EU Military—Attack in the South

Carmen Jaspersen/AFP/Getty Images

EU Military—Attack in the South

An EU military force engages in Europe’s southernmost zone of conflict.

The Luftwaffe broke the post-World War ii embargo on Germany’s involvement in military combat beyond its borders when nato sanctioned its engagement attacking Serbian targets during the 1990s Balkan wars.

That was the first indication of German elites’ intention to steadily ramp up the participation of both the EU’s generally, and Germany’s in particular, mounting of forces in combat zones within regions of their own imperial interests. This is most particularly the case, as inferred by a German president, with those regions involving access to raw materials and the flow of goods vital to German industry and commerce.

In the face of public criticism, Horst Köhler was pressured to resign the German presidency for simply telling the truth. “Mr. Köhler set off the criticism when he said in an interview with Deutschland Radio, the public broadcasting station, that German soldiers serving in Afghanistan or with other peacekeeping missions were deployed to protect German economic interests” (New York Times, May 31, 2010).

In the light of Köhler’s revelation, it ought not be surprising then to read of an EU force initiating aggression over land-based targets in the Horn of Africa this week.

Associated Press reported, “The European Union Naval Force patrolling the Indian Ocean on Tuesday carried out its first air strikes against pirate targets on shore, with a pirate reporting that the raid destroyed speed boats, fuel depots and an arms store. … Maritime aircraft and attack helicopters took part in the attacks early in the morning on the mainland, an EU spokesman said” (May 15).

A further report published in the Sydney Morning Herald stated, “The attack involved several European navies, including seven frigates patrolling off Somalia, from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal. Officials said it was ‘a European mission’ and would not specify from which warship the strike was launched.

“‘An unidentified helicopter destroyed five of our hunting boats early in the morning. There were no casualties,’ one pirate, who identified himself as Abdi, said” (May 17).

Referring to a story published in Spiegel Online’s March 27 edition, reported:

In consideration of this latest extension of Operation Atlanta’s mission, it is interesting to note that, of all nations contributing to the operation, Germany’s force structure is the most ideally suited to hitting land-based targets.”Germany is one of the few contributing countries that has helicopters on board its ships which could be used to attack targets along the coast of Somalia from the air. Military experts argue that such attacks should ideally be carried out with cannons mounted on helicopters, to hit the targets as accurately as possible and avoid civilian casualties. The helicopter cannons are considered particularly accurate, and the gun operators also have the advantage of having the target directly in front of them” [Spiegel Online, March 27].

With the initiating of the first attack on Somali shores by the EU Naval Force, Operation Atlanta is set to escalate into a significant involvement by EU forces as EU elites steadily increase the European Union’s military presence in the region of the strategic Horn of Africa. These waters are the key to the security of shipping through the Gulf of Aden, with its access via the Red Sea to the crucial sea gate of Suez.

As we have previously reported, this is part of a prophesied move by the leading power of the rising 10-nation combine in Europe to consolidate its expansion south and east of Rome/Berlin.

“The superior intelligence that reveals Germany’s hand in moving toward a strengthened presence in the nexus between the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea comes from a Bible prophecy that predicts a northern power moving ‘south and east,’ ultimately into ‘the pleasant land,’ a term for the region that has generally been called Palestine (Daniel 8:9). This prophecy should be read in tandem with that of Luke 21:20, which speaks of a near future time when Jerusalem will be encompassed by an international military force. This, in fact, will be the final consummation of the ongoing (though presently stalled) Middle East peace process” (ibid).

Keep watching the Horn of Africa as the EU embeds its presence in one of the world’s most strategic of locations crucial to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy for our day.