EU—the Bazooka and the Smoking Gun


EU—the Bazooka and the Smoking Gun

Tensions rise and the markets mark time as all eyes turn to Brussels.

The choices faced by EU nations this Friday are stark. Fiscal union risking loss of national sovereignty, or collapse of the eurozone.

As voices clamor for the intervention by the European Central Bank (ecb) to shore up the eurozone’s struggling members, ecb President Mario Draghi continues to resist firing his powerful monetary bazooka. But, whichever decision flows from this week’s EU summit, when it’s all over, one smoking gun will reveal who is the main string puller behind this great crisis that has held the whole financial world to ransom—and just who is its hidden spiritual guide.

Too few perceived the real power vested in the ecb at its creation courtesy of the Maastricht Treaty when it was signed in 1992. It is taking both the current euro crisis and a handpicked son of Rome as the ecb head to reveal that power two decades later.

One who did see the danger was British journalist Charles Moore, former editor of Spectator magazine. Referring to Christ’s words in Matthew 22:17-21, Moore wrote at the time of the creation of the European Central Bank (Spectator, March 7, 1998):

From biblical times, sovereign authority and money went together. Jesus appears to assume that it could not be otherwise. The coin proclaims and represents Caesar—the legal authority under which a nation lives. It is because people accept the authority that they accept the coin and attribute value to it. This is a physical demonstration of a vital fact—that politics and economics are inextricably linked. If the Maastricht Treaty means what it says then Caesar is the ecb, which becomes the only truly supranational institution of the European Community.

From the time of the founding of the European Union’s forerunner, the European Coal and Steel Community, it was apparent that monetary and fiscal union would be inevitable to enable EU elites to achieve their goal of a European empire.

As early as October 1958, speaking of the original six nations that formed the European Community, Baroness Shirley Williams wrote (European Journal, November 1997):

The ultimate goal is the complete economic and political unification of the six countries. It may take a long time; but just as the makers of the Coal and Steel Community understood that they could never completely control coal and steel until the rest of the economies of the six were also integrated, so the founders of the European Economic Community appreciate that they cannot stop at any arbitrary point. In the end, even that integration of policies that the Rome Treaty fails to mention—like monetary policy, the creation of credit and the setting of exchange rates—is bound to come about.

This member of Britain’s House of Lords will probably see her prediction further advanced to fruition this week, but with a larger group than the original six nations to which she referred.

Fiscal union is a fait accompli for 10 nations within the present 27-nation EU combine. It is inevitable.


Because Almighty God says so!

Read this amazing prophecy that has been embedded in His Word for almost 2,000 years. Speaking of the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, the divine Revelator declares: “And the ten horns which you sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength to the beast” (Revelation 17:12-13).

Ten nations within the rising power that the Prophet Daniel describes as the “king of the north” (Daniel 11:40) will literally hand over their national power and strength—economically, monetarily, fiscally, politically, industrially and militarily—to one singular overarching imperial authority!

That’s what your Bible says. The process is already well advanced. This week’s EU summit is just one more gigantic step toward achieving its prophesied end result.

So, what ultimately happens to the other 17 EU member nations that will eventually be not included in the prophesied 10?

History never repeats itself exactly. Yet the trends have an uncanny knack of repeating themselves throughout history—especially European history, and most especially its Holy Roman history!

That being the case, one should look to the prior eras of Germanic dominance in Europe as a reliable guide to how those 17 current EU member nations that will not be favored by membership with the eventual 10 will be treated.

And, what of the aspiring applicants to EU membership, such as Croatia and the rest of the Balkan nations?

To all intents and purposes they are already virtual colonies of a German-led EU, courtesy of the Balkan wars instigated in the 1990s by Germany in cahoots with the Vatican (read our booklet The Rising Beast—Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans). Too weak to resist, the trend indicates that they will suffer similar fates to that which they endured the last time they were occupied by their northern neighbor. You can probably tag Greece and Cyprus onto that lot as well.

Yes, this week’s EU summit is a game changer. But it will not be the last such summit. It will take some little time for the final 10 to emerge, and we have yet to see a leader rise in Europe with the power to bring all this together. But rise he will, and the results are prophesied to be utterly devastating to the Anglo-Saxon nations in particular! (Matthew 24:21).

The EU summit may indeed trigger the EU’s monetary bazooka to fire a salvo designed to prop up the ailing world economy. But its real effect will be but to prime the imminent release of power that we shall soon witness from that smoking gun held by the imperial elites of Rome and Berlin from the inception of their plan for resurrecting their old imperium—the sudden, explosive rise of the prophesied seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire!