Merkel Wanes—German Military Elites Rise!

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Merkel Wanes—German Military Elites Rise!

Chancellor Merkel’s governing coalition received a body blow in Berlin’s elections. German elites are emboldened.

It’s past time to connect the dots, folks.

Even as Germany’s fractious governing coalition contemplates how to ditch “Mutti” Merkel, German elites are emboldened to press for further military and propaganda reform.

Any right-thinking person should be able to grasp this.

Just think and make a logical deduction based on the cycle of history.

The most concerning event happening today is not that Europe is in crisis—even though current commentary on the world’s stock markets centers on just what the elites controlling events within the eurozone will or won’t do to try to prevent the prospect of the failure of its whole system of banking and finance.

No. In fact, it is all about Germany!

And that’s the message we have been pounding away at to so many who appear too blind and deaf to comprehend it.

But it’s here, folks. And surely only the most willingly ignorant of people will, in their gross blindness, deny it.

Just consider the facts.

It’s Germany that is now in extreme political crisis.

The results of the final of the seven state elections slated for 2011 in Germany, that of Berlin, are in. The vote has seen a devastating loss to Angela Merkel’s cdu/fdp coalition—yet again!

Seven times over the course of the year, Chancellor Merkel’s coalition has lost embarrassingly at state polls. Now her government is in deep crisis.

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party was defeated in a Berlin state election and her coalition ally lost all its seats …. The results in Berlin cap a year in which voters punished Merkel’s coalition over its handling of the debt crisis and adds to her pressure as she struggles to balance domestic fatigue over shouldering euro-region rescues with international calls that she do more to stem the contagion. That’s widening fissures in her government as the three-way coalition descends into open conflict over the euro’s future and financial aid for Greece” (Bloomberg, September 18).

It really is becoming difficult to imagine Merkel’s coalition continuing on much longer without a complete breakdown. Two of her senior government ministers recently publicly disagreed with her stance on handling the euro crisis. Respect for Merkel’s leadership is breaking down even within her own party. In addition, public opinion is increasingly swinging against her.

Crisis is in the air in Germany.

Any decent historian will tell you that Germany in crisis is a danger not only to Europe but also to the rest of the world. Germany, as a nation, is undergoing a mood change of a nature not experienced since the ignominy of defeat in World War ii.

For the past 20 years and more, we have warned that certain elites in Germany have worked carefully behind the scenes to revive German military dominance in Europe. We have warned that these elites will work to change the German public mood from that of overt peaceniks to one of aggressive, militarist nationalism.

It is thus with interest that we quote the following from our friends at (September 15; emphasis added throughout):

In a semi-official German publication, high-ranking officials of the government administration, the Bundeswehr, academia and the media discuss means and methods for creating popular support for wars. According to these authors, images of “bloodthirsty dictators” or “starving children” can work like “moral flywheels for military engagement.” The tv footage of the 9/11 World Trade Center’s collapse also had the effect of “motivation pills” for the war against Afghanistan. The authors are clearly distinguishing between mass propaganda directed at “John Doe” and a “security debate” that must remain “the elite’s domain”: particularly those “parliamentary factions, taking foreign and security policy seriously” must learn to “take decisions without consideration of public acceptance.”

In drawing attention to the work of German elites embedded in umbrella organizations such as the EU and nato, points to the stance of Michael Rühle, head of nato’s Energy Security Section:

Security policy has been and must remain the domain of the elite, regardless of opinion polls. “The German political class,” according to Rühle, “must be self-confident” in its security policy. This self-confidence must be strong enough “to take important decisions independently of partisanship and without false consideration of public acceptance.” The nato bureaucrat is appealing for the “approval of the deployment of armed forces on a much larger scale than the obsolete ideas of self-defense allow”—for example “to protect the critical energy infrastructure.”

Referring to the views of retired Vice Adm. Ulrich Weisser, quotes him as observing that as long as Germany is “‘thinking on the basis of a guilt complex,’ [this] obscures the perception of possible ‘threats’ as well as of the ‘opportunity’ to ‘take the lead’ as a ‘driving force’ in Europe.”

Further evidence of the mindset of German elites who are currently working to change German foreign policy toward a more overt nationalist military stance is borne out in a quote from the Cologne-based international jurist Claus Kreb. This man believes that “‘decisions concerning internationally legal foreign military deployment’ should not be dependent upon the German constitution’” and that, in respect of the prospect of German military aggression, “’60 years after World War ii, German politicians as well as the German population are capable of rationally deciding’” (ibid).

A Germany in crisis, a Germany with a disturbed population, a Germany with its elites calling for the nation’s constitution to be ignored when undertaking considerations of military aggression external to its borders is a Germany to be watched and feared. The record of history tells us so.

We have warned you of this for the past two decades, and before that, our mentor Herbert Armstrong prophesied it from the pages of your Bible.

Now it’s the main current event of today, undeniable in its powerful reality.

What are you going to do to protect you and your loved ones from the holocaust to come? For come it will, your Bible prophesies it in detail. And given the vengefulness of carnal nature, it will come with much more force than back in the 1930s and ’40s!

The point is, you can move now to gain protection from the outcome of what is currently building in Germany before your very eyes.

Read our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire to more fully understand what is building in Europe today. And while you are about it, get your own copy of Herbert Armstrong’s book Mystery of the Ages. It will show you just what to do to gain real and effective protection from the great global disruption that is to occur in the very near future. More than that, it will give you a vision of hope for the future beyond that which you have ever imagined—a vision that is guaranteed to give you real peace of mind to weather the storms ahead and see that vision fulfilled!