Germany Mulls War With Iran

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Germany Mulls War With Iran

Germany’s foreign policy toward Iran is garnering teeth.

This week, the European Union’s Foreign Ministry will table measures for acting against Iran’s aggressive pursuit of nuclear power. Berlin is the power pushing the EU to impose heavy sanctions.

This is one of the strongest indications to date that Germany is beginning to react against the effects of the prophesied “push” by the “king of the south.” That push is prophesied to end with Germany descending on Iran suddenly, as a whirlwind, to destroy Iran’s national infrastructure and totally remove its nuclear armed threat to the world (Daniel 11:40).

Integral to Berlin’s, and hence the EU’s, foreign-policy reaction to Iran’s taunting foreign-policy push is access to Middle Eastern oil.

“In reality it’s a hegemonic conflict, where the West [German-dominated EU] tries to defend its dominating position in the Middle Eastern resource region with all its might. The voices that demand military interventions for the next year in order to subdue the rising Iran are getting louder. In Berlin the controversy over whether the nation should participate in a possible war is heating up” (, November 25; translation ours; emphasis added throughout).

With the continual weakening of American influence in the region, EU elites are seeking to increasingly fill the developing Western leadership vacuum. As a consequence, with an appeasing U.S. especially losing its taste for engaging in conflict in the Middle East, war against Iran is being more closely considered as an option behind closed doors in Berlin and Brussels.

As also reports, “The present general developments in the Middle East are likely to favor supporters of military attacks, possibly in a significant way” (ibid).

This turn of events involving Germany’s reaction to Iran’s obvious policy of nuclear empowerment is a tremendous sign of just how close we are to the fulfillment of Daniel’s great prophecy for our time, and the earthshaking events it triggers.

How did Germany evolve from the ashes of abject surrender in defeat and total enforced disarmament less than 70 years ago, to be virtually calling the shots mulling over whether EU forces should attack an imminently nuclear-empowered Iran? It’s been an interesting transition from that point in 1945 when the Allied leaders declared that Germany would never be permitted again to pose a military threat to the world to its current status with the Bundeswehr deployed in 10 foreign theaters.

Following Germany’s 1945 defeat, within barely the space that separated World Wars i and ii—just 20 years—Germany commenced rearming with the full endorsement of its former Anglo-Saxon enemies. A nato view of the subsequent history of German militarization stated: “In 1955, few people would have imagined that the Federal Republic would build the largest army on the European continent. And no French official intent on circumscribing German potential power would in his wildest dreams have imagined that 40 years later German units would be marching in a July 14 parade on the Champs Elysées as part of the Eurocorps” (NATO Review,Summer 2005).

Who, indeed, would have thought that in just another 16 years from that parade in Paris, Germany would be considering initiating combat with a European force in an act of aggression against the Middle East’s leading Islamic nation—Iran!

Well, one lone voice did not only think of that but loudly declared it way in advance of its present-day reality: Herbert W. Armstrong!

Much maligned by his enemies even to this day, a quarter of a century following his death, this farsighted man of God had, as early as 1934, prophesied that a 10-nation European combine under the combined leadership of Rome and Berlin would arise as a powerful military force in our time and attack the biblical “king of the south,” ultimately sweeping through Palestine into the Middle East!

Mr. Armstrong wrote, “For 39 years now, I’ve been telling our radio audience and Plain Truth readers that a political union of 10 nations in Europe would rise, resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages. I was predicting this even before World War ii. Of course, almost no one believed me, then” (Plain Truth, March 1973).

And the marvel is, with that union of 10 being even talked about in elitist European circles today, so many still disbelieve it!

Yesterday we received from our man in Cyprus a report that a local Greek news source has indicated that “There are moves by Merkel, Sarkozy and Monti to move ahead with 9 or 10 countries in the EU to band tightly together. … They hope to present this to the meeting December 9.” That is when the EU summit will consider major changes to Europe’s present makeup, largely per German diktat.

With Germany closely considering enacting war against Iran amid such other tectonic international events as we reported last week on this website, any enlightened watcher of these startling and rapidly forming current events can see that we are fast reaching the prophesied climax at the close of this age.

There is good news in all that is happening in Europe, the Middle East and across an increasingly disrupted and confused globe, as our editor in chief so recently asserted: “The resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire that Revelation 17:10 says ‘is’ was there during Mr. Armstrong’s ministry. Now, the empire that ‘is not yet come,’ is come! A man is about to unify that power and restore the final head of the Holy Roman Empire!

“What does this mean foryou? It means that these prophecies are being fulfilled, and Jesus Christ is about to return to this Earth! This is the news of the century! It is the greatest news in human history. What could be more alarming than this? And yet what could be more wonderful, when you realize it’s all tied to the Second Coming?”