The Descent of Angela Merkel

Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

The Descent of Angela Merkel

Chancellor Merkel has reached the end of her political rope. Can she last till the 2013 federal elections?

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (cdu) has just suffered a humiliating defeat in the last of a series of state elections held in Germany over the past six months. Coming hard on the heels of her diffident performance on the European economic crisis over the same period, this may be the hammer blow that destroys any chance of her gaining success for a third term as chancellor at next year’s federal elections.

Drawing on various reports, The Local summarized the cdu defeat as follows (May 13):

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union suffered a major setback in a crucial German state vote on Sunday ahead of 2013 national elections, according to exit polls.Voters in a crucial German state emphatically punished Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pro-austerity party Sunday, awarding her main center-left rivals a major boost ahead of 2013 national elections.While Germans nationally back Merkel and her tough stance on European belt tightening and debt reduction, voters in the bellwether state of North Rhine-Westphalia plumped for the opposition’s more growth-oriented approach.

Although Merkel had already sniffed the political winds of change and declared her support for the growth pact being cobbled together under the Romish influence of the two Marios, Draghi and Monti, it was a case of too little too late in terms of the cdu campaign for the crucial state election in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“The defeat is bitter and it really hurts,” said the cdu’s main contender and Merkel’s environment minister, Norbert Röttgen.

The political hurt to Merkel and her cdu/csu/fdp coalition government will be substantial. The chancellor will now be put to the test to see if she will stand her ground in the face of the newly elected Socialist leader of France, Francois Hollande. The two are due to meet this week. Hollande is unrealistically calling for growth initiatives in a time of deepening economic crisis in Europe.

The opposing arguments in Europe today center on the possibility of increasing stimuli for growth amid Berlin’s calls for continued austerity by deeply indebted EU member nations.

Germany is caught in a bind. It needs growth in EU economies to sustain its exports to its chief customer base, Europe. Yet most of its customers are in the midst of implementing extreme austerity measures demanded by Berlin. Meanwhile, the German population, crucial to Chancellor Merkel’s political survival, are fed up with bailing out the poorer eurozone economies that the policies of Germany’s elites have wrecked over the past decade.

It seems a case of Germany wanting to have its cake and eat it too.

Chancellor Merkel is caught in the middle of this imbroglio. She traditionally waits to see which way the wind blows, then jumps on the windblown bandwagon. But the political winds in Europe are changing dramatically, with extremist parties on both the left and the right showing heavy gains over the mainstream political parties in recent elections.

The political climate in Europe is volatile. It is in such climates that demagogues arise. As we have consistently warned, the prophecies of Daniel 8 and 11 speak of a populist leader in Europe arising out of a time of great crisis.

Keep watching for Chancellor Merkel’s political star to diminish, and watch for the climate to ripen for a populist leader, with strong connections between Rome and Berlin, to soon come upon the scene with promises of creating unity out of the political and economic confusion that presently reigns in the European Union.

It’s countdown for the coming of the Daniel 8 man in Europe!

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