Germany Guts Greece

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Germany Guts Greece

Greece is the whipping boy for Germany and the poster boy for Southern Europe.

When keenly intelligent German minds articulate the reality surrounding the defaulting Grecian economy, we ought to sit up and take notice. After all, it was Germany that not only initiated the crisis in Greece, but also laid the foundation for the current euro crisis by forcing its Teutonic idea of a common currency on Europe, much to the advantage of its own export economy. came up with two gems this week, neither of which will be given wide play in the press and mass media due to the unpopular nature of the core message. So, for the benefit of avid followers of the current rise of the Holy Roman Empire, we will air them here.

On Tuesday, published the following in the German language, under the headline “Sovereign Rights: Void and Invalid” (translation and emphasis ours throughout):

After the approval of the lower house for expansion of the euro rescue umbrella, efsf, German business, employees and the chancellor are asking for the renunciation of core sovereignty rights by South Europe’s indebted countries.Facing the fact that in the eurozone one has a common currency, in future “national sovereignty should be sacrificed in favor of common actions,” declared the president of the Federal Union of German Employers Federations, Dieter Hundt.Angela Merkel demands the right to impose “vigorous action” to enable the budgets of indebted countries to be declared as “void and invalid.”If the demands are enacted, then the population of the affected countries will not even have the formal possibility to have any influence on their national budget structure but will be forced to act upon a core sector of states’ actions.German intentions to dictate the imposition of such measures are meeting with sharp criticism not only from France, but also from the usa—because they augment the danger of a renewed global financial crisis.

Then, yesterday, with a Greek default imminent, exposed the news behind that news. Under the headline “The Consequences of the Cutbacks Dictate,” submitted its own report on the pending Greek default:

The Greek population reacts with continuing protests at the renewed excessive cutbacks dictates by the EU.According to media reports, the so-called troika from the EU, ezb and iwf, that has to check Athens progress on cost-reduction programs forced on Greece by Berlin and Brussels, is not satisfied that the Greek government is committed to dismissing 10,000 state employees. They are demanding from more far-reaching steps by Athens.The country is already performing social services cutbacks at a scale never seen before, while the economy is heading for a complete ruin. Unemployment is reaching new record heights; pensions have been cut by about one fifth. Employees’ incomes in one of Europe’s already most poorly remunerated states have been reduced by an average of 60 to 70 percent. Newly hired young adults have to get along with a base salary of around €600 per month.With all of this the German role at eviscerating Greece is plainly registered. The most recent coup is the proposal from a Bundesrepublik advisory service that Greece should sell its state property (fortune) to the EU—in order to hand it on to private interests under Brussels’s direction.

Our regular readers will recall that the Trumpet exposed the motive of German elites behind the euro crisis in numerous articles over the past few years. The most potent of all was our editor in chief’s lead item in our February 2009 issue, “Did the Holy Roman Empire Plan the Greek Crisis?

Read that article again and note how insightful it remains today—especially today—when, as the markets awaken to the inevitable Greek default, as declares, Germany is proposing “the renunciation of core sovereignty rights by South Europe’s indebted countries” and the chancellor herself is calling for the right to impose “vigorous action” to enable the budgets of indebted countries to be declared as “void and invalid.” This in addition to German elites calling for what really amounts to the seizure of Greek national assets in the name of what in reality has become the imperialist (Holy Roman) European Union of the German nation. Continue to watch for the prophesied fracturing of the EU into 10 leading entities, each yielding their national sovereignty to Rome and Berlin (Revelation 13 and 17).