EU Militaries Pool Resources, Reduce Dependence on America

EU Militaries Pool Resources, Reduce Dependence on America

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European militaries try to fix their weaknesses.

EU nations will invest in joint military projects such as air-to-air refueling and field hospitals as they try to save money and reduce their dependence on the United States, defense ministers from across the European Union decided March 22.

Meeting as part of the European Defense Agency’s Steering Board, they signed declarations of intent in these areas and said they would increase cooperation in procurement and research.

“The EU-led nato operation in Libya last year also exposed hardware and technology deficiencies in the EU military,” wrote the EU Observer.

“Gaps in the EU military were already identified in Afghanistan,” it writes. “The former U.S. defense minister Robert Gates last year said Europe’s lack of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets rendered even Europe’s most advanced jet fighters useless. In Libya, the U.S. was also instrumental in air-to-air refueling.”

Hence the EU’s decision to develop air-to-air refueling as “a matter of priority,” as the European Defense Agency’s press release says. It is also working to fix its shortcomings in other areas.

The United States is encouraging Europe to become more militarily independent, as it focuses its attention more on the Pacific.

European militaries have a lot to gain from working together. Combined, they have a military budget second only to the U.S. They have the potential to be a major military power if they work together.

Many EU nations want to go much further toward a common military. “The UK is reluctant to go ahead with this, but everybody else wants to, so we should move forward,” said Finland’s Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja earlier in the month (March 9).

As Britain becomes increasingly sidelined, expect EU nations to integrate their militaries much more. Watch for them to continue to overcome their weaknesses—with American encouragement—so they are less reliant on the U.S. This is something America will deeply regret, however. For more on the agenda behind Europe’s military desires, read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s article “The Holy Roman Empire Is Back!

Creating Little Green Men

Creating Little Green Men

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An American scientist proposes the genetic engineering of environmentally friendly humans.

If you thought that the human engineering pseudo-science died out with its Nazi practitioners, think again. The concept is alive and well and being touted as a means to the creation of a human race more in sync with Big Brother’s ideal of a carbon-friendly humanity.

Prof. Matthew Liao of New York University’s Center for Bioethics touts “human engineering” as offering possible solutions to the politically correct green thesis that human beings are becoming a pest threatening the survival of planet Earth. In academic terms his thesis is that “the biomedical modification of humans makes them better at mitigating climate change” (Ethics, Policy and Environment, February 9).

In other words, if we can genetically engineer a species of much smaller human beings, it follows that our environmental footprint on planet Earth will be much smaller and hence the damage we are told we do to planet Earth will be reduced.

Is this guy really serious?

Sadly, it appears he is. He puts his argument this way: “We shall argue that human engineering potentially offers an effective means of tackling climate change …. [A] striking example of human engineering is the possibility of making humans smaller. Human ecological footprints are partly correlated with our size. … [A] more speculative and controversial way of reducing adult height is to reduce birth weight. … [P]harmacologically induced altruism and empathy could increase the likelihood that we adopt the necessary behavioral and market solutions for curbing climate change” (ibid).

Having apparently bought the whole politically correct argument that human beings are planet Earth’s principal pest, heating up the planet at an unacceptably accelerating rate by their general habits of living, Liao posits: “Anthropogenic climate change is arguably one of the biggest problems that confront us today. There is ample evidence that climate change is likely to affect adversely many aspects of life for all people around the world, and that existing solutions such as geoengineering might be too risky and ordinary behavioural and market solutions might not be sufficient to mitigate climate change.

“In this paper, we consider a new kind of solution to climate change, what we call human engineering, which involves biomedical modifications of humans so that they can mitigate and/or adapt to climate change. We argue that human engineering is potentially less risky than geoengineering and that it could help behavioral and market solutions succeed in mitigating climate change” (ibid; emphasis added throughout).

As has been often said, “Wrong premise, wrong conclusion.”

The professor’s whole argument is predicated on false science. That is revealed in his assertion that “Anthropogenic climate change is arguably one of the biggest problems that confront us today.”

The logic leaps in Professor Liao’s argument are easy to spot, bound up in the statement that “There is ample evidence that climate change is likely to affect adversely many aspects of life for all people around the world.”

There’s not.

What does exist, however, is ample evidence that pseudo-scientists have regularly skewed data to fit this false premise of global warming, now more regularly referred to by the amorphic term “climate change.”

Check out Marc Morano’s Climate Depot site sometime. He has a massive collection of data on that site that proves the devious nature of the warmists’ arguments, and reveals the meddling hand of bureaucrats, politicians and profit takers who have sought to take advantage of the public’s mass ignorance on this subject.

As to Professor Liao, he would be well advised to read up on what he maintains is “a new kind of solution,” reminiscent of the practices of one Josef Mengele, who was closely associated with what Hitler and his Nazi gangsters once called the “final solution”!

Human engineering is far from being a “new kind of solution.” It’s at least as old as Mengele’s experiments on the hapless human beings sent to Auschwitz concentration camp during World War ii. Mengele applied atrocious experiments in human engineering to countless men women and children at Auschwitz before they became victims of the “final solution” in that camp’s gas chambers.

To even suggest that interfering with the biology and the process of the normal reproduction of human beings in efforts to “create” a new species of smaller human, more “environmentally friendly” creatures, exceeds all ethical considerations. This is the case whether considered against that which has become generally acceptable by society as humanitarian norms, or, most particularly, the immutable law governing human reproduction and development within the planetary environment specifically designed by our Creator for our sustenance (Genesis 1:27-31).

Yet, amazingly, this young professor is prepared to state that “We also consider some possible ethical concerns regarding human engineering such as its safety, the implications of human engineering for our children and for the society, and we argue that these concerns can be addressed. Our upshot is that human engineering deserves further consideration in the debate about climate change” (ibid).

Well, we do not condemn Professor Liao for his Mengelest stance. But we do condemn the system that has influenced his mind in false Darwinian pseudo-science to the point that he can even begin to think that man can play God. Play God by fiddling with the very building blocks of creation to the point of even deigning to think that a human being can somehow produce, and reproduce, a species better suited to this planet than that of the perfect design of its own Creator.

The real connection between the human engineering practices of Josef Mengele and those mooted by Professor Liao is spiritual. It’s of a power of a far higher order than human intellect. It’s a spirit that is hell-bent—literally—on the destruction of all human flesh.

It’s that spirit which has created a social climate in this world within which such perverse concepts as human engineering can gain traction and be considered seriously as posing a “solution” to a largely non-existent “problem,” itself the child of the perverse imagination of that same powerfully negative spirit.

Believe it or not, there is a devil (John 8:44).

Satan, that great fallen spirit, does exist and is on the brink of unleashing the most perverse of his destructive powers on humankind. He is termed “the prince of the power of the air” due to his ability to literally broadcast his perverted thinking into the minds of ignorant human beings (Ephesians 2:2). He is the source of all false knowledge. All “science falsely so called” (1 Timothy 6:20). The blame for all of humankind’s troubles is ultimately sheeted home to him. (Revelation 20:10).

But there exists a far superior power than Satan. He is the one called the “Father of lights”! (James 1:17). He is the one who created man to fulfill a gigantic purpose of universal proportions. That purpose is revealed in our book The Incredible Human Potential. It is available to all comers free of charge and without any follow-up. It gives a vision the exact opposite to that being peddled by the likes of Professor Liao. Far from the perversely-imagined creation of a race of little “green” runts, that book reveals how your Creator is willing to work to change you into a being of far greater power than you can imagine!

Its message to the open mind is simply revelatory. The hope that its message embraces is beyond anything the human mind can effectively imagine. But we certainly can gain more than just a glimpse of its reality and even make certain life changes that will yield great benefits, very personally, to us even in the here and now. Why not get your own copy of this mind-opening book, The Incredible Human Potential, and give yourself at least an opportunity to catch its great vision of hope? You have nothing to lose. But what you gain in the process may just last you for an eternity!

Protesters March in Florida Over Trayvon Martin Case

Thousands of protesters from around the country attended a rally on March 22 for a black teenager who was shot and killed in central Florida.

The demonstrators rallied at a park in Sanford, a suburb of Orlando, where unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot dead on February 26.

Martin was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman. Zimmerman claims he acted in self-defense.

Protesters are angered that Police Chief Bill Lee has not yet arrested Zimmerman. Lee has stepped down from his position for an unspecified period of time.

“While I stand by the Sanford Police Department, its personnel and the investigation that was conducted in regards to the Trayvon Martin case, it is apparent that my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process,” said Lee during his announcement. “Therefore I have come to the decision that I must temporarily remove myself from the position as police chief for the city of Sanford. I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to the city, which has been in turmoil for several weeks.”

The protesters, which include Baptist minister and civil rights activist Al Sharpton, want Zimmerman indicted and believe the lack of an arrest was based on racial stereotyping.

The Justice Department and fbi have opened a civil rights investigation, and the local prosecutor has convened a grand jury on April 10 to determine whether to charge Zimmerman.

For more information on this racially charged issue, read “The Race Bomb” on

The Race Bomb

The Race Bomb


What will happen when it finally explodes?

Everywhere we look, we see ethnic division and racial hatred accompanied by gruesome acts of violence and war. And it is intensifying! It seems as if we are reminded daily that man’s never-ending attempt to solve the problems of this world—apart from God and His immutable laws—has utterly failed! The “solutions” men propose only incite more violence—and more hatred. Soon, these underlying tensions, passions and hatreds will boil over into full-scale race wars! God has warned about all of this well in advance of it actually happening, which is why we follow these disturbing trends so closely.

The March edition of the Trumpet magazine, for example, featured an article on the race bomb recently ignited by Attorney General Eric Holder over the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal. At least 300 Mexicans and one federal agent have been killed with Fast and Furious weapons. But according to Mr. Holder, those searching for facts about the ill-intentioned operation and the disgraceful cover-up that followed are motivated more by racism than they are by getting to the bottom of the scandal. This isn’t the first time the Obama administration has used the race card to shield itself against criticism—and it probably won’t be the last.

This same race card is also frequently used as a weapon. This week, for example, the Department of Justice hopped into the middle of a raging controversy over the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, in Sanford, Florida. The facts in the case haven’t yet been fully revealed, but the left-wing media and race-baiting civil rights groups have already rendered a guilty verdict. The black victim was unarmed, on his way back from buying candy at a convenience store, when the “white” perpetrator shot him in cold blood—because he was black.

In fact, the shooter was a Hispanic man named George Zimmerman. He was a “Neighborhood Watch” volunteer patrolling a gated community where there had been a recent spate of break-ins and robberies. After seeing the black youth, Zimmerman dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that Martin looked suspicious—a call you wouldn’t expect a cold-blooded killer to make.

At some point after he telephoned the police, Zimmerman and Martin got into a fistfight, which then led to Zimmerman drawing his gun and firing the fatal shot. He strenuously maintains that he fired in self-defense, which, if he is telling the truth, is lawful according to Florida’s “stand your ground” law—a provision that allows people to use deadly force if they are in a life-threatening altercation.

According to the Sanford Chief of Police Bill Lee, who temporarily resigned yesterday under heavy pressure from civil rights groups, the attack happened after Zimmerman had lost sight of the youth and was returning to his sport utility vehicle to meet with the police officer who had been dispatched to the scene. Zimmerman’s side of the story, the police chief insists, was “supported by physical evidence and testimony.”

None of these details, however, prevented big media and the Department of Justice from adding fuel to the fire of racial hatred. In the doj’s case, it can’t even prosecute Zimmerman unless it can find a racial element in the incident, which would then make it a federal crime.

And so, the search begins for any shred of evidence “proving” that Zimmerman was a racist.

In the case of Allen Coon, however, authorities still don’t know if racial hatred might have motivated two black youths to set him on fire after dousing him with gasoline.

“You get what you deserve, white boy,” one of the attackers said to Coon, while igniting the flames. Coon managed to save his life by smothering his burning head with the shirt he was wearing.

His mother told columnist Selwyn Duke that the vicious attack was just the violent culmination of the incessant racial harassment her son had been subjected to ever since he enrolled in the predominantly black school on the east side of Kansas City.

“Even more damning,” Duke wrote, “is that multiple educators were complicit in the harassment” (emphasis added throughout).

Outside of Kansas City, the media coverage of this politically incorrect hate crime has been sparse, to say the least. Even in Kansas City, aside from a few outspoken voices, local media outlets and law enforcement officials have downplayed the obvious racial component to this crime. Some even went so far as to ignore the fact that the perpetrators were black.

During his interview with Coon’s mother, Duke got the distinct impression that local law enforcement officials were steering clear of any hate-crime charges for fear of setting off a “powder keg.”

But by not applying hate crime laws equally, big media and law enforcement officials are only adding more explosives on top of the powder keg. Whites will only resent the double standard and begin taking matters into their own hands. And blacks will view themselves as the only ethnic group in America that is routinely victimized by racism.

“This is no light matter to pass over casually,” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote way back in October 1963. “Race war is coming! Racial tensions, passions and hatreds are being deliberately stirred by organized planning. It will explode into mass violence that will stagger the imagination! It will be whipped into an accelerating crescendo until human blood runs like rivers!”

Yes, it is coming—to a local neighborhood near you. And it’s not just a local matter, Mr. Armstrong stressed. It’s a worldwide evil!

Look at Afghanistan. Remember the widespread anti-American protests several weeks ago after reports of a Koran burning on a U.S. military base? Those protests sparked several incidents of violence that left 30 Afghans and six U.S. service members dead. In one case, two U.S. servicemen were shot from behind by a supposed Afghan ally.

A few days later, a U.S. Army staff sergeant left his post in the Kandahar Province and went on a barbaric shooting spree in nearby villages, murdering 16 Afghanis, including 9 children. This random act of senseless brutality prompted Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai to call on Afghanis to pray for God to deliver his nation from the American “demons.”

After more than 10 years of fighting alongside Afghans in the war against terrorism, tensions between Americans and Afghanis could not be worse.

Then there’s the Toulouse massacre. On Monday, a gunman outside a Jewish school in southwest France gunned down four Jews—three of them little children. French authorities quickly connected the attack to one that happened a few days earlier—another shooting that left three black French paratroopers dead.

Media coverage of this appalling incident followed an all too predictable path. Since the victims were Jews and blacks, the perpetrator must have been a right-wing Caucasian. After we then learned that the perpetrator’s name was Mohammed—and that he was a jihadist linked to al Qaeda—Western media outlets rushed to the defense of Islam by parroting the very same deranged propaganda you hear daily on Arab networks like Al Jazeera—that the Israeli army deliberately targets Palestinian children.

And so the terrorist named Mohammed was somewhat justified when he took aim at those three little Jewish children. At least that’s what we’re told by the ignorant apologists who control the flow of misinformation coming out of most news organizations.

This diabolical discourse only accelerates the cancerous spread of racial hatred. The Bible says it will ultimately lead to the virtual annihilation of entire peoples. Study Ezekiel 5:1-12, Jeremiah 25:30-33, Isaiah 24:1-6, Matthew 24:21-22 and Revelation 16 and 18.

We are living in a tinderbox loaded with a lethal mixture of hatred, violence and every imaginable eviland it’s about to explode in our faces!

This is why God must intervene supernaturally in the affairs of mankind—a prophesied reality that most people, even in the religious world, simply refuse to believe. But it is true—and it will happen.

Jesus Christ will soon intervene in world affairs and stop mankind from committing suicide! Isn’t it about time you learned much more about why this world is the way it is—and how God intends to forcefully establish law-abiding order in this chaotic, hate-filled world? If you want answers to life’s most important questions—answers retrieved from the pages of your own Bible—then request your free copy of Herbert W. Armstrong’s eye-opening work Mystery of the Ages.

Swaziland’s King Sobhuza Befriended Herbert W. Armstrong

Swaziland’s King Sobhuza Befriended Herbert W. Armstrong


The longest-reigning monarch honored ambassador for world peace, stating ‘his contribution is invaluable.’

“November Triple-One Alpha Charlie cleared for takeoff” sounded from the cockpit of the Gulfstream ii business jet in preparation for its 45-minute flight from Johannesburg to Swaziland. It was Tuesday, Nov. 9, 1976, and after taxi and takeoff, Herbert W. Armstrong’s anticipation of his historic first meeting with King Sobhuza surely occupied his mind.

The tiny nation of Swaziland is sandwiched between South Africa and the southern tail of Mozambique. Its storied history of nomadic people in search of a homeland is peppered with conflict and courage. Though the country gained its independence in 1881 after the death of its namesake Mswati ii, it did not gain full autonomy from British imperial governance until 1921. From that time to the date of Mr. Armstrong’s visit, though the country had grown and developed it still ranked among the poorest of nations, with a per capita income of as little as $280.

After landing and being greeted by a special entourage of officials, including the minister for state and foreign affairs and the assistant protocol officer, Herbert Armstrong, respected “ambassador for world peace without portfolio,” was driven to the Royal Swaziland Hotel and Spa. By 12:30 p.m. he was on his way to the palace. Writing to readers of the Worldwide News on November 22, he recalled, “We drove through two sets of armed gates manned by brightly uniformed guards, which opened for us upon identification, and drove along a beautiful, tree-lined private roadway to the palace.”

Arriving at the palace, which he described as a “simple frame building,” Mr. Armstrong was ushered into the royal throne room. The 76-year-old monarch, King Sobhuza, who had reigned 55 consecutive years, was resplendent in his tribal attire, consisting of a wraparound shawl, feathers in his hair and bare feet.

“After we sat down the king began to explain that he had heard a great deal about Mr. Armstrong from his uncle”—who was actually a Church member and instrumental in organizing the historic meeting (ibid). During the 1½-hour meeting, “the king said that men often forget their origins and begin to kill their brothers; this should not be. He also said they forget the purpose of life and that, since Mr. Armstrong teaches what that purpose is, his contribution is invaluable.” To this Mr. Armstrong replied “that he has helped to bring various nations together, including Japan and Israel, and he feels he has even helped to lessen tension somewhat between the Israelis and Arabs” (ibid).

Discussion also included the prospective involvement of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation (aicf) in the production of a film about the country, planned as an enterprise to raise funds and awareness to aid the handicapped, along with assistance to a crippled children’s school.

Thereafter, discussion ranged from Mr. Armstrong’s friendship with Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta and Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, to his travels in Africa and the Church and aicf offices in the region. Before the meeting concluded, as was his habit with national leaders, Mr. Armstrong presented the king with a special gift of Steuben crystal. After examining the gift and expressing his appreciation, the king broke with precedent and asked for a group photograph, which apparently he’d never done before. The king told this patriarchal ambassador for world peace, “Please realize that you are at home and you are welcome in Swaziland and we are pleased to have you here.”

Later that evening, Mr. Armstrong hosted a dinner in the king’s honor at the Royal Swaziland Hotel. Both King Sobhuza and his wife attended, along with the deputy prime minister and entire government executive cabinet. Mr. Armstrong toasted the king, then Prime Minister Maphevu Dlamini, and made introductory remarks, which were followed by an explanation of the purpose and work of the aicf by its vice president of financial affairs.

“I spoke exactly 30 minutes,” the ambassador for peace recalled in that same Worldwide News edition. As with his visits to other countries, in Swaziland Mr. Armstrong aimed to fulfill his commission of preaching Jesus’s Matthew 24:14 gospel message of God’s coming Kingdom as a witness. An aide recalled him declaring to the country’s leaders “the purpose of life and how important the king considered this to be. He also explained that there would be a restoration by God on the Earth to bring world peace.”

The message was so well received that Mr. Armstrong noted, “It was taped and will be used as a Swaziland radio program. This was at the government’s request. We were asked by the prime minister to return as soon as possible on our next visit to Africa.”

The following day, Prince Masitela, the king’s son, along with half of the government cabinet, assembled at the prime minister’s office for further meetings with foundation officials, focusing on possible aid and prospective humanitarian projects sponsored by the aicf. This concluded a most successful and historic inaugural visit by the ambassador for world peace to the nation of Swaziland.

King Sobhua died in 1982 after reigning 82 years and 9 months. His was the longest reign of a monarch on record. He fathered 210 children and, at the time of his death, boasted 1,000 grandchildren! His encouragement to Herbert W. Armstrong of “his invaluable contribution” to mankind no doubt was remembered by him until his death in 1986.

This example of kingly friendship, mutual respect and collaborative efforts to ultimately aid not only the people of Swaziland but all races, on all continents and embracing all cultures, was not buried with Mr. Armstrong. Thankfully, his humanitarian legacy continues today. Through the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, founded and chaired by Gerald Flurry, peoples of all continents are, once again—as was the case at Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena under Herbert Armstrong—increasingly having their cultures showcased at Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Additionally, they are being encouraged to understand that the only way to lasting peace is through the creation of an ever expanding Family of God through which the Creator of humankind will soon establish that which Herbert Armstrong called the—now so imminent—“wonderful World Tomorrow”!

How can you help Armstrong International Cultural Foundation? Request our prospectus.

China Refuses to Sanction Iran

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry slammed America’s attempt to constrain Iran’s oil industry. A spokesman has said that the measure would include sanctioning Chinese banks that help Iran, and that China will not comply.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that China is “always opposed” when a country “enforces its domestic law on other countries.” He also characterized unilateral sanctions on other countries as a function of America’s “domestic law” and said China will not accept the enforcement of unilateral sanctions.

Hong was responding to a statement by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton said on March 21 that Washington will temporarily exempt 11 countries from its hard-hitting new sanctions against Iran, because these nations have “significantly” cut Iranian oil imports. China was not on the list, which means it has until the end of July to reduce oil imports from Iran or else face U.S. sanctions.

In 2011, China bought more than 557,000 barrels of Iranian crude every day, making it one of the Islamic Republic’s largest customers. China’s large volumes of trade with Iran mean that Beijing’s defiance will dramatically dull the point of America’s diplomatic attack.

The Trumpet continues to forecast that sanctions will not neutralize Iran’s nuclear threat. With uncooperative and increasingly powerful countries like China defying Washington, that reality becomes clearer all the time.