Pope Covers All Bases in Germany

Vincenzo Pinto/AFP/Getty Images

Pope Covers All Bases in Germany

Pope Benedict left no stone unturned during his visit to Germany.

You have to hand it to Pope Benedict. There’s not one group that has questioned his papacy which was not confronted and bluntly faced down by him in his numerous public statements in Germany.

The Catholic dissidents, the secularists, the lobbyists for a financial return for real or imagined sexual predation, the homosexuals, pro-choicers, the Protestants, the Jews and the Islamists—Benedict xvi had a specific message for them all.

Very clearly the message was, I’m not moving. You move back to where you need to be in order to be fully under Rome’s wings.

Pope Benedict plainly implied that the Church’s problems are not because of Rome, but because of various groups either being resistant to Rome or straying away from its doorstep.

His repeated message during his four-day visit to his homeland was that the reason for all of the confusion evident within society today is that too many have strayed from the doctrinaire position of the pre-1960s church. His repeated call was for a new evangelization for Europe, especially its heartland in Germany, to lead a return of the masses to its traditional Holy Roman, non-secularized roots.

In issuing this clarion call to return to what he views as the “true faith” of the second-century church, Pope Benedict maintained that the real change needed was not for the church to adapt to society’s liberalized standards. Rather, he called for all to change back from the liberal secularist amoral standards of the day to the rigid standards established in traditional Catholic doctrine.

On this point the pope remains immovable, spurning the call by the liberal press and mass media for the contrary approach.

Much to the surprise of liberal pundits, the pope’s rigidity is being welcomed by many of the German public who hunger for affirmative leadership amid their country’s greatest postwar political crisis.

Germany has heard and largely welcomed the assertive call of the vicar of Rome to put real teeth back into its religion. Yet that is but half of the equation that is necessary to truly make Germany great in the eyes of its own peoples and of other nations.

The pope’s unwavering stance must be answered with matching political will from an equally strong politically leader. That leader is not Angela Merkel nor any current politician of the day in Germany.

There can be little doubt that Chancellor Merkel’s leadership days are numbered. Soon the governing coalition will reach break point and fall apart. For Germany to be politically leaderless in this time of crisis would be unthinkable to the average German.

Germans innately crave to be led in an orderly, structured and well-organized pattern. The German mind cannot abide being unsettled by disorder for very long. Something is about to crack in Germany and lead to a peak crisis that will result in its president inviting a strong personality into office to lead that nation, and all of Europe, out of its present crisis.

The pope has made his uncompromising stance on the crusading, evangelizing revival of Holy Roman religion in Europe’s leading nation clear to all. This is the beginning of Rome pouring the cementing glue of Europe’s traditional religion on its diverse states to bind them together ideologically for the Holy Roman Empire’s last stand.

But where is his opposite number? Where is the political leader who will have the force of personality and the power to lead this resurrected imperial power to its prophesied position of global dominance? And what will be the catalyst that brings him to the fore?

Watch September 29 and the fallout from the German parliamentary vote on eurozone fiscal union. The results could be earthshaking in terms of its consequences on the global financial system. That vote is redolent with tectonic potential for creating the very crisis that could lead to the rise of the leader that Germany is crying out for to bring it the order it craves in its present time of crisis.

Pope Benedict has issued his crusading religious call to arms in Germany. We now await the trumpet call to arms of a powerful political leader to bring things to a head in the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.