How You Dress Matters

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How You Dress Matters

One of Britain’s most iconic institutions holds out for proper dress.

Recently, while making the point about the Anglo-Saxons’ descent into gender confusion being reflected by an increasingly appalling dress sense, we struck a nerve.

Well, it seems there is at least one venerable institution that still has the nerve to impose a dress code on its patrons: the Marylebone Cricket Club in England.

The sad fact is that the old club at Lord’s has to now resort to handing out picture cards to those who seek to view the grand old game of cricket at its most hallowed ground so as to actually educate the public in what is proper dress for the occasion.

It seems that gender confusion, and the decoupling of society from the generally acceptable moral and social standards of generations, have so messed up our perspectives in taste and good manners that we have to resort to kindergarten picture cards to educate adults on that which was once just accepted as a matter of common sense.

The Telegraph reports (May 14),

The Marylebone Cricket Club, the moral guardian of cricketing tradition, has issued picture cards for the first time in its 225-year history to avoid any confusion over its dress code.The photographs, using five members of staff as models, illustrate what is “acceptable” and “unacceptable” when it comes to entering the famous Pavilion and more casual Members’ Friends’ Enclosures.So now even the least sartorially savvy cricket lover will know exactly what is meant by a “lounge suit” or the phrase “smart casual.”The move comes after several complaints were made by mcc members—whose average age is 57—that standards were slipping.

It appears that the major offenders were women patrons. “Many were upset about the amount of flesh on show—especially among newly allowed female members—and what they claimed was a higher emphasis on the ‘casual’ element of the ‘smart casual’ scale.

“One described some women members as wearing ‘garb fit for a vigorous weeding session in the herbaceous border’” (ibid).

Those few who recently cast aspersions at a recent column in which I declared the highest regard for those of the fairer sex who adopt their God-given roles, and reflect those roles in the manner in which they dress, will be condemnatory in their comments on this article.

However, the principles that Lord’s espouses, and the lengths to which it has to go to educate the public in that which was once automatically understood, underline our point. The point is that the loss in our once natural pride of appearing in dress that enhances our natural, God-given, gender-based roles is but a reflection on the general descent from higher standards which Anglo-Saxons once set as an example to the world.

This descent in taste is but a great sign of a generation in confusion as to why it was born, what is the meaning of life, what are the God-ordained roles of the sexes, what is the true reason for marriage and the family and just what is the true destiny of humankind.

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