Euro Crisis—Elites Show Their Hand

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Euro Crisis—Elites Show Their Hand

The hidden elites who pull the strings in Europe emerge from decades undercover.

The current euro crisis is creating ideal conditions for the emergence of a hidden elitist movement in Germany whose roots date back to the World War ii era.

This is not the tattooed skinhead, racist, extremist, overt neo-Nazism of the type that gets front-page coverage in the German press and mass media quite regularly these days.

No. This is something far more sinister. For, though hidden and, to an extent, latent following World War ii, it’s a mentality that has actually provided the true motivation behind the whole European unification project from its inception to the present day.

It actually dates its beginnings to the years when things began to turn against any prospect of victory for the Nazi regime in the 1940s. That’s when certain political, military and industrial elites in Germany decided on a drive to rebuild Germany and embed it into a unified Europe that would provide an adequate cloak for their true motivations. This time they would build their next Reich by economic and financial means first, not by an overt show of military power.

We speak here of a mindset. A mindset masked for almost 70 years under a cloak of pseudo democracy and the seeming altruistic endeavors of certain elites, especially in Germany, to revive a European empire intent on extending its influence, and power, globally.

Some of the principle architects of the imperial vision in Europe are high-powered German industrialists, many having been involved in rebuilding the most powerful of German corporate names. Names which underpinned the Third Reich of Nazi Germany, such as Bayer, Faber, Thiessen-Krupp, Bertelsmann, Messerschmidt, the Bundesbank, Siemens, Mercedes and so many others, some having undergone name and structural changes yet which maintain the same corporate culture that existed in the 1930s and ’40s.

The industrialists who run these massive corporations are highly influential in Berlin’s political circles. reports: “Demands in Berlin’s establishment for a stronger national-oriented foreign policy are leading to rearrangements on the right side of the party spectrum. In the cdu governing party, a ‘Berlin Circle’ is forming at this moment and wants to make itself strong for a ‘Europe of the Fatherländers’” (December 21).

Hard on the heels of a poll indicating 30 percent support in Germany for a new political party, together with recent reports that Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and at least one other Christian Social Union member would be interested in such an initiative, “An influential former top executive of German industry who stepped forward with an initiative for the separation of the eurozone wants to commit himself to creating a new political party beyond the existing established parliamentary parties” (ibid).

It’s not that this is a surprise to anyone familiar with the Trumpet magazine, which has been airing the building of this process for the past 22 years. To the contrary, it’s just that what we have been commenting on for so long is now starting to suddenly hit the headlines.

The covers are off.

The largely hidden motives and means of Germany’s imperialist elites are now springing out into the open. That German elites now have the effrontery to come out from undercover indicates a new level of confidence which they are gaining amid that which Chancellor Angela Merkel has termed Europe’s gravest crisis since World War ii.

That the power of these elites extends to influencing the rise and fall of whole governments in Europe is now apparent.

“Such initiatives give the drift towards the right of the political spectrum a degree of expression. For years the significant strengthening of extreme-right parties within a whole range of EU countries has been a trend in all of Europe.

“The most recent example is Greece: The government in Athens, which was installed under German pressure in order to execute Berlin’s financial diktat, belongs to a racist anti-Semitic party. This is in keeping with the tradition of the former military junta in Athens” (ibid).

We would add to that the instance also of the influence of Germany, with the approval of Rome, in recently forcing a right-wing technocratic government upon Italy to ensure that the same diktat from Berlin concerning Greece be implemented in that country. This trend will now continue as the European Union continues to fracture into its final 10-nation ruling form (Revelation 17:12).

As the year 2011 draws to a close, the German political scene is showing signs that it is about to change—and change quite dramatically! remains closely in touch with this scene, reporting: “With the euro crisis in process, deliberations for a dismantling of parliamentary democracy and an escalation of anti-democratic and nationalistic ventures in Germany are intensifying” (ibid; emphasis added).

So few people understand just what is going on behind the scenes in Europe, most particularly in Germany, at this moment in time. Fewer still comprehend the grave dangers that this portends for the future not only of Europe, but for the rest of the world, especially the Anglo-Saxon nations.

It takes more than an understanding of European history to truly perceive the extent of the danger that a resurgent Germany, dictating political, economic and financial policy to a whole European continent, poses for the world. Especially with Rome now muscling in on the scene with those three Jesuit-educated EU peers—Mario Draghi, Herman Van Rompuy and Mario Monti—in key positions of influence within the EU establishment.

What is needed, in addition to a historical perspective, to truly understand the dangers that a revived imperialist Germany in alignment with Rome poses to the world today is real, inspired prophetic vision! Vision of a type that could foresee the dangers of a resurgent religion of Rome in concert with a revived, unified Germany, even when Italy had capitulated as an Axis ally of Germany and when Germany lay in abject defeat at the end of World War ii.

There once was a man who had such vision—Herbert W. Armstrong. All major events happening in Rome and Berlin today he foresaw with the clearest of vision in the 1930s. He repeatedly published and broadcast that prophetic vision of events that we are literally living through today for the following five decades before his death on Jan. 16, 1986. Four years after he died, commencing with the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, they all began to happen—rapid-fire!

Now they occur daily, with a pace that leaves one breathless following the trends toward the climax at the prophesied close of this age.

You don’t have to take our word for this.

Read, study and prove it for yourself in our booklet titled He Was Right. The knowledge that booklet contains will give you a wonderfully clear perspective within which to view the rapidly unfolding events in Europe that now impact the whole global economy. Events that will soon have massive negative impact, most especially on the Anglo-Saxon nations of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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