Radical Islamists Plot to Turn Ethiopia Into Islamist State

Reuters/Irada Humbatova

Radical Islamists Plot to Turn Ethiopia Into Islamist State

Expect a pro-Iranian successor regime to soon arise in Ethiopia.

A group of Wahhabi Muslims is plotting to turn Ethiopia into an Islamic country governed by sharia law, according to plans recently discovered by the Ethiopian government.

“We have found evidences and pamphlets [which] were publicly distributed during the month of Ramadan calling on the Muslim community to stand up against all non-Wahhabi Muslims and followers of other religions,” said Mersessa Reda, the director general at the Ministry of Federal Affairs of Ethiopia.

In a recent press conference, the Ethiopian government expressed concern over the increasing incidence of violence against moderate Muslims and Christians by radical Wahhabi Muslims.

In March, a leading official from the Iranian-backed al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia made a call urging Muslims in both Kenya and Ethiopia to rise up against their governments, stating that oppressed Muslims must liberate themselves from Christian domination.

Over 4,000 Christians in and around the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia were displaced as a result of Islamic attacks that began the day before the leading al-Shabaab official issued his directive. Some 59 churches and at least 28 homes were burned in this onslaught, which started after local Muslims accused a Christian of desecrating the Koran.

As al-Shabaab terrorists continue to clash with Ethiopian troops in Somalia, such tensions will only increase. The last time Ethiopian troops officially entered Somalia to fight the al-Shabaab group was in December 2006. Local witnesses report, however, that Ethiopian military convoys did enter into the south of Somalia last weekend after crossing through Kenya. One Islamist commander openly warned the Ethiopian troops that al-Shabaab would break their necks if they remained.

Now that both Egypt and Libya are moving into the Islamist camp, expect Iranian-backed radicals to make a move for control of Ethiopia.

Iran seeks to control the southern entrance to the Red Sea. To do this, the regime in Tehran needs sympathetic Islamic governments installed in Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia. This is what makes the Islamists plotting against the current Ethiopian government so significant!

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned back in April that both Libya and Ethiopia would soon align with Iran. Consider the words of his editorial, “Libya and Ethiopia Reveal Iran’s Military Strategy”:

Why would Iran be so interested in getting some measure of control over Libya and Ethiopia? To me, the answer is intriguing.All you need to do is get a good map of the Middle East, with the emphasis on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Then you can see why the king of the south, or radical Islam, is so interested in an alliance with or control over these two countries (as well as Egypt and Tunisia). They are on the two seas that comprise the most important trade route in the world!Whoever heavily influences or controls Ethiopia will undoubtedly also control the small areas of Eritrea and Djibouti on the Red Sea coastline. These areas only recently became independent of Ethiopia. Also, I believe the Bible view is that these small areas are included as part of Ethiopia.Controlling the Suez Canal is not enough. Egypt tried that in 1956, when Britain, France and Israel kicked it out in one attack. But what if you have radical Islamic nations along this sea trade route with real air power—including missiles?That could give Iran virtual control of the trade through those seas. Radical Islam could stop the flow of essential oil to the U.S. and Europe!

Biblical passages such as Daniel 11:40-43 foretell of an end-time clash between a German-led Holy Roman Empire and an Iranian-led Islamic caliphate. The passage in Daniel in particular reveals that the nations of Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia will be allied with Iran when it is overrun by the European empire. The current turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa has put the ruling regimes in all three of these countries in grave danger. Expect pro-Iranian successor regimes to arise in each of these nations!

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