There Goes Greece

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There Goes Greece

It had to come to this. Greece is about to be booted out of the eurozone.

Well, the Frau chancellor did it.

After an hour-long grandstand speech, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union troops rallied yesterday and gave her the mandate to split the eurozone apart. The fact that this is illegal under the German-created treaties that launched the eurozone in the beginning, then had it enshrined in the pseudo-EU constitution in 2009, means nothing. German elites have always been first to create the rules and have proven the best at forcing their breaking.

So here we go again.

Back in February 2009, our editor in chief asked the question: “Did the Holy Roman Empire Plan the Greek Crisis?” The answer to that question is in the end result of the crisis that is being played out right now.

The elites behind the rising Holy Roman Empire, under its swiftly fading facade of a European Union, not only caused the Greek crisis. They had the solution in mind from the very beginning. Hitler’s economics minister, Dr. Walther Funk, would be very proud. What he failed to do 70 years ago has been achieved without a shot being fired at the foot of the Balkan Peninsula. The sad fact is, it was all started with a messy little war in the northern Balkan Peninsula, setting the stage for the Greeks’ fate today.

So, the eurozone game is just about up for Greece. Who will be next to be bounced? They’ll fall like dominoes now, till there are 10 green bottles hanging on the wall, as it were. Ten dominant “kingdoms,” as they are termed in Bible prophecy, under one overarching predominant Fatherland.

Déjà vu, Herbert Armstrong.

“For 39 years now, I’ve been telling our radio audience and Plain Truth readers that a political union of 10 nations in Europe would rise, resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages. I was predicting this even before World War ii. Of course, almost no one believed me, then.

“Four years before Adolf Hitler plunged the world into World War ii, an article appeared in the July 1935 Plain Truth. That article might have been summarized by this sentence in it: ‘Out of the present Italy is to emerge a reincarnation of the once great and powerful Roman Empire, by an alliance of 10 nations within its territory’” (Plain Truth, March 1973).

Read Nahum—An End-Time Prophecy for Germany for further enlightenment on this subject.