twice last century, that wields such influence today.

Yet it is all so powerfully prophetic!

To think that only one lone voice, that of Herbert W. Armstrong, fully 70 years ago prophesied that this would be the case, when the whole world decried such a notion, should speak volumes in support of his remarkable prescience, and its inspired source—Bible prophecy!

Yet the blind continue on so willingly blinded, unable to admit this simple truth.

Congruent with Merkel’s holding world stock markets to ransom right now, she issued a public statement of the reason behind her implacable stand. reports (June 7):

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she will use the gathering of EU leaders at the end of the month to push ahead with plans for a political union, including more sweeping powers to Brussels.”We do not just need a currency union but also a so-called fiscal union—more common budget policy,” she told Germany’s ard television early Thursday (June 7).She emphasized that a political union was also necessary: “That means that step by step in the future we have to give up more powers to Europe and grant Europe more oversight possibilities.”

The trouble is that the most astute observers know that “more sweeping powers to Brussels” really translates to “more power to Berlin,” the real mover and shaker in European affairs today. As further comments, “While Berlin has been leading the eurozone’s aid response to troubled eurozone countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal, it is now also leading the debate on further political integration.”

The grave danger of this approach was summarized recently by none other than George Soros, in a speech delivered at the Festival of Economics in Trento, Italy, last week.

Soros declared, “So Germany is likely to do what is necessary to preserve the euro—but nothing more. That would result in a eurozone dominated by Germany in which the divergence between the creditor and debtor countries would continue to widen and the periphery would turn into permanently depressed areas in need of constant transfer of payments. That would turn the European Union into something very different from what it was when it was a ‘fantastic object’ that fired people’s imagination. It would be a German empire with the periphery as the hinterland” (, June 2; emphasis added).

So here we are today, seemingly having been out on a limb for decades, flying in the face of all criticism, declaring from Bible prophecy the very danger of a resurrection of the old Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation becoming a reality in our time. Then, all of a sudden, almost overnight it seems, journalists, authors, sundry commentators and pundits—even investment gurus such as George Soros—clamor to declare the danger of this becoming an imminent reality in Europe.

But who’s listening?

And of those who are listening, how many really understand what is going on?

All eyes may well be on Chancellor Merkel right now. But she is not the real danger. It’s one who follows her, subject to the end of her political career, which may well follow at the 2013 German federal elections, that we should watch for as the real danger. That’s the leader who will catapult a dominant Germany into a position of unprecedented global power.

Today’s economic crisis is but setting the scene for that moment and for the rise to power of that leader, prophesied in Daniel 8 and 11. How it will all come together is critically analyzed in our booklets Daniel Unlocks Revelation and Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.

You need to study those booklets as real primers to prepare you for the explosive events that are building toward a dramatic, world-changing climax of unprecedented, indeed, apocalyptic proportions. At its conclusion, the most anticipated event in universal history will bring about a world order of a nature that will take your breath away. And it’s all prophesied in your Bible!