Germany—Truce Maker, Truce Breaker

Gerard Cerles/AFP/Getty Images

Germany—Truce Maker, Truce Breaker

Having already broken the 2009 Lisbon Treaty, Germany opts to replace it with yet another.

Adolf Hitler maintained that treaties were made to be broken. His foreign policy was underwritten by this dictum.

The Frankish-German elites who established what is today’s European Union have used a progressive series of treaties to build their own Babylon. It seems that no sooner was one treaty established than another was already in the making.

The current Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution was signed less than two years ago, and its authors are profoundly guilty of blatantly breaking its provisions. Now, they are proposing yet another treaty to amend the existing treaty to “legitimize” their sins.

No fewer than eight treaties have progressively built upon the innocuous European Coal and Steel Community treaty of 1951 to establish what is patently, today, an imperial edifice within which all member nations are required to bow to Germany in any effort to sustain their national economies.

This is particularly the case with the 15 eurozone nations, and essentially will be the case with the remaining 12 nations that are currently members of the EU but not yet of the eurozone.

The reason why this latest “convention” to amend the existing—and broken—Lisbon Treaty is so popular with German elites is that it will be used to consolidate fiscal union within Europe, literally creating, as the Telegraph has opined, “the empire [Germany has] always dreamed of.”

Yet this latest resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation has been craftily assembled, not by the traditional old Assyrian method of acts of war, but by trade and the imposition of bureaucratic regulation by unelected technocrats operating under the shady protection of these successive treaties.

That the confidence of German elites in particular has grown significantly over the past decade is witnessed by the blatant breaking by the German government of the provisions of membership of the eurozone of its own creation. Second to Germany in terms of guilt in such infraction has been its too-willing and increasingly subservient partner in euro-crime, France.

Once again, we continue to ram the point home that Herbert Armstrong was, inarguably, the most prescient of voices not only prophesying the rise to dominance in Europe of Germany while it yet lay in abject defeat by its Anglo-Saxon enemy, but also prophesying the means and method.

Only the blind will deny this, and committed haters of truth, deniers of reality for their own selfish reasons.

Yet it remains the plain and simple truth.

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