Just Ten Years

From the May 1999 Trumpet Print Edition

Right in line with Bible prophecy, the landscape in Europe has been tumultuous this past decade. Among the highlights of European changes:

• Collapse of Soviet Union. Indispensable for European unity.

• The euro. A single currency paves the way for a single government.

• Germany’s reunification. The fall of the Berlin Wall introduced a new Germany to the continent.

• German plan for dismembering Yugoslavia.

• U.S. troop withdrawal. More than two-thirds of America’s Cold War forces have pulled out of Europe. First signs of a new Europe less dependent on America.

• German support for Croatia, an old fascist ally.

• German insistence on attacking Serbia, a reviled World War II foe.

• European Union. Is there a more obvious fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

• First German combat action abroad since World War II.