Berlin—the Game Changer

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Berlin—the Game Changer

Twenty-two years ago the Berlin Wall fell. Few then recognized the profound game changer that would be in terms of world events.

“Truly remarkable that as a kid I heard of these fantastic prophecies of the rise of the beast and now they are being fulfilled before my very eyes.” Thus responded one of our online readers this week. And that is the type of comment we hear increasingly from a number of our readers and subscribers as the great global disorder that commenced with the fall of the Berlin Wall grows to tectonic proportions with the passing of each day.

The 50th anniversary of the erection of the Berlin Wall was celebrated with a great deal of hoopla in Germany earlier this year. By comparison, the 22nd anniversary of its fall passed yesterday with little publicity. The main reason was that the global events affecting us all today, which can be tracked back to Nov. 9, 1989, have literally overwhelmed the ability of the press and mass media to not only follow them, but to make any real sense out of them, let alone predict their outcome.

Here at the Trumpet, all is calm, cool and collected. Knowing the unswerving path current world events are taking and having absolute confidence as to their ultimate outcome saves a lot of wasted energy trying to figure it all out.

Yes, there’s vibrancy and there are explosions of energy in the process of producing the material for this website and for the many other outlets for the work we are commissioned to do. But there’s no panic. There’s no furrowed brows as our columnists and contributors work to make sense of the contrasting views and biases inherent in the acreages of text that are churned out daily by the secular media.

The reason for us here at the Trumpet taking things in our stride as world events tumble over each other in seeming great confusion is that we all share a common vision. It’s a vision of ultimate reality. The vision is contained in print in a book that sits on all our desks which approximates somewhat less than 1,400 pages. It’s simply called the Bible.

Within its pages are outlined the basic, unchanging standards for living the successful life leading toward an eternal goal that to most is absolutely unbelievable. It also prophesies the outcome to every major world event since creation.

But we not only believe its message, we have proven it, beyond all question of doubt. That’s why we can comment on current world events with such confidence, and predict their inevitable outcome.

When respondents comment in terms akin to the e-mailed message shown above, there’s a very valid reason for it. They are recalling one lone voice, the voice of one who fought against the tide of opposing opinion to declare the tumultuous events through which we are currently living decades in advance of their happening. That was the voice of Herbert W. Armstrong.

With tremendous vision and foresight, far beyond normal human capability, Herbert Armstrong was inspired to describe in advance the world events of our very day, today, as viewed through the unique prism of Bible prophecy. He died a quarter of a century ago, not witnessing the tumultuous fulfillment of Bible prophecies that we have all lived through, ourselves, since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Were he to know that the enterprise that he labored so painstakingly to build, to support the declaration of the life-saving message he delivered, would turn and absolutely trash it, try to grind it into the dust following his death, he would be aghast.

Yet, that same work that he oversaw for close to 60 years did not die when he drew his last breath. It lives today in the pages of the Trumpet magazine, on the website you are currently viewing, in the Key of David television program, in Herbert W. Armstrong College, in the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation and in the many departments, functions and regions that comprise this globe-girdling work of the Philadelphia Church of God.

You see, two groundbreaking events happened back in 1989 that changed the direction of both current events and Church events.

When the Berlin Wall cracked and fell on Nov. 9, 1989, the scene was immediately set for the reunification of the German nation. That event is the lead cause of events that are shaking this planet’s whole financial structure at this very moment. It is the major event that Herbert Armstrong prophesied would lead to the fulfillment of the very prophecies to which our respondent refers above!

Exactly 28 days (4 x 7: Four is God’s number that marks division; seven is the number in Scripture that denotes spiritual perfection or completion) following the fall of the Berlin Wall, on Dec. 7, 1989, God’s Church split.

Nothing has been the same either on the world scene or in Church events since those two ground-shaking events.

You are literally living through the results of the fall of the Berlin Wall every hour of every day—right now! That’s what excited our respondent—he heard these events prophesied decades ago “as a kid.” Now he recollects the words of a man of God, a lone prophetic voice, who detailed the very events that would lead to today’s global financial breakdown, prophesying their outcome, and who died years before most began to come to fruition.

What our respondent now sees is undeniable to the open mind which is prepared to dig into our archive and see the proof for itself.

As to the Church split, we shall celebrate its 22nd anniversary in just four weeks’ time. The events that led to that split may not be as apparent to you as are the current world events that have led to the fulfillment of the prophesied rise to dominance of Germany over Europe during the same time frame. Yet its portent is even greater.

For a full exposé of those events, read Stephen Flurry’s book Raising the Ruins. It’s a spellbinding, blow-by-blow account of the efforts of some to completely stymie the truth regarding global world events, and their outcome, from being published and broadcast to the masses.

Thank God that their efforts did not succeed and that the message still rings out, loud and clear, to arrest the attention of an increasing number who hunger for answers to their questions as to why our world is caught up in such chaos today, and who long for the great hope that lies beyond it.