Death by Abortion or the Joy of Giving Life?


Death by Abortion or the Joy of Giving Life?

The debate continues to rage in America—should the citizens’ taxes pay for death by abortion? Whatever happened to the natural affection that once found joy in giving life?

I’ve witnessed the birth of two of my children and five of my eight grandchildren.

Each instance was powerful evidence of the reality of God.

The sheer joy in the eyes of the mother upon receiving that tiny squirming bundle of life into her arms after the dedicated care and nourishment in the womb for nine long months is a wonder to behold. The bond established between a truly caring mother and her offspring, at birth, is one of those natural wonders that has been so common to the family of man for millennia.

Yet, in this 21st century there is a hardness that has set in within society that reaches from the teenager in society up to the highest levels of government. It is a hardening against what used to be termed the “sanctity of human life.” It’s a hardening of the human heart to the point that a human zygote is now too often regarded as an inanimate thing, not truly a human life—something to be whipped out of the womb when it’s regarded as legacy of an ill- timed or inconvenient pregnancy, then trashed in waste bags to be later burned in hospital furnaces.

How the Apostle Paul’s words ring true today as we live the very evidence of the fulfillment of his prophecy that “in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selvesWithout natural affection … despisers of those that are good … lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.” He prophesies of a time when “silly women laden with sins” will be “led away with divers lusts” (2 Timothy 3:1-6).

Man’s creation of the birth control pill in the generation of the ’60s opened up the spread of the feminist philosophy that now women had control over their own bodies. Here was a magic potion that so powerfully interfered with the God-created natural female menstrual cycle that a woman could now control whether and/or when to become pregnant. Had she been alive at the time, Margaret Sanger, the perverted female socialist who completed much of the research for the manufacture of a pill to promote female sexual profligacy, would have been well pleased.

Of course, a generation later, man had become so clever at manipulating the natural process of procreation that yet another magic potion was invented. In pill form, this allowed the slaughter of human life in the womb the day after gestation had actually occurred. They called it “the morning after pill.”

Today, so ignorant have we become of the laws governing natural gestation—God’s way—that the process of “artificial insemination” has become globally accepted. Be it man or animal, in our cleverness we have succeeded in separating ourselves from understanding the deeply spiritual meaning of the process of procreation that the Eternal God instigated at the very beginnings of the perfectly balanced system that He created for the sustenance and regeneration of life (Genesis 1).

Within that perfect system, the season of spring is a wonderful witness to the creative power of Almighty God. Here in Oklahoma we are transitioning from end of winter into spring. The daffodils are in bloom and everywhere you look new life is beginning to burst into the open. Soon, young skittish foals will be prancing in the fields and newborn calves soaking up the spring sunshine.

One step below the human level, animal reproduction is, in itself, a perpetual seasonal reminder of the great Creator who set the cycles in motion that yield fresh new life each year. My most immediate acquaintance with the process of animal reproduction is with horseflesh. Having attended a number of mares in foal, and helped raise their progeny from birth to weaning and beyond, I am still in awe of the basic, unerring instincts and the totally reliable cycle of life that produces a fine-bred animal ready for training at the hand of man to become his reliable servant.

True, these are but animals, yet with a tremendous capacity to learn behavioral characteristics and habit patterns based on training via the process of stimulus response. But though they have an excellent brain, they have no mind. Animals cannot conceptualize, they cannot convert symbols into language, they cannot think, dream, envision, create. At the physical level, only the human mind is capable of such power.

Thus it is that the birth of a new human being is a wonder far and above that of the animal, possessing a potential so vast, if we were only to comprehend it, that it is capable of achieving anything that it can imagine (Genesis 11:6).

The horror of the day is just how cheapened this miracle of human birth has become at the hands of man. How such a marvelously fashioned human mind can become so ignorant of the reality of creation, and the true meaning and value of human life. In fact, become even so massively and willingly blinded as to that which actually defines life!

That the nation which was once regarded as the chief bastion of that which defines civilization should be legislating to legitimize the use of its citizens’ taxes to pay for murder in the womb must be a stench in God’s nostrils. Yet the shame of it is that for the past 50 years our society has willingly wrapped its arms around the ultimate development of a perverse little pill that has now evolved to the point where it can produce the same effect as a mechanical abortion—murder in the womb.

It seems we have become so hardened to the reality of this and the effect it has had on our morally collapsing society.

Go back in history and we see how the sacrifice of new little lives on altars of blood and fire was endemic to so many ancient pagan cultures.

Those practices seem so uncivilized as to be highly repugnant to the average citizen today.

Yet, really, what is different between the deliberate abortion of multiple millions by mechanical means, by pills or potions in respected modern society, and the sacrificial slaughter of little lives on stone altars of the uncivilized savage? The blood of the latter was literally seen, splattered over the physical altar in sacrifice to the pagan deities. Yet the blood of the aborted in today’s “civilized” society, though so often unseen, is but the blood of sacrifice on the altar of the hedonism of a lust-filled, self-gratifying, terribly hardened generation.

How cheap human life has become on this weary old planet; how utterly useless our great institutions in stemming the tide of human carnage.

That’s what’s so refreshing about experiencing the birth of just one new human life into a warm, caring and loving family who will cherish it, nourish it—the parents willing to endure any sacrifice, any pain for the gain of training up a child in the way that he should go (Proverbs 22:6)—that it, to become a responsible member of society, reaching for the stars and beyond, reaching out to the fulfillment of his very God-ordained destiny, his incredible, human potential!

Oh! What a joy is the birth of such a little one, given the revelation as to the very reason for its birth and the incredible human potential that awaits it!

Pro-life? Most certainly!

The real choice is not pro-choice. In reality, it’s a choice between taking a life by abortion, or choosing the real joy of giving life!