Europe’s Week


Europe’s Week

Behind all the confusion currently reigning in Europe, one nation awaits its date with destiny.

This is Europe’s week.

Never in postwar history has the world held its breath awaiting an outcome in Europe having global implications such as now.

All global stock markets, all world leaders, will be counting down the days, then the hours, till a decision is forthcoming from this week’s summit of EU leaders.

The European Union, the most divisive of international unions—and the largest—ostensibly bound by treaty to act in unison on matters of trade, finance, politics and justice, in the best interests of all, meets this week to decide the future of the world’s most ambitious monetary union, the eurozone. Any decision forthcoming will have a powerful ripple effect on all national economies.

In reality, regardless of the shenanigans at this week’s EU summit, the outcome, believe it or not, is foreordained.

That outcome was prophesied in your Bible almost two millennia ago. Yet, even those who do not use Bible prophecy as their guide have in recent months drawn the same conclusion by clear analysis of the facts—that only one outcome to Europe’s ongoing crisis is possible: The Continent’s most powerful nation, Germany, will emerge triumphant. Europe is simply destined to become a two-tier union of nations—a veritable empire—with the stronger north ruling over the economically weaker south and east (Daniel 8:9).

Bible prophecy, as we have consistently declared for the past 70 years, forecasts Europe dividing into 10 powerful nations ruling over the rest, the 10 in turn yielding to the leadership of a singular powerful political-military chief on the one hand and a powerfully influential spiritual guide on the other (Revelation 17:12).

This week’s EU summit will take the above agenda of EU elites but one more step forward to that ultimate prophesied end.

You don’t have to simply believe this; just wait and see it happen. It is as inevitable as the coming to pass of the vision of Nazi elites portrayed in the infamous Red House document. Read that document again and see just how consistently that vision has been carried out to this day by the string-pullers behind the scenes in Europe.

Pundits and members of the chattering class in general get horribly confused by the wheeling and dealing, the periodic spats and seeming eternal divisions among EU leaders to the point where they are not capable of producing a coherent analysis of current events in Europe. About all they can agree on is that whatever happens at this week’s EU summit will shake the globe for better or worse. The eternal optimists write of the hope of a positive outcome. The realists forecast prospects rather more dire.

Either way, get ready for a globe changer.

As Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied, we are literally amid the grand failure of the global financial system, which will prove to be the trigger that truly activates the already resurrected Holy Roman Empire in its EU clothes to its prophesied Babylonish economic, military and spiritual heights (Revelation 13, 17, 18).

The great frustration in all this for those of us who have followed the bringing of that old Nazi vision of the Red House document from dream to reality over the past six decades is the seeming blindness of those who once heard and believed Herbert Armstrong’s detailed prophecies concerning the inevitable resurrection of a seventh and final version of the old Holy Roman Empire. Why can’t they see it?

Having known so many of these people personally over the years, I’m tempted to challenge them with some hard Aussie vernacular to encourage them to get their act together and wake up to the reality of what is happening this week in Europe.

Yet, having repented decades ago of using such language, all I can say is: Folks, it’s time to GET REAL!

That which Herbert Armstrong prophesied for almost 60 years in his long lifetime is now on your doorstep!

All we at the Trumpet can now do is sound the warning louder and louder, with even greater urgency, in the hope that some might hear before it is too late to do anything about preparing for the onslaught.

Events in Europe this week will have powerful impact on your life from here on. Whether you believe that or not, you are going to feel the results!

And when you do, remember where you heard the warning. It just may save you and your loved ones a lot of pain and suffering.

Far better to heed the warning now and do something about becoming part of the solution to its aftermath!

Read our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire—and GET REAL!

Despite the great global crisis that the world is being sucked into, the future looks very bright from where we sit at the Trumpet. You need a taste of the great hope that we have.

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Get real! Get the vision and really learn how to live today, to prepare for tomorrow … and for all eternity!

That which is happening this week in Europe should be the greatest of wake-up calls to you!