Greece—the Merchants March In

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Greece—the Merchants March In

It’s the same nation but a different army from that of 1940 with which Germany is about to occupy Greece.

The Greek crisis continues to follow a preordained course.

Back in the midst of World War ii, Nazi Germany occupied Greece with men dressed in field gray military uniform, toting rifles and machine guns. Last week, a different force of advanced guard arrived in Athens from Germany, dressed in business suits and carrying briefcases.

This elite force of 50 German businessmen, led by Germany’s vice chancellor, Philipp Rösler, descended on Greece ostensibly to supply expertise to solve the Greeks’ current crisis.

There’s a deeper reality to this latest invasion of Greece. It is revealed in a Bible prophecy that has been embedded in your Bible for nigh on 2,000 years. And it is just coming to fruition right now!

From the time that Greece was accepted into the eurozone, its days as a sovereign nation were numbered. As our editor in chief clearly outlined in his article titled “Did the Holy Roman Empire Plan the Greek Crisis?”, a Greek default on its debt became inevitable from that point.

Now that the inevitable is happening, German elites are quickly moving to the next phase of their imperial plan for domination of Europe. Greece is the proving ground. It involves the takeover of a nation’s national assets in the guise of fostering “business ties to help rescue the ‘real’ Greek economy” (Deutsche Welle, October 6).

Broke and in hock to their eyeballs, just to survive as a people in their Mediterranean abode, the Greeks have no alternative but to yield to the takeover of their national economy by these German elites.

As we have stated previously, this plan of the German elites is consistent with the aim of Hitler’s economics minister, Dr. Walther Funk. It’s just that the method and timing have been adjusted to the postwar imperialist intentions of current German Catholic elites, well trained for the process by their forebears who sought to use the old Nazi regime for their purpose 70 years ago.

Yet, these elites have learned to play the post-World War ii game extremely well. Rösler has wisely led the commercial invasion of Greece with a delegation that “come from small- and medium-sized German businesses, especially in the sectors of renewable energy, tourism infrastructure, water management and information technologies. Great potential for partnerships exists in these sectors, according to Martin Knapp, the director of the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Athens” (ibid, emphasis added).

To have led a delegation comprising high-powered executives from the big names in German industry would have let the cat out of the bag concerning Germany’s takeover of Grecian industry and commerce. By recruiting a delegation from “small- and medium-sized German businesses,” the German initiative is far less likely to garner fears of German takeover of Greece being expressed in a press and mass media mostly blinded to the true nature of the Rösler delegation and to the ultimate imperialist intentions of the elites of Berlin.

Yet, it is a fact that for some time German industry has been quietly taking over not only the energy, water management and information technology industries, but much of the national industrial infrastructure of certain European nations, even of Britain across the English Channel divide.

With Greece, which is but the testing ground for the other indebted nations of southern Europe, “Great potential for partnerships exists in these sectors, according to Martin Knapp, the director of the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Athens” (ibid).

The problem is that German interest in “partnership” always comes at a hefty cost to the nation receiving the benefit of German investment. For instance, German banks that lend to foreign businesses always demand a share in the business in which they are investing. This places them in a prime position for taking over the business when it fails to pay its debt to the bank. This is how Greek national assets will end up in Germany’s hands.

In what must be one of the greatest understatements of the year, Deutsche Welle observes that, “at a time when confidence in Greece has eroded abroad, the chance that some German companies may be interested in investing seems like quite an important development.”

This delegation of 50 businessmen from Germany intent on “investing” in Greek industry is certainly “quite an important development.” It is most important to students of Bible prophecy as it bespeaks the further development of the involvement of German merchants in Europe’s indebted eurozone nations, to their own advantage.

That involvement is such that German merchants are patently leading the way for the fulfillment of the great prophecies for our time contained in the 18th chapter of the book of Revelation.

Speaking of the prophesied great northern power to arise in our time, the Apostle John documents in his vision that “the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies” (verse 3).

The richness of the extent of the trade in which this imperial entity engages for its brief moment of global power is depicted in verses 12-13 of the same chapter.

But the vision depicted in verses 11 and 15 of the 18th chapter of Revelation has these merchants weeping at the demise of the great system over which this northern power holds sway.

And this is the real point.

Today’s takeover by German interests of Grecian business is, in reality, just hastening the day of the demise of the whole system of finance and economics that has held sway on this Earth from the time of ancient Babylon.

The reality, as the better historians acknowledge, is that the world’s system of finance and economics actually began in ancient Babylon (Genesis 11:1-4). Following the scattering of the nations at the time God confounded the confusion of their means of communication, the nations had as their only model on which to raise up their own systems that of ancient Babylon. The global system of finance, economy and religion that impacts our lives today was in fact mothered by Babylon! That’s the system whose final demise Revelation 18 depicts.

Germany’s takeover of Greece is just hastening the day when the “merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing” (Revelation 18:15).

This world’s system started with Babylon, and it ends with Babylon. Old mother Babylon—the whorish system that the elites of this world have consorted with for millennia (Revelation 17:1, 2, 5)—is rising one more time in the guise of a seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. That’s what the euro crisis, as manifest in the current Grecian crisis, is all about. And it no sooner will gain global dominance than it will fail, cataclysmically!

All this has been prophesied for millennia in your Bible, and it is just coming to a head today!

The good news amid all of this is that it is the greatest of signs of the imminence of your Savior’s return to replace that old Babylonish system with God’s own perfect system of government, finance, economics and religion.