Europe—Hidden Paths to Chaos

Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Europe—Hidden Paths to Chaos

One has to understand national character to figure what is going on in Europe.

“Germany, once again … holds the weapons for the entire continent’s suicide in its hands”—if it doesn’t change its position, “there will be a catastrophe.”

That is the view of Jacques Attali, former adviser to ex-French President François Mitterrand and reputed to be “one of the world’s top 100 public intellectuals” (Foreign Policy Magazine, May/June 2008).

Attali’s view of Germany instigating a situation that has brought Europe yet once again, for the third time within less than a century, to the brink of catastrophe, is in direct accordance with the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s view of the German national character.

In Beyond Good and Evil (first published in 1886, during the period of the second German Reich), Nietzsche described that character thus: “As a people of the most monstrous mixture and medley of races, … as ‘people of the middle’ in every sense, the Germans are more incomprehensible, comprehensive, contradictory, unknown, incalculable, surprising, even frightening than other people are to themselves: They elude definition ….”

Nietzsche spoke of the “German soul …; its disorder has a good deal of the attraction of the mysterious; the German is an expert on secret paths to chaos.”

In a classic summation of a national character that has played out constantly in German politics since the time of the archetypal Prussian politician Bismarck, Nietzsche declared, “It is not for nothing that one is called the ‘tiusche’ Volk, the Tausche-Volk, deceiver people.”

The problem with most analysts who attempt to daily make sense of what German elites are truly up to amid Europe’s greatest crisis in almost 70 years is that they fail to take note of the fundamental national character of the German volk!

Philospher George Santanyana famously mused that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Any observation of current events in Europe today that is not cognizant of its history and especially the national character of its peoples will fail abysmally to predict a reliable outcome of those events.

Yet, even with a good understanding of Europe’s tumultuous history and of the innate individual national character of its peoples, without inerrant, divinely revealed Bible prophecy, no estimation of any final outcome of events in Europe—or any other region of the world for that matter—can be reliable.

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