Greece Sacks Top Brass

Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

Greece Sacks Top Brass

What’s behind the change in Greece’s senior defense staff?

What is Greece really being prepared for by its EU overlords?

In the second surprise announcement in a day, Greece’s minister of defense sacked and replaced the entire upper echelon of the country’s defense services.

Athens News reported Wednesday: “In a surprise move, on Tuesday evening the defense minister replaced the country’s top brass. … [T]he personnel changes took many members of the government and of the armed forces by surprise .”

The sackings included the chiefs of the Greek National Defense General Staff, the Greek Army General Staff, the Greek Air Force and the Greek Navy General Staff. It was a complete rout of the entirety of the chiefs of staff of the whole of Greece’s defense establishment.

Was this one way of getting rid of a senior officer cadre that was not sufficiently attuned to EU motives in Greece? What were these defense establishment heads up to? Were they planning rebellion against the Greek government, perhaps a military takeover akin to the coup of the colonels of past Greek history?

Either way, it all smells very fishy, coming at a time of increasing social disruption in Greece in the wake of resistance to current and mooted austerity measures forced upon the Greeks which can only have the effect of destroying what’s left of its economy and demoralizing its already destabilized population.

No doubt German elites, the true movers and shakers within the European Union, are watching events closely in Greece in anticipation of adjusting their strategies to contend with the progressive collapse of other Club Med nations in the wake of the euro crisis.

To quote, “After the German victory at the euro crisis summit, Berlin is preparing further steps for the enhancement of its hegemony over Europe. As quickly as possible the option to enable direct intervention in any EU indebted country’s budgets shall be enshrined in imposed regulations. That will deprive core regions of democratic control over state-initiated actions and open especially the southern euro countries to direct control by Berlin” (November 1; translation ours).

What German elites began in the Balkan Peninsula by initiating the 1990s Balkan wars via recognition of Croatia and Slovenia as nations separate and distinct from greater Yugoslavia, they are now bringing to a head in the Mediterranean.

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