EU Elites Tighten the Screws on Greece

Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

EU Elites Tighten the Screws on Greece

The only question remaining as to Greece cutting its ties with the euro is—when?

It’s been horrible to watch. Suddenly the new pariah of many politicians, the press, big business and the general public is not the embattled Jew, it’s the Greek. This will not get the Jew off the hook. Nothing can do that until this present global disorder dies its agonizing death and Jesus Christ assumes control as King of kings.

But at least the mob hate for Greece is giving the Jew a little overdue break from being frontline global pariah.

The utter failure of the mind-shapers in our midst to clearly see reality, let alone articulate it, is quite mind-bending in itself. Once, when common sense ruled, we understood that there had to be a cause for every effect. Once we understood that to comprehend the outcome of a situation we had to trace it back to its beginning.

Here is a simple case in point.

Seventy years ago, an ancient country whose contribution to Western culture was acknowledged by all the history books was invaded by a cruel aggressor and occupied. When the belligerents were finally vanquished from their last remaining Mediterranean strongholds in May 1945, Greece’s economy was left in ruins.

The invaders left behind a terrible toll: tens of thousands of Greek dead, often comprising whole villages massacred, 300,000 dead through starvation in the capital of Athens alone, with over 80 percent of the country’s Jewish population being victims of a literal holocaust.

In the process of this brutal occupation, the belligerent raped the nation’s economy, broke its financial infrastructure and ravished its countryside.

Seventy years later, that same nation shows no remorse for those inhumane deeds, let alone the trashing of that ancient nation’s economy at the time. In fact, its imperialist elites, cloaked under the false mask of having been democratized, are once again bludgeoning the country of their earlier occupation into submission to their will. This time they have done it by the rather insidious methods of technocratic, economic and financial warfare.

Now, there’s blood on the streets again in Athens. Sadly, this time it is Greek blood being shed by Greek, in their frustration at their current economic enslavement to Berlin/Brussels. This only adds to the negative impression journalists are peddling around the world of this ancient country today.

The cold reality is that—as our editor in chief has declared in his article “Did the Holy Roman Empire Plan the Greek Crisis?”—the same imperialist entity that ravished Greece in the 1940s instigated this crisis today. And, believe it or not, behind that current strategy lies the same imperialist motive that drove Hitler to occupy Greece at that time. This present crisis is destined to have the same, if not worse, outcome!

Consider the history.

Never having paid back the wealth that they extorted from war-torn Greece during their occupation, let alone paid the multiple billions still owed in wartime reparations, German elites of the current generation—yet of the same mindset as their Nazi progenitors—have piled debt upon debt on Greece in the guise of “bailouts,” are in the process of forcing the sale of its national assets, and have further forced Greece to take on even more debt by insisting on payment for military hardware of Germany’s own manufacture and to German industrialists’ own profit!

If anyone can legitimately show how that approach is in any way different from that of the Nazis of 70 years ago, then I’m a monkey’s uncle!

How blind are our press and mass media to accuse the Greeks of being masters of their current fate when the bosses of Berlin/Brussels surely knew they were allowing Greece to join the eurozone on the basis of falsified accounts—the same basis on which they encouraged Italy and Portugal into membership of that fatal monetary union—let alone how many other eurozone nations, had their accounts at the time been subject to valid audit.

Bernard Connolly, author of The Rotten Heart of Europe, was right. The European Union, that most undemocratic enterprise, is corrupt to its core.

Yet the most sinister side of this wretched imperialist project has yet to be revealed.

It’s revealed in a prophecy in your Bible. The great northern power that is the largest trading bloc in the world today was actually prophesied to become a dominant power in this end time! The dominance over that power of one singularly strong nation was also prophesied—and that nation specifically identified in your Bible—over 3,000 years ago!

The horrible truth as to the outcome of the dominance of that power—not only in Greece, but over many another European nations, plus, believe it or not, Anglo-Saxon nations—is revealed in the concluding phrase in just one verse of your Bible in particular: Revelation 18:13.

Greece ought to be a great warning to the world of what is about to befall countless millions.

If you have a truly open mind, you need to read our riveting exposé of the elites’ plan behind today’s European Union. It is titled Daniel Unlocks Revelation. The revelatory knowledge it contains could literally save your life!